Ramcharit Charcha CLI

II Shree Guruvey namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुनि प्रभु बचन जोरि जुग पानी। धरि धीरजु बोली मृदु बानी।।
नाथ देखि पद कमल तुम्हारे। अब पूरे सब काम हमारे।।
एक लालसा बड़ि उर माही। सुगम अगम कहि जात सो नाहीं।।
तुम्हहि देत अति सुगम गोसाईं। अगम लाग मोहि निज कृपनाईं।।
जथा दरिद्र बिबुधतरु पाई। बहु संपति मागत सकुचाई।।
तासु प्रभा जान नहिं सोई। तथा हृदयँ मम संसय होई।।
सो तुम्ह जानहु अंतरजामी। पुरवहु मोर मनोरथ स्वामी।।
सकुच बिहाइ मागु नृप मोहि। मोरें नहिं अदेय कछु तोही।।
दो0-दानि सिरोमनि कृपानिधि नाथ कहउँ सतिभाउ।।
चाहउँ तुम्हहि समान सुत प्रभु सन कवन दुराउ।।149

We have covered up to Doha 149 of Balkand of Ramcharit manas of Tulsidas and have learned that the God has encouraged King Manu to ask for a desired boon which he did by asking for a son born to the couple, Manu and Shatrupa, in all earnestness, because that was the emotion that had gripped them after seeing the beautiful form of Lord.

The Lord listened to the invaluable words of Manu and feeling the extent of his love, the graceful Lord said, “‘evamastu’ (let it be so)” and then wondered’ “who shall I find like me (there can’t be someone like God because He is omnipresent and there can’t be two present at a point and at the same time as He is since ever and will be for ever, this was the predicament for Lord) and therefore, O King, I would Myself be born as your son (the Lord had to say this because the boon was grated, even otherwise everyone born is having ‘Atma’, the soul, a part of the same conscious whole ‘Paramatma’ its only who have the vision can see this reality and Manu did now have that vision).”

The Lord then glanced towards Shatrupa who stood there with hands folded and addressed her, “O Devi (virtuous lady), you too may ask a boon of your own choice (though Lord knew that it was she who was going to be His mother after the boon granted to The King).”

Shatrupa replied saying, “O benevolent Lord, the boon asked by the clever King is what I also hold quite desirable. But it seems presumptuous to me though You, the caretaker of Bhaktas, have endorsed it. You are the progenitor of even the Brahmaji and other gods, You are the master of universe, You as Supreme God are the knower of all that goes on in hearts of people. Knowing this I have become doubtful (that I would be Your mother) but still it will have to happen, its infallible because You have given it credence.”

Shatrupa then further said, ” O Lord, those of Your Bhaktas who are owned by you as such, enjoy a certain kind of bliss and a certain kind of fate, I too want the same as my reward. These Bhaktas have a special devotion and love placed at Your feet, they have a special kind of wisdom (which never gets diminished) and live in a particular way (that keeps them near to you), O Lord, be pleased to grant all that to us too.”

(Manu had asked for son like Lord Himself making Shatrupa an equal partner in the boon, Shatrupa has not forgotten to include Manu in what she asked as boon from the Lord The importance of what she has asked will be known to us later.)

We have now covered up to Doha 150 of Balkand.

देखि प्रीति सुनि बचन अमोले। एवमस्तु करुनानिधि बोले।।
आपु सरिस खोजौं कहँ जाई। नृप तव तनय होब मैं आई।।
सतरूपहि बिलोकि कर जोरें। देबि मागु बरु जो रुचि तोरे।।
जो बरु नाथ चतुर नृप मागा। सोइ कृपाल मोहि अति प्रिय लागा।।
प्रभु परंतु सुठि होति ढिठाई। जदपि भगत हित तुम्हहि सोहाई।।
तुम्ह ब्रह्मादि जनक जग स्वामी। ब्रह्म सकल उर अंतरजामी।।
अस समुझत मन संसय होई। कहा जो प्रभु प्रवान पुनि सोई।।
जे निज भगत नाथ तव अहहीं। जो सुख पावहिं जो गति लहहीं।।
दो0-सोइ सुख सोइ गति सोइ भगति सोइ निज चरन सनेहु।।
सोइ बिबेक सोइ रहनि प्रभु हमहि कृपा करि देहु।।150।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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