Ramcharit Charcha CLIX

II Shri Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

फिरत बिपिन आश्रम एक देखा। तहँ बस नृपति कपट मुनिबेषा।।
जासु देस नृप लीन्ह छड़ाई। समर सेन तजि गयउ पराई।।
समय प्रतापभानु कर जानी। आपन अति असमय अनुमानी।।
गयउ न गृह मन बहुत गलानी। मिला न राजहि नृप अभिमानी।।
रिस उर मारि रंक जिमि राजा। बिपिन बसइ तापस कें साजा।।
तासु समीप गवन नृप कीन्हा। यह प्रतापरबि तेहि तब चीन्हा।।
राउ तृषित नहि सो पहिचाना। देखि सुबेष महामुनि जाना।।
उतरि तुरग तें कीन्ह प्रनामा। परम चतुर न कहेउ निज नामा।।
दो0 भूपति तृषित बिलोकि तेहिं सरबरु दीन्ह देखाइ।
मज्जन पान समेत हय कीन्ह नृपति हरषाइ।।158।।

We covered up to Doha 158 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that King Pratapbhanu has been directed to a pond for quenching his unbearable thirst by the ex-king (in disguise). Both of them have not disclosed their true identities to each other though one knows the other and the other (Pratapbhanu) knows the other as a sage and not a king defeated by himself.

King Pratapbhanu, after drinking water and bathing, became comfortable and his fatigue was gone. The ex-king then took him to his hermitage, offered seat. He knew that the sun had set (metaphorically for Pratapbhanu, the shining sun, he now has little chance of escaping the net cast by the enemy king). The pseudo Sage then spoke softly addressing Pratapbhanu, “you are so young and handsome but who you really are and why you are wandering about in forest all alone and risking life. I see that you have such marks on your person that you should be no other than a monarch but finding you in such bad situation I feel pity for you.”

King Pratapbhanu responded by saying, “O great Muni, there is a king by name of Pratabhanu; I am his minister, I have lost my way while ranging in pursuit of game. It is my fortune that I have had an occasion to look at your feet. For us (the city dwellers) it is hardly possible to have people like you before us and meet them. This seems there is some good going to befall me.”

The Muni (ex-king) then said, ” its dark now and your city is five fifty miles away, in such a dark night that too in a dense forest it will be difficult to find way, you are wise enough and therefore you must stay back here and leave when its morning.”

Tulsi says that the inevitable has to happen therefore the circumstances also become likewise. Where one has to meet his fate that place does not come to that person rather that person is made to reach at that precise point (and also at the precise hour).

(We see here that both kings are acting with worldly wisdom and a stage is getting readies for a big event. The divine providence has its own way, it has to happen what the God has planned but the actors remain the people on earth themselves and circumstances turn automatically likewise. The episode gives us a glimpse in to practical working of ‘theory of Karma’.)

We have now covered up to Doha 159 of Balkand.

गै श्रम सकल सुखी नृप भयऊ। निज आश्रम तापस लै गयऊ।।
आसन दीन्ह अस्त रबि जानी। पुनि तापस बोलेउ मृदु बानी।।
को तुम्ह कस बन फिरहु अकेलें। सुंदर जुबा जीव परहेलें।।
चक्रबर्ति के लच्छन तोरें। देखत दया लागि अति मोरें।।
नाम प्रतापभानु अवनीसा। तासु सचिव मैं सुनहु मुनीसा।।
फिरत अहेरें परेउँ भुलाई। बडे भाग देखउँ पद आई।।
हम कहँ दुर्लभ दरस तुम्हारा। जानत हौं कछु भल होनिहारा।।
कह मुनि तात भयउ अँधियारा। जोजन सत्तरि नगरु तुम्हारा।।
दो0- निसा घोर गम्भीर बन पंथ न सुनहु सुजान।
बसहु आजु अस जानि तुम्ह जाएहु होत बिहान।।159(क)।।
तुलसी जसि भवतब्यता तैसी मिलइ सहाइ।
आपुनु आवइ ताहि पहिं ताहि तहाँ लै जाइ।।159(ख)।।

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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