Ramcharit Charcha CLVIII

II Shri Guruvey namah Ii

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

आवत देखि अधिक रव बाजी। चलेउ बराह मरुत गति भाजी।।
तुरत कीन्ह नृप सर संधाना। महि मिलि गयउ बिलोकत बाना।।
तकि तकि तीर महीस चलावा। करि छल सुअर सरीर बचावा।।
प्रगटत दुरत जाइ मृग भागा। रिस बस भूप चलेउ संग लागा।।
गयउ दूरि घन गहन बराहू। जहँ नाहिन गज बाजि निबाहू।।
अति अकेल बन बिपुल कलेसू। तदपि न मृग मग तजइ नरेसू।।
कोल बिलोकि भूप बड़ धीरा। भागि पैठ गिरिगुहाँ गभीरा।।
अगम देखि नृप अति पछिताई। फिरेउ महाबन परेउ भुलाई।।
दो0-खेद खिन्न छुद्धित तृषित राजा बाजि समेत।
खोजत ब्याकुल सरित सर जल बिनु भयउ अचेत।।157।।

We have covered up to Doha 157 of Balkand in Ramcharit Tanas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that King Pratapbhanu has entered dense forest chasing a big boar and has got himself in a life threatening situation while on his hunting expedition (this tells us that however high and mighty we may be, we should not let our pride rule us in every situation, here Pratapbhanu did not accept that some places belong to animals where they are stronger than humans, realizing this its better to not pit oneself challenging the lower species in all situations, it is out rightly foolish, this is how the nature is and that is how God has made the world).

While the king was wandering in forest (looking for food and water), he noticed an Ashram (hermitage) there. In the hermitage lived a king in disguise of a Muni as he had suffered defeat at the hand of Pratapbhanu; had lost his territory and had run away from the battle-ground leaving behind his army, to save his own life. The defeated king considered that time was favorable to Pratapbhanu and against him. The felt disgusted and being very sorry at heart, he preferred to not return back to home, thus guided by his pride he refused to surrender before the victorious Pratapbhanu (we can see here that the second king though knows that the situation is not congenial for him yet his pride does not let him surrender, this is how the basic character becomes the powerful motivating force. Also he has concern for his own life but not for his troops then what use is his pride).

Getting angry but subduing anger, the defeated king decided to live like a pauper in the midst of thick forest in a fashion befitting a Tapas (an ascetic). It was to him that King Pratapbhanu went near. Because Pratapbhanu was too thirsty hence could not recognize the defeated king and thought him to be a great Muni in a sober dress however the defeated king could easily recognize that it was Pratapbhanu only who had come to him. Pratapbhanu got down from the horse and lay prostrate before the king in disguise while he had wisdom to not mention his own name (we may notice that this a sign of falsehood on the part of Pratapbhanu that on one hand he considers the ex-king as a sage but on the other hand want to be wiser by not telling who he actually was).

Knowing that the king is too thirsty the ex-king showed Pratapbhanu where was the pond of water near his hut, where the king drank water and bathed along with his horse and regained composure.

(The story of Pratapbhanu is interesting from the angle of understanding how we actually are commonly guided by our personal traits and how we behave with each other solely keeping our own angle in sight without a nobler purpose in our day to day life. We shall later see how Pratapbhanu suffers for small faults in his character which become big and consume him entirely.)

We have now covered up to Doha 158 f Balkand.

फिरत बिपिन आश्रम एक देखा। तहँ बस नृपति कपट मुनिबेषा।।
जासु देस नृप लीन्ह छड़ाई। समर सेन तजि गयउ पराई।।
समय प्रतापभानु कर जानी। आपन अति असमय अनुमानी।।
गयउ न गृह मन बहुत गलानी। मिला न राजहि नृप अभिमानी।।
रिस उर मारि रंक जिमि राजा। बिपिन बसइ तापस कें साजा।।
तासु समीप गवन नृप कीन्हा। यह प्रतापरबि तेहि तब चीन्हा।।
राउ तृषित नहि सो पहिचाना। देखि सुबेष महामुनि जाना।।
उतरि तुरग तें कीन्ह प्रनामा। परम चतुर न कहेउ निज नामा।।
दो0 भूपति तृषित बिलोकि तेहिं सरबरु दीन्ह देखाइ।
मज्जन पान समेत हय कीन्ह नृपति हरषाइ।।158।।

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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