Ramcharit Charcha CXCV

II Shree Guruvey Nmah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

धरे नाम गुर हृदयँ बिचारी। बेद तत्व नृप तव सुत चारी।।
मुनि धन जन सरबस सिव प्राना। बाल केलि तेहिं सुख माना।।
बारेहि ते निज हित पति जानी। लछिमन राम चरन रति मानी।।
भरत सत्रुहन दूनउ भाई। प्रभु सेवक जसि प्रीति बड़ाई।।
स्याम गौर सुंदर दोउ जोरी। निरखहिं छबि जननीं तृन तोरी।।
चारिउ सील रूप गुन धामा। तदपि अधिक सुखसागर रामा।।
हृदयँ अनुग्रह इंदु प्रकासा। सूचत किरन मनोहर हासा।।
कबहुँ उछंग कबहुँ बर पलना। मातु दुलारइ कहि प्रिय ललना।।
दो0-ब्यापक ब्रह्म निरंजन निर्गुन बिगत बिनोद।
सो अज प्रेम भगति बस कौसल्या के गोद।।198।।

We covered up to Doha 198 of Balkand in Ramharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Guru Vashittha gave suitable names to four sons of Dashrath. Eldest son Ram is none other than the blissful Lord of universe and has become interested taking pleasure in child like plays in lap of Mata Kaushalya who herself is enjoying His company in similar ways. Laxman is attached to Ram and Shatrughna maintains a relationship with Bharat like that of master and servant.

Shri Ram’s body, reflects beauty equaling combined beauty of millions of cupids, its blue tinge is like that of a blue lotus or like a dense dark cloud laden with water-vapors; nails of His lotus like red feet look like pearls on lotus-petals. The bottom of feet has lines depicting divine marks and He wears anklets which tinkle and the sound of which makes the Munis enraptured.

He wears waist-band which also has bells tied to it and has three lines showing on His belly region which has deep navel on it which carries special meaning for those who know (the deep navel is representative of the immense depth of His being i e He doesn’t have limitations therefore no assessment of Him is possible).

His arms are long which have been heavily ornamented, He has a string round His neck with a pendent made of nail of a lion dangling on His breast which adds charm besides He wears a necklace of Manis (ever shining stones) going across the mark of foot of a Brahmin* and cheats the heart of the onlooker.

His conch-shell like neck and developed chin added to beauty of His face which shined like combined beauty of countess cupids. Pairs of teeth showed when the reddish lips parted. His nose and the forehead region with Tilak applied over it also has attraction which is hard to describe. The ears are beautiful, the cheeks are pretty and soft and His speech is soft, child-like blabbering sweet.

The smooth curled hairs which haven’t been cut since the birth, have been carefully dressed by mother with her own hands. A yellow colored lose dress has been put on His body but the hands and feet are visible when He crawls and look very attractive to me (says Lord Shiv to Parvati).

His form and appearance could hardly be described by even Vedas and Shesha (the serpent-god), only dreamer who is able to see Him in his dream may understand what it could be (because what was apparent could not be described but who could absorb it so much that he could have Him appear in dream may once again enjoy the charm and beauty as it was; words by anyone would remain insufficient. The Supreme God is also not subject to be fully told about by scholars of any strength, His influence, functions and ways are understandable only by some who have silenced their minds completely and then reflect only on Him).

Lord in whom the total bliss resides, who is seen when delusion is no more, who is beyond intellect, beyond description and beyond the sensory perception, has yielded to the supreme love of the couple, Dashrath and Kaushalya (who were Manu and Shatrupa in earlier life and had wanted to have Him as their son) and was ready to become a child and play that role, purely and truly.

We have now covered up to Doha 199 of Balkand.

काम कोटि छबि स्याम सरीरा। नील कंज बारिद गंभीरा।।
अरुन चरन पकंज नख जोती। कमल दलन्हि बैठे जनु मोती।।
रेख कुलिस धवज अंकुर सोहे। नूपुर धुनि सुनि मुनि मन मोहे।।
कटि किंकिनी उदर त्रय रेखा। नाभि गभीर जान जेहि देखा।।
भुज बिसाल भूषन जुत भूरी। हियँ हरि नख अति सोभा रूरी।।
उर मनिहार पदिक की सोभा। बिप्र चरन देखत मन लोभा।।
कंबु कंठ अति चिबुक सुहाई। आनन अमित मदन छबि छाई।।
दुइ दुइ दसन अधर अरुनारे। नासा तिलक को बरनै पारे।।
सुंदर श्रवन सुचारु कपोला। अति प्रिय मधुर तोतरे बोला।।
चिक्कन कच कुंचित गभुआरे। बहु प्रकार रचि मातु सँवारे।।
पीत झगुलिआ तनु पहिराई। जानु पानि बिचरनि मोहि भाई।।
रूप सकहिं नहिं कहि श्रुति सेषा। सो जानइ सपनेहुँ जेहि देखा।।
दो0-सुख संदोह मोहपर ग्यान गिरा गोतीत।
दंपति परम प्रेम बस कर सिसुचरित पुनीत।।199।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal

*(the story is like this that once Lord Vishnu invited ire of a great saint Brigu who getting enraged hit Him with his foot, mark of which became permanent on the chest of Lord Vishnu but Lord didn’t mind signifying how high status he gives to sages and learned Brahmins)


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