Ramcharit Charcha CLXIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

एहि बिधि भूप कष्ट अति थोरें। होइहहिं सकल बिप्र बस तोरें।।
करिहहिं बिप्र होम मख सेवा। तेहिं प्रसंग सहजेहिं बस देवा।।
और एक तोहि कहऊँ लखाऊ। मैं एहि बेष न आउब काऊ।।
तुम्हरे उपरोहित कहुँ राया। हरि आनब मैं करि निज माया।।
तपबल तेहि करि आपु समाना। रखिहउँ इहाँ बरष परवाना।।
मैं धरि तासु बेषु सुनु राजा। सब बिधि तोर सँवारब काजा।।
गै निसि बहुत सयन अब कीजे। मोहि तोहि भूप भेंट दिन तीजे।।
मैं तपबल तोहि तुरग समेता। पहुँचेहउँ सोवतहि निकेता।।
दो0-मैं आउब सोइ बेषु धरि पहिचानेहु तब मोहि।
जब एकांत बोलाइ सब कथा सुनावौं तोहि।।169।।

We covered up to Doha 169 of Balkand in Ramcharit manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the rival king, in his disguise has proposed a way to Pratapbhanu to win over the Dwijas and be secured for ever and has suggested him to go to sleep as night is about to end.

The king (Pratapbhanu) took the advice and went to sleep. The pseudo saint then took his seat as he had a lot to think and therefore couldn’t have slept, the tired king however went in to deep sleep state immediateely. The Kalketu named demon who had taken Pratapbhanu deep inside the forest taking form of a big boar came there as he was very friendly with the king in guise of a Muni and was an expert in art of deceit and intrigue. In fact he had had a hundred sons and ten brothers who were very wicked and were easily not winnable, therefore used to give trouble to Devatas. All of them were killed by Pratapbhanu in battles undertaken after finding the Vipras, saints and gods in sad state of affairs on their account. The begrudged Kalketu recalled his animosity and joined hands with the king in disguise of Muni and planned to exterminate their enemy, the king Pratapbhanu (both of them had tasted defeat at hands of Pratapbhanu and therefore became friends as enemy of an enemy is a natural friend). The king however was oblivious of it all, this is how the fate has its way.

This establishes also a principle that a charged and talented enemy may become helpless but still should not be considered as small and harmless (at an opportune time, he is bound to retaliate, this is the message to be taken seriously in sphere of state-craft and politics). Isn’t that Rahu (a demon whose head had been slit by Lord Vishnu is still responsible for eclipses of the sun and the moon when time comes (it is as per stories in Puranas).

We have now covered up to Doha 170 of Balkand.

सयन कीन्ह नृप आयसु मानी। आसन जाइ बैठ छलग्यानी।।
श्रमित भूप निद्रा अति आई। सो किमि सोव सोच अधिकाई।।
कालकेतु निसिचर तहँ आवा। जेहिं सूकर होइ नृपहि भुलावा।।
परम मित्र तापस नृप केरा। जानइ सो अति कपट घनेरा।।
तेहि के सत सुत अरु दस भाई। खल अति अजय देव दुखदाई।।
प्रथमहि भूप समर सब मारे। बिप्र संत सुर देखि दुखारे।।
तेहिं खल पाछिल बयरु सँभरा। तापस नृप मिलि मंत्र बिचारा।।
जेहि रिपु छय सोइ रचेन्हि उपाऊ। भावी बस न जान कछु राऊ।।
दो0-रिपु तेजसी अकेल अपि लघु करि गनिअ न ताहु।
अजहुँ देत दुख रबि ससिहि सिर अवसेषित राहु।।170।।

When the ex-king happened to see his friend come there, he rushed to meet him with delight and pleasure. He then related all that had transpired between him and Raja Pratapbhanu, hearing which the demon became greatly satisfied and spoke, ‘ O King, now I will take revenge since you have heeded my advice. You must now shed all fear and be comfortable, you are going to be cured of disease now even without use of medicine on account of divine intervention. Thus reassuring the saint in guide of king time and again, the expert imposter, the demon who was greatly upset and angered also, then moved on. He arranged for transfer of Pratapbhanu and his horse in to the recess of his fort, made the sleep by side of his queen and tied horse in stall in a not-noticeable way.

On way out he abducted the family-priest of the king and kept him concealed in a mountain cave and made him forget all about self using his dubious means.

(Highly placed people are always subject to intrigues and plans of enemies, they should be careful in that respect not pit themselves against situations which would expose them to risk.)

We have now covered up to Doha 171 of Balkand.

तापस नृप निज सखहि निहारी। हरषि मिलेउ उठि भयउ सुखारी।।
मित्रहि कहि सब कथा सुनाई। जातुधान बोला सुख पाई।।
अब साधेउँ रिपु सुनहु नरेसा। जौं तुम्ह कीन्ह मोर उपदेसा।।
परिहरि सोच रहहु तुम्ह सोई। बिनु औषध बिआधि बिधि खोई।।
कुल समेत रिपु मूल बहाई। चौथे दिवस मिलब मैं आई।।
तापस नृपहि बहुत परितोषी। चला महाकपटी अतिरोषी।।
भानुप्रतापहि बाजि समेता। पहुँचाएसि छन माझ निकेता।।
नृपहि नारि पहिं सयन कराई। हयगृहँ बाँधेसि बाजि बनाई।।
दो0-राजा के उपरोहितहि हरि लै गयउ बहोरि।
लै राखेसि गिरि खोह महुँ मायाँ करि मति भोरि।।171।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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