Ramcharit Charcha CLXXXIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

छं0-भए प्रगट कृपाला दीनदयाला कौसल्या हितकारी।
हरषित महतारी मुनि मन हारी अद्भुत रूप बिचारी।।
लोचन अभिरामा तनु घनस्यामा निज आयुध भुज चारी।
भूषन बनमाला नयन बिसाला सोभासिंधु खरारी।।
कह दुइ कर जोरी अस्तुति तोरी केहि बिधि करौं अनंता।
माया गुन ग्यानातीत अमाना बेद पुरान भनंता।।
करुना सुख सागर सब गुन आगर जेहि गावहिं श्रुति संता।
सो मम हित लागी जन अनुरागी भयउ प्रगट श्रीकंता।।
ब्रह्मांड निकाया निर्मित माया रोम रोम प्रति बेद कहै।
मम उर सो बासी यह उपहासी सुनत धीर पति थिर न रहै।।
उपजा जब ग्याना प्रभु मुसकाना चरित बहुत बिधि कीन्ह चहै।
कहि कथा सुहाई मातु बुझाई जेहि प्रकार सुत प्रेम लहै।।
माता पुनि बोली सो मति डौली तजहु तात यह रूपा।
कीजै सिसुलीला अति प्रियसीला यह सुख परम अनूपा।।
सुनि बचन सुजाना रोदन ठाना होइ बालक सुरभूपा।
यह चरित जे गावहिं हरिपद पावहिं ते न परहिं भवकूपा।।
दो0-बिप्र धेनु सुर संत हित लीन्ह मनुज अवतार।
निज इच्छा निर्मित तनु माया गुन गो पार।।192।।

We covered up to Doha 192 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that Mata Kaushalya saw Lord Hari before herself in the form of Lord Vishnu and became dumbstruck realizing that it was the Supreme God who had been born out of her womb but since Lord wanted to play a role in the world as an avatar in human form, He became a child, also for the sake of Kaushalya and started crying like one; this made Kaushalya filled with love for the just born son which equaled the surge of love for God before and after true realization dawns on Bhaktas.

When the sound of cries of the Lord as a child reached the ears of the ladies in the household of Dashrath they rushed having some expectations towards Kaushalya. The maid-servants ran hither and thither in excitement and the news traveled all over the town making the residents of the city rejoicing and happy. The news of birth of a son made Dashrath feel happiness and contentment no less than the Brahmaanand (the pleasure that is maximum and remains undiminished when the God is seen and understood and known i e realized by the Bhaktas and Sadhaks, here too the God Supreme has been born, will be seen by Dashrath).

With ecstatic mind and thrilled body King Dashrath wanted to rise up but failed and therefore stabilize himself using intellect. He thought that just the name of whom, when taken in through ear-hole is enough to be giving auspicious results, that Lord Ram has been born in to my family, in my house. Paramananda (ultimate joy) filled the heart of King Dashrath and he summoned people to to play music on different instruments; he also sent messengers to Guru Vashishttha’s home, to call him; Guru Vashishttha then came along with other Dwijas (the learned Brahmins) to the palace of the king. They rushed to see the child who was not comparable to any other on earth, extent of His beauty was beyond description and the signs of His body were numerous confirming that He was no ordinary child.

The Guru and Brahmins performed Nandimukh Shraddha (this is done as offering to departed elders of the house before any celebration is undertaken in the household for an auspicious occasion like this one) and also completed the rites done up on the birth of a child. This was followed by offering of gold, cows, clothes and precious stones etc by the king to the Vipras.

(For others Ram as child is still an extra-ordinarily beautiful child only, they haven’t yet discovered that it is the Supreme God Himself who has been born. God doesn’t want to reveal Himself before everybody but those who have very quiet mind and pure heart can know Him in reality. Here the Lord has taken a form which is not born out of Maya’s effect yet people can’t distinguish Him but truly realized ones can see Him everywhere, in every living being, as consciousness is part of Him only in every living being, even reflection of Him can be seen in lifeless object also because Maya itself does not have existence without Him and draws all her power from Him only.)

We have now covered up to Doha 193 of Balkand.

सुनि सिसु रुदन परम प्रिय बानी। संभ्रम चलि आई सब रानी।।
हरषित जहँ तहँ धाईं दासी। आनँद मगन सकल पुरबासी।।
दसरथ पुत्रजन्म सुनि काना। मानहुँ ब्रह्मानंद समाना।।
परम प्रेम मन पुलक सरीरा। चाहत उठत करत मति धीरा।।
जाकर नाम सुनत सुभ होई। मोरें गृह आवा प्रभु सोई।।
परमानंद पूरि मन राजा। कहा बोलाइ बजावहु बाजा।।
गुर बसिष्ठ कहँ गयउ हँकारा। आए द्विजन सहित नृपद्वारा।।
अनुपम बालक देखेन्हि जाई। रूप रासि गुन कहि न सिराई।।
दो0-नंदीमुख सराध करि जातकरम सब कीन्ह।
हाटक धेनु बसन मनि नृप बिप्रन्ह कहँ दीन्ह।।193।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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