Ramcharit Charcha CXLII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

एहि बिधि जनम करम हरि केरे। सुंदर सुखद बिचित्र घनेरे।।
कलप कलप प्रति प्रभु अवतरहीं। चारु चरित नानाबिधि करहीं।।
तब तब कथा मुनीसन्ह गाई। परम पुनीत प्रबंध बनाई।।
बिबिध प्रसंग अनूप बखाने। करहिं न सुनि आचरजु सयाने।।
हरि अनंत हरिकथा अनंता। कहहिं सुनहिं बहुबिधि सब संता।।
रामचंद्र के चरित सुहाए। कलप कोटि लगि जाहिं न गाए।।
यह प्रसंग मैं कहा भवानी। हरिमायाँ मोहहिं मुनि ग्यानी।।
प्रभु कौतुकी प्रनत हितकारी।।सेवत सुलभ सकल दुख हारी।।
सो0-सुर नर मुनि कोउ नाहिं जेहि न मोह माया प्रबल।।
अस बिचारि मन माहिं भजिअ महामाया पतिहि।।140।।

We covered up to Doha 140 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that there are many avatars of Lord Hari and the related innumerable Kathas of such avatars are sung in varied ways by hosts of Munis and extend to limitless dimensions because the Lord Hari i e God Himself is not bound by time and is infinite. The delusion may afflict any one including gods and learned Munis and is borne out of Maya but the God is Master of Maya itself hence if He is remembered then such weakness is overcome.

Lord Shiv now addresses Shailkumari (the daughter of mountain, who is supposed to have a stable mind) saying, “listen the other motley reasons of for which the Brahman (the God representing universal truth, conscience and bliss) took avatar as the king of Ayodhya while he is known as being never born, without attributes and is formless, I am going to tell this very unbelievable and strange Katha in detail.

“Its about who you had encountered in the forest, moving about along with his brother (Laksham) in an attire that befits Munis and whose responses had made you awe-struck and mentally perturbed. This so happened in your earlier birth as Sati.

“you haven’t yet fully come out of the shadow of doubt that made you unstable then, you must carefully listen His (Ram’s) exploits which are the real antidotes for the disease borne out of doubts and delusions.

The Leelas (sportive acts) performed by the God (Shri Ram) in that particular avatar would be told by me again as far as my understanding and capacity of intellect goes.”

Rishi Yagyavalkya tells Muni Bhardwaj, “O Muni, Uma (Parvati) became slightly nervous but smiled lovingly (as she became afraid after being reminded of the difficult times and yet was relived and composed due to having an opportunity of listening to Ram katha. She had not given proper attention to it while she had accompanied Lord Shiv to Ashram of Agastya Muni earlier as sati). Lord Shiv (is also known Vrushketu) then resumed telling the Kathas that explain causes of descent of the God as avatar (as Ramavatar).”

Rishi Yagyavakya confirms to Muni Bhardwaj, ” O Great among the Munis, I would relate it all (that Lord Shiv told Maa Parvati) but you too should be giving due attention and listen to take it to your heart as the Ram Katha is such that it removes all the malice that the Kaliyug has in store, it is very interesting besides ensures all kinds of welfare and also serves all objectives that one has in mind (while listening).”

We have now covered up to Doha 141 of Balkand.

अपर हेतु सुनु सैलकुमारी। कहउँ बिचित्र कथा बिस्तारी।।
जेहि कारन अज अगुन अरूपा। ब्रह्म भयउ कोसलपुर भूपा।।
जो प्रभु बिपिन फिरत तुम्ह देखा। बंधु समेत धरें मुनिबेषा।।
जासु चरित अवलोकि भवानी। सती सरीर रहिहु बौरानी।।
अजहुँ न छाया मिटति तुम्हारी। तासु चरित सुनु भ्रम रुज हारी।।
लीला कीन्हि जो तेहिं अवतारा। सो सब कहिहउँ मति अनुसारा।।
भरद्वाज सुनि संकर बानी। सकुचि सप्रेम उमा मुसकानी।।
लगे बहुरि बरने बृषकेतू। सो अवतार भयउ जेहि हेतू।।
दो0-सो मैं तुम्ह सन कहउँ सबु सुनु मुनीस मन लाई।।
राम कथा कलि मल हरनि मंगल करनि सुहाइ।।141।।

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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