Ramcharit Charcha CCXX

II Shree Guruey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

चहुँ दिसि चितइ पूँछि मालिगन। लगे लेन दल फूल मुदित मन।।
तेहि अवसर सीता तहँ आई। गिरिजा पूजन जननि पठाई।।
संग सखीं सब सुभग सयानी। गावहिं गीत मनोहर बानी।।
सर समीप गिरिजा गृह सोहा। बरनि न जाइ देखि मनु मोहा।।
मज्जनु करि सर सखिन्ह समेता। गई मुदित मन गौरि निकेता।।
पूजा कीन्हि अधिक अनुरागा। निज अनुरूप सुभग बरु मागा।।
एक सखी सिय संगु बिहाई। गई रही देखन फुलवाई।।
तेहि दोउ बंधु बिलोके जाई। प्रेम बिबस सीता पहिं आई।।
दो0-तासु दसा देखि सखिन्ह पुलक गात जलु नैन।
कहु कारनु निज हरष कर पूछहि सब मृदु बैन।।228।।

We covered upto Doha 228 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Ram and Lakshman have come to the garden of King Janak and are picking flowers but only after taking permission of gadeners; Sita also has entered there around the same time for worshipping Maa Parvati honoring her mothers instruction. One of Sita’s accompanying friends noted presence of Ram and Lakshman there and was struck by their beauty; she rushed back to Sita overwhelmed, this prompted other friends to ask the reason for her nervousness.

Now we go further;

देखन बागु कुअँर दुइ आए। बय किसोर सब भाँति सुहाए।।
स्याम गौर किमि कहौं बखानी। गिरा अनयन नयन बिनु बानी।।
सुनि हरषीँ सब सखीं सयानी। सिय हियँ अति उतकंठा जानी।।
एक कहइ नृपसुत तेइ आली। सुने जे मुनि सँग आए काली।।
जिन्ह निज रूप मोहनी डारी। कीन्ह स्वबस नगर नर नारी।।
बरनत छबि जहँ तहँ सब लोगू। अवसि देखिअहिं देखन जोगू।।
तासु वचन अति सियहि सुहाने। दरस लागि लोचन अकुलाने।।
चली अग्र करि प्रिय सखि सोई। प्रीति पुरातन लखइ न कोई।।
दो0-सुमिरि सीय नारद बचन उपजी प्रीति पुनीत।।
चकित बिलोकति सकल दिसि जनु सिसु मृगी सभीत।।229।।

The one who had seen the young brothers in the garden told others in response to inquiry that two princes who are very attractive and young have come to look around the garden; they are dark and fair complexioned couple and she can’t describe them rightly or fully. She tells that eyes have seen her but eyes don’t have toung to describe them while toung also is without eyes hence couldn’t see them to be able to describe (she is in a way telling that who have been seen are no ordinary people thus she has an inkling about their being of divine origin. God can’t be described and can’t be seen but she is mistaking it for the handicap of eyes and toung for not having toung and eye. She has for the first time found herself incapable of describing what has been seen by her. Those who have glimpse of God find themselves constrained to describe Him is a fact too and here she has really been face to face with the God’s Ram-avatar.)

All friends became amused to listen what she said but Sita was intelligent and knowledgeable enough and hence became very anxious and alert in her heart (she could make out who were being referred by Her friend and also knew about her own relationship with Ram).

One other friend of Sita confirmed that they seem to be none other than the sons of king (Dashrath) who had come come along with Muni Vishwamitra only yesterday. They have already spell-bound many of citizens by virtue of their charming and captivating personalities. Every one is now engaged in talking about their infatuating attraction and therefore they are definitely worth seeing (here she is confirming that those who have had glimpse of God find it difficult to talk about anything else and when talk about God is listened by others they should as also they do get inclined to have the glimpse of the God and try for it). This version of Her friend impressed Sita and Her eyes became restless for having the pleasure of the Darshan (seeing the Lord with a full sense of devotion). Sita then followed Her friend asking her to lead the way and take Her to them, the point that Sita has always had a loving relationship with Ram for a long long time was missed by others (though Sita had become emotionally charged in feelings for the Lord).

Muni Narad had once told Sita about Her meeting with Ram and Sita remembered it and hence became more emotionally attached; Sita also started to look around anxiously like a female deer does in jungle with an extreme fear that she may be attacked from any side and lose her life (but here Sita is not fearing for Her life but about Her possible encounter with Ram which would make Her lose breath and She would become dumb & static for a while, after meeting Her most loved soul-mate).

We have now covered up to Doha 229 of Balkand.

Bahvani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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