Ramcharit Charcha CLXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

उपरोहित जेवनार बनाई। छरस चारि बिधि जसि श्रुति गाई।।
मायामय तेहिं कीन्ह रसोई। बिंजन बहु गनि सकइ न कोई।।
बिबिध मृगन्ह कर आमिष राँधा। तेहि महुँ बिप्र माँसु खल साँधा।।
भोजन कहुँ सब बिप्र बोलाए। पद पखारि सादर बैठाए।।
परुसन जबहिं लाग महिपाला। भै अकासबानी तेहि काला।।
बिप्रबृंद उठि उठि गृह जाहू। है बड़ि हानि अन्न जनि खाहू।।
भयउ रसोईं भूसुर माँसू। सब द्विज उठे मानि बिस्वासू।।
भूप बिकल मति मोहँ भुलानी। भावी बस आव मुख बानी।।
दो0-बोले बिप्र सकोप तब नहिं कछु कीन्ह बिचार।
जाइ निसाचर होहु नृप मूढ़ सहित परिवार।।173।।

We covered up to Doha 173 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the Vipras have cursed Pratabhanu for serving them food that contained meat of Vipras mixed with other animal meats due to scheming by his enemies coming together.

The Vipras complained saying, “O Kshtriya Brother, you invited us Vipras only to ruin us along with others in our community, we have been saved by God and our Dharma (sanctity) could be saved therefore; now you will have to suffer along with your family. You will be finished for good by the middle of the year and there would not be anyone left in the family of yours to offer water to your spirits when they have died.”

Hearing the curse, the monarch became too restless and afflicted by agonizing loss. Right at that time a clear voice from heavens told the Vipras, “Vipras, you haven’t given proper attention to all facts; it is none of the fault of the king.”

The heavenly voice asountded the Vipras and prompted the king to visit the spot from where the food was served. He found there was neither any food nor the one who prepared it. The king returned worrying no end. He then related the whole story as to what had happened to the Mahisuras (the gods of earth) and fell to ground with great pain and mentally upset.

The Vipras then told the king that though it was not your misdeed yet when the Bhupatis (the masters on earth i e the Brahmins of learning) give curse, the same can’t be reversed in any way.”

(The episode suggests that firstly any attempt to bring the class devoted to field of knowledge can’t be brought under any kind of obligation even by a king, it has to remain free. Secondly, any such attempt will only boomerang. The people who engage in search of truth and teach people are very conscious of their position, they have a egoistic pride which is generated out of their continuous sacrifice for the sake of society for far less in exchange and much of which is in form of their respect in society and not much in terms of monetary and material rewards. Thirdly, it says that to an every action there would be a reaction which can’t be controlled even by the one who initiate action hence before any retaliation of grave nature requires to be given a cool thought.)

We have now covered up to Doha 174 of Balkand.

छत्रबंधु तैं बिप्र बोलाई। घालै लिए सहित समुदाई।।
ईस्वर राखा धरम हमारा। जैहसि तैं समेत परिवारा।।
संबत मध्य नास तव होऊ। जलदाता न रहिहि कुल कोऊ।।
नृप सुनि श्राप बिकल अति त्रासा। भै बहोरि बर गिरा अकासा।।
बिप्रहु श्राप बिचारि न दीन्हा। नहिं अपराध भूप कछु कीन्हा।।
चकित बिप्र सब सुनि नभबानी। भूप गयउ जहँ भोजन खानी।।
तहँ न असन नहिं बिप्र सुआरा। फिरेउ राउ मन सोच अपारा।।
सब प्रसंग महिसुरन्ह सुनाई। त्रसित परेउ अवनीं अकुलाई।।
दो0-भूपति भावी मिटइ नहिं जदपि न दूषन तोर।
किएँ अन्यथा होइ नहिं बिप्रश्राप अति घोर।।174।।

The Mahidevas then left for their respective places. The citizenry got to know all about what had happened and blamed the lord of destiny who had a swan in the making but delivered a crow (i e the king of great virtues fell to such level of misfortune). The demon then reached the priest in captivity to his home and went up to pseudo saint, the king in exile, to tell the story of his accomplishment. The king in exile then sent letters to other kings (who had suffered defeat at the hand of Pratapbhanu) who then reorganized their armies and attacked together. They surrounded the capital of Pratapbhanu and fierce fighting commenced. The brave soldiers from all sides fought with exemplary valor but ultimately Pratapbhanu fell down (dead) on earth as also his capable brothers. The family of Satyketu was then left without any member; this is how curse of Vipras works; how can it ever be undone? The winning team of kings then resettled all in the city and went back to look after their own kingdoms with victory and fame tucked under their belts.

(The defeated kings demonstrated that the Kshtriya clan (warrior race) does not take defeat easily and works endlessly to regain its lost glory. When such is the case, the winning party should be alert at all times to come because the danger of another war always looms large in the horizon. It also says that any accomplishment with brute power does not stay for long hence subjugation of communities by force is not a wise thing to attempt.)

Rishi Yagyavalkya tells Muni Bhardwaj that when the creator, the heavenly force, that has carved out every thing on earth, gets in the mode not favoring someone then a particle of dust may become as big as Mount Meru, a father may become Yama, the god of death (i e a one who fathered may become a cause of death) and a simple rope may become effectually a snake (ordinary things may become venomous).

(We all know that fate at times delivers much worse results then ordinarily expected, in fact that may actually happen if the God’s design is that way. There is nothing to wonder, a small wrong move may give far worse result with passage of time so its best to stick to right path, particularly without yielding to our own base desires which do not involve public good.)

We have now covered up to Doha 175 of Balkand.

अस कहि सब महिदेव सिधाए। समाचार पुरलोगन्ह पाए।।
सोचहिं दूषन दैवहि देहीं। बिचरत हंस काग किय जेहीं।।
उपरोहितहि भवन पहुँचाई। असुर तापसहि खबरि जनाई।।
तेहिं खल जहँ तहँ पत्र पठाए। सजि सजि सेन भूप सब धाए।।
घेरेन्हि नगर निसान बजाई। बिबिध भाँति नित होई लराई।।
जूझे सकल सुभट करि करनी। बंधु समेत परेउ नृप धरनी।।
सत्यकेतु कुल कोउ नहिं बाँचा। बिप्रश्राप किमि होइ असाँचा।।
रिपु जिति सब नृप नगर बसाई। निज पुर गवने जय जसु पाई।।
दो0-भरद्वाज सुनु जाहि जब होइ बिधाता बाम।
धूरि मेरुसम जनक जम ताहि ब्यालसम दाम।।।175।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Orabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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