Ramcharit Charcha CCXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram ,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देखि राम छबि कोउ एक कहई। जोगु जानकिहि यह बरु अहई।।
जौ सखि इन्हहि देख नरनाहू। पन परिहरि हठि करइ बिबाहू।।
कोउ कह ए भूपति पहिचाने। मुनि समेत सादर सनमाने।।
सखि परंतु पनु राउ न तजई। बिधि बस हठि अबिबेकहि भजई।।
कोउ कह जौं भल अहइ बिधाता। सब कहँ सुनिअ उचित फलदाता।।
तौ जानकिहि मिलिहि बरु एहू। नाहिन आलि इहाँ संदेहू।।
जौ बिधि बस अस बनै सँजोगू। तौ कृतकृत्य होइ सब लोगू।।
सखि हमरें आरति अति तातें। कबहुँक ए आवहिं एहि नातें।।
दो0-नाहिं त हम कहुँ सुनहु सखि इन्ह कर दरसनु दूरि।
यह संघटु तब होइ जब पुन्य पुराकृत भूरि।।222।।

We covered up to Doha 222 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the young ladies who were thrilled upon having sight of the two brothers walking the streets had exchanges among themselves. They wished for Sita getting married to Ram concluding that He only seemed to the worthy match for Sita. What they discussed also reflected some reality about the Supreme God. They were aware that it was their fortune to have been able to see Ram and Lakshman and knew that it was a good chance in their hands which otherwise could only be possible when rewards for a lot of good/virtuous deeds had been amassed.

Yet another one from among the group of young ladies present there replied saying,”O Friend you have very rightly said that this marriage (between Ram and Sita) will result in a universal good. Some say that the bow of Shiv is made of very hard wood and this dark complexioned young man (Ram) is of very soft body, this makes me doubtful, O My Smart Friend.”

Listening thus, another one interjected saying,”O Friend,about Him (Ram) a few think that He (Ram) is immensly capable and strong though He might look small (in physique). Isn’t it known to you that by the very touch of the dust of His feet Ahalya was delivered out of the bondage suffered on account of a big sin commited by her; in light of this please do not nurse an idea that the bow of Shiv will not be broken by Him (Ram). The Brahma who made Sita, has also thoughtfully made this outstanding dark complexioned bridegroom (i e both have been made for each other).”

Listening to the words of the last one to speak from among them, all were very delighted and amused and wished for the same thing happening in their softly murmured prayers.

The groups of ladies of charming faces (from whose mouths such wonderful words came out and whose beautiful eyes could grasp the real beauty of Ram is what makes the ladies having charming faces) then threw flowers on the walking duo; where ever the two brothers set foot, the divine pleasures/bliss were felt by people all around themselves and all over for others.

(The ladies of Mithila think that Ram and Sita have been created by Brahma, the creator, but also think that Brahma must have made them only for each other as the couple looked to them most natural pair. The first part is not factually right as God and His unseparable power can’t be Brahma’s creation and Brahma is himself God’s appointee for the purpose of creation of worlds, but this misconception does not mislead the ladies and they come to right conclusion that Sita and Ram are natural partners and ever to be seen as one, as Maya and Mayapati. The creation is possible when as per the wishes of God, His Mayic power becomes active and world of contradictions comes into being. The right minded people with a natural love for God may not know the whole reality but still do not arrive at wrong conclusions, this is what is conveyed here.

All the bliss and pleasures of the world result from the walk together by the God and the Jeevas (represented by Ram and Lakshman) and all kinds of miseries result when the Jeevas do not walk along with God but in opposite or wrong directions. If one is able to be doing all things in unison with God, the state of blissfulness is achieved and the outword conditions become meaningless, the whole creation also enjoyes this without any exception.)

We have now overed upto Doha 223 of Balkand.

बोली अपर कहेहु सखि नीका। एहिं बिआह अति हित सबहीं का।।
कोउ कह संकर चाप कठोरा। ए स्यामल मृदुगात किसोरा।।
सबु असमंजस अहइ सयानी। यह सुनि अपर कहइ मृदु बानी।।
सखि इन्ह कहँ कोउ कोउ अस कहहीं। बड़ प्रभाउ देखत लघु अहहीं।।
परसि जासु पद पंकज धूरी। तरी अहल्या कृत अघ भूरी।।
सो कि रहिहि बिनु सिवधनु तोरें। यह प्रतीति परिहरिअ न भोरें।।
जेहिं बिरंचि रचि सीय सँवारी। तेहिं स्यामल बरु रचेउ बिचारी।।
तासु बचन सुनि सब हरषानीं। ऐसेइ होउ कहहिं मुदु बानी।।
दो0-हियँ हरषहिं बरषहिं सुमन सुमुखि सुलोचनि बृंद।
जाहिं जहाँ जहँ बंधु दोउ तहँ तहँ परमानंद।।223।।


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