Ramcharit Charcha CCIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

प्रात कहा मुनि सन रघुराई। निर्भय जग्य करहु तुम्ह जाई।।
होम करन लागे मुनि झारी। आपु रहे मख कीं रखवारी।।
सुनि मारीच निसाचर क्रोही। लै सहाय धावा मुनिद्रोही।।
बिनु फर बान राम तेहि मारा। सत जोजन गा सागर पारा।।
पावक सर सुबाहु पुनि मारा। अनुज निसाचर कटकु सँघारा।।
मारि असुर द्विज निर्मयकारी। अस्तुति करहिं देव मुनि झारी।।
तहँ पुनि कछुक दिवस रघुराया। रहे कीन्हि बिप्रन्ह पर दाया।।
भगति हेतु बहु कथा पुराना। कहे बिप्र जद्यपि प्रभु जाना।।
तब मुनि सादर कहा बुझाई। चरित एक प्रभु देखिअ जाई।।
धनुषजग्य मुनि रघुकुल नाथा। हरषि चले मुनिबर के साथा।।
आश्रम एक दीख मग माहीं। खग मृग जीव जंतु तहँ नाहीं।।
पूछा मुनिहि सिला प्रभु देखी। सकल कथा मुनि कहा बिसेषी।।
दो0-गौतम नारि श्राप बस उपल देह धरि धीर।
चरन कमल रज चाहति कृपा करहु रघुबीर।।210।।

We covered up to Doha 210 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Lord Shri Ram has killed the demons who used to disturb Munis in the forest and established a congenial and safe atmosphere for them. Vishwamitra Muni then asked the Lord to visit an event (Dhanush-Yagna) which Shri Ram found interesting and went along. On way Rishi Vishwanath showed Shri Ram a cursed Ashram where Alhalya was lying as a rock and required the dust of feet of Shri Ram for salvation.

When beseeched by Muni Lord Ram obliged Ahalya by touching her form lying as a rock with His pious feet. Lord Shri ram did the same which finished her long held sorrowful state and she emerged as one with an aura that one gets after long period of doing Tapa and burning under fire of repentance and in her pristine form. When she found herself facing the Lord Raghunayak Shri Ram who is always a source of bliss for the Bhaktas she stood before Him with folded hands.

She was overwhelmed with love for the Lord and with a body trembling because of it; she found herself not able to utter anything. Considering herself to be very very fortunate at that moment she lay at the feet of Lord and profusely shed her tears.

After a while Ahalya brought herself together and gained patience; she disclosed her identity before the Lord and received the grace of the Lord and His Bhakti as a result.

Then Ahalya decided to pray the Lord with absolutely purity in her words i e without any trace of expectation or desire hailing the Lord as one who can be understood with dawn of understanding and good knowledge only (which the Gurus impart).

She admitted to her not being pure at some time past but said that the Lord makes everyone who comes to face Him with purity in heart, pious and faultless because He is known to be enemy of Ravan (the faults that make one cry is the meaning here and she admits to having some concealed trace of lust which made her wrongly succumb to pressure brought about by Indra Dev and blame the circumstances) and therefore he has capacity to put the people back in blissful state (which comes about when the human weaknesses are won over).

She says that the lotus eyes of Shri Ram are able to deliver one from the dreaded world of emotional weaknesses just by a glance and therefore she has decided to come under His shelter with humility.

Ahalya then praised her husband Muni Gautam that he gave her a curse (which made her come face to face with the Lord Himself) and said she is indebted to him for the same (she doesn’t carry any sense of injustice against her, this is also a great trait in a person on the right path).

Ahalya says that she has had the good fortune of having an eyeful look at Lord Hari which has taken out the world from the heart (and has placed Himself in the heart through the route of the eyes); she says Lord Shiv also thinks of only this as the sole benefit that should be craved for.

Ahalya then says, ” O Lord, I am a person with little intellectual capability and hence pray for just the taste of the nectar flowing from the lotus feet of Yours and nothing else whatsoever and for it only my mind as humming-bee should be hovering around Your feet, the very same feet from which the sacred river Ganges flows and is placed by Lord Shiv in his hair-locks, the very same lotus feet that are worshiped by the Brahma, the very same feet that You placed over my head today.”

With these words, the consort of Rishi Gautam again and again bowed down at feet of Lord Hari (Shri Ram ) and further confirmed that she had whatever she wanted as boon from Lord Hari and went to the abode of her Pati (husband is called Pati and master also is called Pati) with full satisfaction (her husband had already gone to the Hari Loka, God’s own living place, Lord Hari is in any case the Master of all beings).

Now Tulsidas reminds himself, ” O Tulsidas, don’t be a fool, adore and remember the friend of the weak and of deprived Lord Hari who has no reason or obligation but still showers His graces (Ahalya had not been very much in to spiritual practices and had not got near to Lord herself but the two great Munis, the Bhaktas of Lord Hari selflessly helped her see, know and receive the blessings and grace of the Lord Himself).”

We have now covered up to Doha 211 of Balkand, this coincides with the seventh rest for the reader who read the book in a month.

छं0-परसत पद पावन सोक नसावन प्रगट भई तपपुंज सही।
देखत रघुनायक जन सुख दायक सनमुख होइ कर जोरि रही।।
अति प्रेम अधीरा पुलक सरीरा मुख नहिं आवइ बचन कही।
अतिसय बड़भागी चरनन्हि लागी जुगल नयन जलधार बही।।
धीरजु मन कीन्हा प्रभु कहुँ चीन्हा रघुपति कृपाँ भगति पाई।
अति निर्मल बानीं अस्तुति ठानी ग्यानगम्य जय रघुराई।।
मै नारि अपावन प्रभु जग पावन रावन रिपु जन सुखदाई।
राजीव बिलोचन भव भय मोचन पाहि पाहि सरनहिं आई।।
मुनि श्राप जो दीन्हा अति भल कीन्हा परम अनुग्रह मैं माना।
देखेउँ भरि लोचन हरि भवमोचन इहइ लाभ संकर जाना।।
बिनती प्रभु मोरी मैं मति भोरी नाथ न मागउँ बर आना।
पद कमल परागा रस अनुरागा मम मन मधुप करै पाना।।
जेहिं पद सुरसरिता परम पुनीता प्रगट भई सिव सीस धरी।
सोइ पद पंकज जेहि पूजत अज मम सिर धरेउ कृपाल हरी।।
एहि भाँति सिधारी गौतम नारी बार बार हरि चरन परी।
जो अति मन भावा सो बरु पावा गै पतिलोक अनंद भरी।।
दो0-अस प्रभु दीनबंधु हरि कारन रहित दयाल।
तुलसिदास सठ तेहि भजु छाड़ि कपट जंजाल।।211।।
मासपारायण, सातवाँ विश्राम

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri ram Ki jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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