Ramcharit Charcha CLII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri ram jai Ram jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देखि प्रीति सुनि बचन अमोले। एवमस्तु करुनानिधि बोले।।
आपु सरिस खोजौं कहँ जाई। नृप तव तनय होब मैं आई।।
सतरूपहि बिलोकि कर जोरें। देबि मागु बरु जो रुचि तोरे।।
जो बरु नाथ चतुर नृप मागा। सोइ कृपाल मोहि अति प्रिय लागा।।
प्रभु परंतु सुठि होति ढिठाई। जदपि भगत हित तुम्हहि सोहाई।।
तुम्ह ब्रह्मादि जनक जग स्वामी। ब्रह्म सकल उर अंतरजामी।।
अस समुझत मन संसय होई। कहा जो प्रभु प्रवान पुनि सोई।।
जे निज भगत नाथ तव अहहीं। जो सुख पावहिं जो गति लहहीं।।
दो0-सोइ सुख सोइ गति सोइ भगति सोइ निज चरन सनेहु।।
सोइ बिबेक सोइ रहनि प्रभु हमहि कृपा करि देहु।।150।।

We covered up to Doha 150 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Shatrupa has asked for boon of love and devotion at the feet of Lord and for the righteous living that reinforces it in the same manner as the profound devotees have it (this is some thing more important to wish from the Lord because all else is transitory and really worth asking for.)

The Lord listened to soft, cordial, having depth of meaning and well crafted words of Shatrupa and Lord responded with equally polite manner of speaking and said, “you shall have all those heart-felt wishes of yours, have no doubts regarding it. O Mother (Lord has already started calling her as His mother, this is how promptly God responds to the Bhakta’s wishes), you have no ordinary wisdom and discretion, with my grace you will never lose it.”

Thereafter King Manu grabbed feet of Lord and said, ” O lord, I have yet another request to make. I wish to have the same kind of attachment with You as that some one has for a son, even though i may be called a fool to nurse a desire like this. As a snake is attached to its Mani (certain types of snakes have a stone on their flange and die when it is removed) and like fishes behave when out of water, I want to be as much under spell of love for You, as son (i e not be able to live if separated from You as father and son).”

With above words asking for the boon, Manu set unmoved grabbing Lord’s feet and the graceful Lord again confirmed ‘so be it’. The Lord said further, “you must now obey my command; you may now go and enjoy your time in the capital city of Indra (Indra is first among the gods and is the deity of mental world of humans, Manu has been asked to live happily with a calm mind and with grace of Indra).”

“There (in the world of Indra) you may enjoy in big way and later you would become the king of Ayodhya, at that stage, O father, I would descend on earth as your own son”, confirmed the Lord.

(Manu had reached a state of no conflict, such an stage gives rise to mind completely at peace and its mental peace that gives rise to really enjoyable time, we all do experience this but only for a limited time. The one who get reborn with such an state of mind in the previous life do get born in places and families where conflicting pressures are not felt. Ayodhya is such a place, its word meaning also denotes the same.)

सुनु मृदु गूढ़ रुचिर बर रचना। कृपासिंधु बोले मृदु बचना।।
जो कछु रुचि तुम्हेर मन माहीं। मैं सो दीन्ह सब संसय नाहीं।।
मातु बिबेक अलोकिक तोरें। कबहुँ न मिटिहि अनुग्रह मोरें ।
बंदि चरन मनु कहेउ बहोरी। अवर एक बिनति प्रभु मोरी।।
सुत बिषइक तव पद रति होऊ। मोहि बड़ मूढ़ कहै किन कोऊ।।
मनि बिनु फनि जिमि जल बिनु मीना। मम जीवन तिमि तुम्हहि अधीना।।
अस बरु मागि चरन गहि रहेऊ। एवमस्तु करुनानिधि कहेऊ।।
अब तुम्ह मम अनुसासन मानी। बसहु जाइ सुरपति रजधानी।।
सो0-तहँ करि भोग बिसाल तात गउँ कछु काल पुनि।
होइहहु अवध भुआल तब मैं होब तुम्हार सुत।।151।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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