Ramcharit Manas CCIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II
Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुनि राजा अति अप्रिय बानी। हृदय कंप मुख दुति कुमुलानी।।
चौथेंपन पायउँ सुत चारी। बिप्र बचन नहिं कहेहु बिचारी।।
मागहु भूमि धेनु धन कोसा। सर्बस देउँ आजु सहरोसा।।
देह प्रान तें प्रिय कछु नाही। सोउ मुनि देउँ निमिष एक माही।।
सब सुत प्रिय मोहि प्रान कि नाईं। राम देत नहिं बनइ गोसाई।।
कहँ निसिचर अति घोर कठोरा। कहँ सुंदर सुत परम किसोरा।।
सुनि नृप गिरा प्रेम रस सानी। हृदयँ हरष माना मुनि ग्यानी।।
तब बसिष्ट बहु निधि समुझावा। नृप संदेह नास कहँ पावा।।
अति आदर दोउ तनय बोलाए। हृदयँ लाइ बहु भाँति सिखाए।।
मेरे प्रान नाथ सुत दोऊ। तुम्ह मुनि पिता आन नहिं कोऊ।।
दो0-सौंपे भूप रिषिहि सुत बहु बिधि देइ असीस।
जननी भवन गए प्रभु चले नाइ पद सीस।।208(क)।।
सो0-पुरुषसिंह दोउ बीर हरषि चले मुनि भय हरन।।
कृपासिंधु मतिधीर अखिल बिस्व कारन करन।।208(ख)

We covered up to Doha 208 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that Dashrath got upset when Rishi Vishwamitra asked him for sending Ram and Lakshman with him but when he was given some good lessons by Guru Vahsishtth to enable him to get over the worries borne out of excess love for the sons, Dahsrath agreed for the proposal in the interest of society. The two brave brothers Ram and Lakshman, themselves the very cause of the whole world, happily left for forest with Muni Vishwamitra.

Ram had reddish eyes, broad chest and long arms (arms that touch the knees, very brave and majestic people have such long arms) and He was dark like a blue lotus or like the darkness reflected by the Tamaal tree.
He had a better variety of quiver tied to His back with a yellow colored cloth and held an arrow in one hand the bow in the other (representing His readiness for the task at hand). Muni Vishwamitra considered himself lucky to get them, one of whom was fair and the other dark (he felt protected through days as well nights as dark and fair colors seemed to cover the whole day, in fact the opposites when together only become the whole in most situations).

Rishi Vishwamitra thought that I used to think that Lord Ram is mostly for Brahmins but He left father of my sake (he thought so because he was a Kshatriya, so His call might not interest Him so much but was pleased to see that it didn’t matter whether one is a Brahmin or any other caste. So long as the path is right and good for society is in sight and faith in God is complete, Lord is ready ever to help out).

While on way, Muni pointed towards a demoness Tadaka who rushed angrily towards them after catching the sound of their foot-fall ( Tadaka was able to note every movement of Rishis even when they used to quietly move about their business without disturbing anybody and she still used to get enraged. Tadaka represents Avidya i e Maya, say ‘what is not’ and this attracts and disturbs the weaklings hence it should first get removed first of all from afflicting mind of those who have seen or sought help of Ram. This is a general weakness with many people they get disturbed for no reason too). Lord Ram used just one arrow to take her life and gave poor Tadaka an status fit for those who get killed by God Himself.

After Tadaka was killed, Rishi Vishwamitra recognized Lord Ram as His own Master and the one who already has full knowledge of every thing and yet he imparted Him the knowledge under his own command like how to win over the hunger and thirst, how to have unmatched bodily strength that imparts a glowing aura.

Rishi Vishwamitra used to have his own treasure of arms but was not using them due to embarking on spiritual journey and he found Ram to be the one whom he could hand them all like an offering to his own Lord and did so. Then Muni Vishwamitra took Lord Ram to his own ashram. With great Bhakti (full devotion) in heart for Ram as the bestower of real good, Rishi Vishwamitra offered eatable bulbs, roots and fruits.

We have now covered up to Doha 209 of Balkand.

अरुन नयन उर बाहु बिसाला। नील जलज तनु स्याम तमाला।।
कटि पट पीत कसें बर भाथा। रुचिर चाप सायक दुहुँ हाथा।।
स्याम गौर सुंदर दोउ भाई। बिस्बामित्र महानिधि पाई।।
प्रभु ब्रह्मन्यदेव मै जाना। मोहि निति पिता तजेहु भगवाना।।
चले जात मुनि दीन्हि दिखाई। सुनि ताड़का क्रोध करि धाई।।
एकहिं बान प्रान हरि लीन्हा। दीन जानि तेहि निज पद दीन्हा।।
तब रिषि निज नाथहि जियँ चीन्ही। बिद्यानिधि कहुँ बिद्या दीन्ही।।
जाते लाग न छुधा पिपासा। अतुलित बल तनु तेज प्रकासा।।
दो0-आयुष सब समर्पि कै प्रभु निज आश्रम आनि।
कंद मूल फल भोजन दीन्ह भगति हित जानि।।209।।

The next morning Lord Ram told the Muni to perform Yagnas fearlessly (as He was there to take care, even otherwise the Yagnas are successful when God is invoked first and here He was there already in physical form).

The contingent of Munis around there commenced offering oblation in to the sacred fire while He Himself stood guarding the sacrificial rituals. Given to anger on seeing the performance of Yagnas, the demon Mareech took all of the enemies of Munis along and attacked but since Ram was there He was hit by His blunt arrow with a force that pushed him as far away beyond the ocean as hundred Yojanas. Later the helper Subaahu was burned down with a fire-oozing arrow. His younger brother Lakshman killed the rest of the army of demons.

Killing the Asuras, Lord Ram made the Dwijas fearless; all the Devtas and Munis then offered their prayers to the Lord.

Lord Ram stayed there for some more time giving pleasure to and bestowing graces on the Vipras (this shows that the deserving people need not go to the Lord, rather God Himself comes to them to give them pleasure and good times). Showing their own Bhakti Bhav (devotional attitude) the Vipras (who were educated and had studied a lot) related to Ram many old stories (which give a person depth and understanding); needless to say that the Lord had known all that was knowable (being Himself the God Supreme).

On a fine morning Muni Vishwamitra told Shri Ram respectfully to be ready for a special event detailing what was going to be happening there. Listening about the Dhanush-Yagna to be held (at King Janak’s place), Ram, the Lord of Raghukul, went along with Muni in a happy mood (Lord Ram was amused at the prospect of seeing Sita, daughter of King Janak).

On way there was an Ashram which was deserted and no trace of life was seen there, Lord Ram then glanced up on a rock (outstandingly placed and shaped) and inquisitively asked Muni to tell about it. Muni then related the whole story* and gave all the specific angles to Shri Ram saying, ” it was Ahalya, the consort of Rishi Gautam who had become a stone rock due to the curse of her husband Muni Gautam and is patiently waiting for the time when You will be graceful enough to spray dust of Your own lotus feet. You may show mercy towards her (and rid her of the effect of curse).”

We have now covered up to Doha 210 of Balkand.

प्रात कहा मुनि सन रघुराई। निर्भय जग्य करहु तुम्ह जाई।।
होम करन लागे मुनि झारी। आपु रहे मख कीं रखवारी।।
सुनि मारीच निसाचर क्रोही। लै सहाय धावा मुनिद्रोही।।
बिनु फर बान राम तेहि मारा। सत जोजन गा सागर पारा।।
पावक सर सुबाहु पुनि मारा। अनुज निसाचर कटकु सँघारा।।
मारि असुर द्विज निर्मयकारी। अस्तुति करहिं देव मुनि झारी।।
तहँ पुनि कछुक दिवस रघुराया। रहे कीन्हि बिप्रन्ह पर दाया।।
भगति हेतु बहु कथा पुराना। कहे बिप्र जद्यपि प्रभु जाना।।
तब मुनि सादर कहा बुझाई। चरित एक प्रभु देखिअ जाई।।
धनुषजग्य मुनि रघुकुल नाथा। हरषि चले मुनिबर के साथा।।
आश्रम एक दीख मग माहीं। खग मृग जीव जंतु तहँ नाहीं।।
पूछा मुनिहि सिला प्रभु देखी। सकल कथा मुनि कहा बिसेषी।।
दो0-गौतम नारि श्राप बस उपल देह धरि धीर।
चरन कमल रज चाहति कृपा करहु रघुबीर।।210।।

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal

*Story of Alhalya goes like this that on a day when Rishi Gautam had gone out to take bath in the river in early morning his wife Ahalya who had stayed back was approached by Indra Devta in guise of Rishi Gautam and had relation with her. On his return Rishi Gautam got to know what had happened and cursed Ahalya that she would become a stone and lie in the Ashram alive for a very long time and the place would be cursed that not living being will be come around it till the time son of King Dashrath Lord Ram would come and set foot on her when due to His grace she would assume her pristine self. There is lot to be said by way of importance and meaning of the story which I don’t feel competent to tell properly hence leave it by just saying that there may have been some weakness in her that she could not find out that it was not Rishi Gautam though circumstances suggest that she may have been misled without her knowing.

If a weakness is noted by a sage, he makes way for the removal of the weakness which Rishi Gautam did by cursing but eventually having the touch of God himself which was very kindly accepted by God Almighty i e Shri Ram at the instance of another great sage Rishi Vishwamitra. The great souls always have good of people at mind.


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