Ramcharit Charcha CLVII

II Shree Guruvey namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram jai ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

भूप प्रतापभानु बल पाई। कामधेनु भै भूमि सुहाई।।
सब दुख बरजित प्रजा सुखारी। धरमसील सुंदर नर नारी।।
सचिव धरमरुचि हरि पद प्रीती। नृप हित हेतु सिखव नित नीती।।
गुर सुर संत पितर महिदेवा। करइ सदा नृप सब कै सेवा।।
भूप धरम जे बेद बखाने। सकल करइ सादर सुख माने।।
दिन प्रति देह बिबिध बिधि दाना। सुनहु सास्त्र बर बेद पुराना।।
नाना बापीं कूप तड़ागा। सुमन बाटिका सुंदर बागा।।
बिप्रभवन सुरभवन सुहाए। सब तीरथन्ह बिचित्र बनाए।।
दो0-जँह लगि कहे पुरान श्रुति एक एक सब जाग।
बार सहस्त्र सहस्त्र नृप किए सहित अनुराग।।155।।

We covered up to Doha 155 of Balkand in Ramcharit manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the King Pratapbhanu after becoming sovereign king of the whole earth conducted his state affairs according to policies enshrined in Vedas, it ensured welfare of masses and made the economic activities involving land etc providing all riches. He also performed many Yagnas with attention and pleasure.

The king did all the prescribed religious activities but did not have any cravings for the results of what he did, the king was wise enough in that respect (in Gita Lord Krishna has established the principle of ‘not wanting a reward for whatever is done to perform a duty as the results is in domain of the God and only action is our choice’). The knowledgeable king dedicated all his activities undertaken through mind, speech and action which were in accordance with the Dharma too, to Vaasudev (son of Vasudev i e Lord Krishna).

Once upon a time, the king arranged all that was required for hunting expedition and called his friends and subordinates. He then proceeded riding on a well trained and strong horse in to the deep forests of Vindhyachal (a region in the middle India) and killed many prize animals as a hunter.

While on his hunting expedition, the king saw a wild boar in the forest, it looked as if the Rahu (a demon who was one part of the body cut in to two by Lord Vishnu) held the moon in mouth and came for hiding in the forest (the eclipse is supposed to take place when the invisible demon Rahu catches the moon); it seemed that the moon was too large for being taken in and not disgorging it, the demon had become angry for it. This simile is to portray the beauty of tooth/tusks of the boar of enormous proportions. The boar looked at horse and growled; the horse looked at it in startling fashion and straightened its ears.

Sighting such a big boar who looked as the mountain top and of dark blue color, the king whipped his horse and followed the boar with great agility.

हृदयँ न कछु फल अनुसंधाना। भूप बिबेकी परम सुजाना।।
करइ जे धरम करम मन बानी। बासुदेव अर्पित नृप ग्यानी।।
चढ़ि बर बाजि बार एक राजा। मृगया कर सब साजि समाजा।।
बिंध्याचल गभीर बन गयऊ। मृग पुनीत बहु मारत भयऊ।।
फिरत बिपिन नृप दीख बराहू। जनु बन दुरेउ ससिहि ग्रसि राहू।।
बड़ बिधु नहि समात मुख माहीं। मनहुँ क्रोधबस उगिलत नाहीं।।
कोल कराल दसन छबि गाई। तनु बिसाल पीवर अधिकाई।।
घुरुघुरात हय आरौ पाएँ। चकित बिलोकत कान उठाएँ।।
दो0-नील महीधर सिखर सम देखि बिसाल बराहु।
चपरि चलेउ हय सुटुकि नृप हाँकि न होइ निबाहु।।156।।

Seeing the horse charging towards itself noisily the boar flighted at speed of wind. The king aimed his arrow to strike it but it boar couched down to earth. The king kept taking aims and sent arrows but the boar also kept saving itself with tricks of its own. Thus the game of hide and seek went for a while and the boar ran away. The king angrily kept following it; the boar then entered thick forest where the elephants and horses can not penetrate or find way. The king was not accompanied by his entourage and was in great difficulty but kept pursuing the animal. Finding the king hell bent at catching itself, the boar made way in to a deep cave in the mountains. The king found the cave in accessible and was sorry for it and turned back in to the forest but lost his way.

The king had now become very hungry and thirsty as also his horse. The king then looked for river and water bodies but couldn’t find any water source and became unconscious like.

We have now covered up to Doha 157 of Balkand.

आवत देखि अधिक रव बाजी। चलेउ बराह मरुत गति भाजी।।
तुरत कीन्ह नृप सर संधाना। महि मिलि गयउ बिलोकत बाना।।
तकि तकि तीर महीस चलावा। करि छल सुअर सरीर बचावा।।
प्रगटत दुरत जाइ मृग भागा। रिस बस भूप चलेउ संग लागा।।
गयउ दूरि घन गहन बराहू। जहँ नाहिन गज बाजि निबाहू।।
अति अकेल बन बिपुल कलेसू। तदपि न मृग मग तजइ नरेसू।।
कोल बिलोकि भूप बड़ धीरा। भागि पैठ गिरिगुहाँ गभीरा।।
अगम देखि नृप अति पछिताई। फिरेउ महाबन परेउ भुलाई।।
दो0-खेद खिन्न छुद्धित तृषित राजा बाजि समेत।
खोजत ब्याकुल सरित सर जल बिनु भयउ अचेत।।157।।

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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