Ramcharit Charcha CXXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

पुनि जल दीख रूप निज पावा। तदपि हृदयँ संतोष न आवा।।
फरकत अधर कोप मन माहीं। सपदी चले कमलापति पाहीं।।
देहउँ श्राप कि मरिहउँ जाई। जगत मोर उपहास कराई।।
बीचहिं पंथ मिले दनुजारी। संग रमा सोइ राजकुमारी।।
बोले मधुर बचन सुरसाईं। मुनि कहँ चले बिकल की नाईं।।
सुनत बचन उपजा अति क्रोधा। माया बस न रहा मन बोधा।।
पर संपदा सकहु नहिं देखी। तुम्हरें इरिषा कपट बिसेषी।।
मथत सिंधु रुद्रहि बौरायहु। सुरन्ह प्रेरी बिष पान करायहु।।
दो0-असुर सुरा बिष संकरहि आपु रमा मनि चारु।
स्वारथ साधक कुटिल तुम्ह सदा कपट ब्यवहारु।।136।।

We covered up to Doha 136 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Narad has now regained his original form but hasn’t regained mental peace being under force of anger arising out of failure and has started narrating where Lord Hari has been at fault (faults of Lord Hari of the kind that Narad thinks made him not meet his goal of getting the princess, these very acts of Lord Hari had been seen by Narad in different light earlier and Narad used to praise Him).

Muni Narad continues with his outpourings before Lord Hari saying thus, “You are free without any body above You to control you, you do as You please”.

(Narad tells this rightly about Lord Hari but with a difference. It is a fact that God is free in every way to do as He wishes, also that he is not subordinate to any body. This is what is said about Him every where.)

Narad further says’ “You damage cause of a good persons and a bad character gets rewards from You (alternatively also Narad means that You spoil reputation of a good person while a bad character gets good name). You carry no effect of either being happy or sad about it”.

(Here again Narad is saying just what is the case with God, He is not pleased or becomes sad when any body gets good name or bad name or gets rewarded or punished or gets desired objects or misses them. God is supposed to be neutral. The good and bad for people happens on account of their ‘karmas’ and their view behind those ‘karmas’ which makes it become basis of their getting the fateful due without any interference of God.)

Narad then tells, “You have become so mired in this kind of treatment to people that too without a sense of responsibility but a great amount of zeal in your heart”.

(The ignorant look upon Lord in this way when they complain about their perceived misfortune, Narad is in such state of mind while He has told many of the Lord Hari;s qualities which are right but seeing them differently again due to pall of ignorance not letting him see what is what viz a viz God.)

Narad goes on telling Lord Hari,”You are not bound by the effect of good and bad ‘Karmas’, you have not been confronted by anybody so far (with account of Your ‘karmas’), but this time You have picked up a wrong edifice to break into (with wrong design), You will surely have to suffer for what You have done. The same form in which You appeared and cheated me (at Swyamvar ceremony) will have to be assumed by You, this is how I curse You. You gave me form of a money and You will be helped by monkeys only (in times of Your distress; You have badly damaged my cause (of getting the princess) hence You will suffer the agony of being separated from your beloved too”.

(Here we see that Narad is totally misunderstanding the whole matter, Lord Hari has done it all for His benefit, Lord Hari hasn’t done any wrong since the princess was none other than His own Laxmi, Narad had become monkey-like only due to his wrongly developed interest in the princess. So deluded Narad is uttering all that we see commonly done by people in this mortal world i e to blame God for what we are ourselves responsible.)

Lord Hari gladly accepted the curse and also made entreaties to the Muni, the Lord Hari who is rich in compassion then withdrew the force of Maya that had been keeping Narad afflicted (this is also due to the fact that where there is God there can not remain an atmosphere that is confusing, the Maya of Lord Hari has to disappeared automatically, Narad is confronted with God hence Mya has to lose power. The mental agitations borne out of delusion get calmed down as soon as the mind gets busied in contemplating up on God as two kind of thoughts can’t be kept alive by mind at the same time. The biggest problems of our lives take back seat as soon as we remember Him.)

परम स्वतंत्र न सिर पर कोई। भावइ मनहि करहु तुम्ह सोई।।
भलेहि मंद मंदेहि भल करहू। बिसमय हरष न हियँ कछु धरहू।।
डहकि डहकि परिचेहु सब काहू। अति असंक मन सदा उछाहू।।
करम सुभासुभ तुम्हहि न बाधा। अब लगि तुम्हहि न काहूँ साधा।।
भले भवन अब बायन दीन्हा। पावहुगे फल आपन कीन्हा।।
बंचेहु मोहि जवनि धरि देहा। सोइ तनु धरहु श्राप मम एहा।।
कपि आकृति तुम्ह कीन्हि हमारी। करिहहिं कीस सहाय तुम्हारी।।
मम अपकार कीन्ही तुम्ह भारी। नारी बिरहँ तुम्ह होब दुखारी।।
दो0-श्राप सीस धरी हरषि हियँ प्रभु बहु बिनती कीन्हि।
निज माया कै प्रबलता करषि कृपानिधि लीन्हि।।137।।


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