Ramcharit Charcha CCV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

छं0-परसत पद पावन सोक नसावन प्रगट भई तपपुंज सही।
देखत रघुनायक जन सुख दायक सनमुख होइ कर जोरि रही।।
अति प्रेम अधीरा पुलक सरीरा मुख नहिं आवइ बचन कही।
अतिसय बड़भागी चरनन्हि लागी जुगल नयन जलधार बही।।
धीरजु मन कीन्हा प्रभु कहुँ चीन्हा रघुपति कृपाँ भगति पाई।
अति निर्मल बानीं अस्तुति ठानी ग्यानगम्य जय रघुराई।।
मै नारि अपावन प्रभु जग पावन रावन रिपु जन सुखदाई।
राजीव बिलोचन भव भय मोचन पाहि पाहि सरनहिं आई।।
मुनि श्राप जो दीन्हा अति भल कीन्हा परम अनुग्रह मैं माना।
देखेउँ भरि लोचन हरि भवमोचन इहइ लाभ संकर जाना।।
बिनती प्रभु मोरी मैं मति भोरी नाथ न मागउँ बर आना।
पद कमल परागा रस अनुरागा मम मन मधुप करै पाना।।
जेहिं पद सुरसरिता परम पुनीता प्रगट भई सिव सीस धरी।
सोइ पद पंकज जेहि पूजत अज मम सिर धरेउ कृपाल हरी।।
एहि भाँति सिधारी गौतम नारी बार बार हरि चरन परी।
जो अति मन भावा सो बरु पावा गै पतिलोक अनंद भरी।।
दो0-अस प्रभु दीनबंधु हरि कारन रहित दयाल।
तुलसिदास सठ तेहि भजु छाड़ि कपट जंजाल।।211।।

We covered up to Doha 211 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that after Ahalya, lying as a rock in the deserted Ashram, was touched by Lord Shri Ram by His feet on being asked by Rishi Vishwamitra, she regained her pristine self and decided to praise the Lord and expressed gratitude for her blessed state. Ahalya also thanked her husband Gautam Rishi that his curse had made her benefit by having an occasion to have Darshan of Lord and also His grace before departing for her final abode and join her husband.

Lord Ram then proceeded with Muni Vishwamitra and Lakshman and reached the banks of river Ganges which washes off sins and makes pure all those who come in contact of its waters. On this occasion Muni Vishwamitra, son of Gadhi (an emperor), related the story about Sursari, the river that emanates from toe of Lord Vishnu, telling details how it was brought down on earth (by Bhagirath) for the benefit and salvation of masses. Lord Ram then bathed in the holy water of the sacred river along with the Rishis who were there (all along the river Ganges Rishis build and stay in their Ashrams). The Mahidevas, the gods of earth, were offered various kinds of things by Shri Ram (it is duty of the visitors to offer useful things to Rishis, that’s how they remain free to engage in pursuit of knowledge).

Ram, Lakshman and Rishi Vishwamitra then happily moved forward duly helped by group of Munis (the ascetics also should be helping out the visitors at sacred places called Teerthas) to cover rest of journey and soon the Janak Puri (city of Videh) was in sight. When Ram noticed the attractions in the city, He as well as younger brother Lakshamn became particularly thrilled (seems that they had admonition that it was here that they were going to meet their beloved life-partners). There were many water bodies like step-wells, wells and the ponds created by over-flow of river which were full with clean and potable water and tasting like nectar with the approaches absolutely well kept and shinning like jewels. The humming-bees drunk with intoxicating juices were there and a variety of birds there cooed making mixed sounds. There were well developed forest regions of different types along the way and the cool, soft and fragrant breeze flowed there giving immense pleasure to passers by.

The flower-gardens, orchards, extensive forests and groves, which were haunts of the big birds, were green and laden with fruits and leaves; they spread all around the city adding to the beauty and making the atmosphere lovable.

(We should appreciate that it is not jungle of concrete that makes a city beautiful but it is greenery, good atmosphere which does not push away the birds and maintenance of clean water sources etc that make a city beautiful. We have forgotten this very thing in modern times and hence find most cities around the world unlivable. It is not the artificial things that can really make a city beautiful. This city was city of Videh who was the king of the city but Videh means literally a one who has little interest in own body itself i e who is not for his bodily comforts as to destroy the natural atmosphere around the place of living but seeks real pleasure by turning his attention inwards too. Sense gratification becomes secondary for such a person.)

We have now covered up to Doha 212 of Balkand.

चले राम लछिमन मुनि संगा। गए जहाँ जग पावनि गंगा।।
गाधिसूनु सब कथा सुनाई। जेहि प्रकार सुरसरि महि आई।।
तब प्रभु रिषिन्ह समेत नहाए। बिबिध दान महिदेवन्हि पाए।।
हरषि चले मुनि बृंद सहाया। बेगि बिदेह नगर निअराया।।
पुर रम्यता राम जब देखी। हरषे अनुज समेत बिसेषी।।
बापीं कूप सरित सर नाना। सलिल सुधासम मनि सोपाना।।
गुंजत मंजु मत्त रस भृंगा। कूजत कल बहुबरन बिहंगा।।
बरन बरन बिकसे बन जाता। त्रिबिध समीर सदा सुखदाता।।
दो0-सुमन बाटिका बाग बन बिपुल बिहंग निवास।
फूलत फलत सुपल्लवत सोहत पुर चहुँ पास।।212।।

It was a city which was attractive wherever one turned the glance and captivating the mind; its finesse was beyond description. The city had very charming markets and amazing double storied houses and balconies studded with jewels as if Vidhi, the creator, constructed them with his own hands. The merchants and traders had all kinds of goods in their shops and seemed as if the god of wealth Dhanad Kuber was seated displaying his wealth.

The cross roads and lanes were decorated and looked beautiful; these were always fragrant because of being sprayed with scented water. All the houses were nice and comfortable to live in; the walls had interesting pictures that seemed to have been painted by husband of Rati, the god of love.

The city-dwelling ladies and gentlemen were well groomed, with purity of character and saintly; they pursued Dharma, were knowledgeable and virtuous (experts in various trades). It had the palace of King Janak which was the specially constructed and stunned even the well-traveled smart people with its splendor and elegance. The outer wall of the palace it self was able to strike one with wonder; it seemed that it had encompassed the all that is beautiful in all the three worlds.

The houses were painted white on the out-side (this is done with lime-stone dissolved in water which is anti-septic and reflects sun-shine/heat back into the atmosphere rather than let it in, this is particularly suited to climate in India) and had doors decorated with jewels and round pots of various sizes were placed at different places to add beauty to the structure. After all it was the abode of Sita (Sita is supposed to be avatar of Lakshmi) therefore all the riches were reflecting at that place, who can describe the glamor of the palace of Sita.

(The city’s population had control on their senses and therefore had no consumption orientation and were wise and righteous therefore the city had grace of Lakshmi which had chosen it to be place of her residence. The cities which have people who believe in indulgence can’t have permanence of riches i e they have to suffer deprivation sooner or later. No amount of effort for regular supply of resources for luxurious mindless living can be sufficient. Good taste, however, is always possible to sustain.)

We have now covered up to Doha 213 of Balkand.

बनइ न बरनत नगर निकाई। जहाँ जाइ मन तहँइँ लोभाई।।
चारु बजारु बिचित्र अँबारी। मनिमय बिधि जनु स्वकर सँवारी।।
धनिक बनिक बर धनद समाना। बैठ सकल बस्तु लै नाना।।
चौहट सुंदर गलीं सुहाई। संतत रहहिं सुगंध सिंचाई।।
मंगलमय मंदिर सब केरें। चित्रित जनु रतिनाथ चितेरें।।
पुर नर नारि सुभग सुचि संता। धरमसील ग्यानी गुनवंता।।
अति अनूप जहँ जनक निवासू। बिथकहिं बिबुध बिलोकि बिलासू।।
होत चकित चित कोट बिलोकी। सकल भुवन सोभा जनु रोकी।।
दो0-धवल धाम मनि पुरट पट सुघटित नाना भाँति।
सिय निवास सुंदर सदन सोभा किमि कहि जाति।।213।।

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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