Ramchari Charcha CCXXXV

II Shree Guruvey Nanah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Ii
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

We covered up to Doha 243 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the poet has very vividly described the captivating appearence of Shri Ram and Lakshman at the arena for Dhanush-Yagna.

Each of them i e Ram and Lakshman had a quiver of arrows bound to their waists by yellow coloured cloth and held an arrow in their hands while the bow slung on their left shoulder. Sacred thread put on across their left shoulder after a Yagna also of yellow tinge appeared very sober. Right from their toes till their Shikha (a lock of hair at the centre of head on the back side) an aura of devine beauty prevailed which made all those present blissful; all of them kept fixated looking at them without even moving their pupils.

Janak became happy finding them present at the vanue and went forward to grab feet of Muni with reverence. He related to Muni all background story with due humility about holding this event (its given at the bottom, please read it too) and took Muni around the place (the two brothers also accompanied them).

Where ever the two great princes stepped, all those present near by saw them with special attention and with a sense of amazement. Everyone of the onlookers found Ram looking directly at each one of them (this is how God is for every one at every moment in time, He never ever looks away from those who seek Him or wish to know and see Him) but none could understand the mystery of it all.

Appriciating the arrangements and the whole set up Muni expressed his approval to the King and King felt elated listening to the commendation by Muni.

There was an especially erected plateform which was more carefully decorated and was bigger in size, King Janak escorted Muni and the two brothers to make them be seated comfortably.

We have now covered up to Doha 244 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shamakr Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal

( King Janak was once visited by Muni Parashuram, a Brahmin Saint who had many times curbed the might of menacing Kshatriyas of his times. Parashuram was a devotee of Bhagwaan Shiv and had been using a bow given by Shiv to him to eleminate the Kshatriya kings in fight against them for establishing a more balanced order. The Dhanush of Shiv symbolically represented Ahamkar (sense of being, the cosmic ego) and the embodied do get prompted to achieve goals with action as being an entity with consciousness unlike the matter. Those defeated kings were finished with strength of cosmic power behind individual ego while kings had inflated individual egos due to being kings, just as a result of providence and therefore could not put up resistense when their false ego were confroned with cosmic ego. When the use of Shiv’s bow was no more there Parashuram found King Janak as a realised asetic who had no sense of ego knowing the God as the sole source of consciousness in Jiva who could safely keep Shiv’s bow and left it in his charge. One morning Janak found his daughter lifting the bow of Shiv (the bow was immensely heavy as totality of ego should be and not easy to be lifted by any individualistic ego) with her left hand to clean the place underneath it while none of his servants could move it a bit so far and thought that Sita was not just an ordinery person but was some one special, which she actually was and therefore thought it to be just right to get her married to a special one who could break the bow i e with one who was an step ahead of his daughter in divinity and strength. With this view in mind he wanted to find that special person and anounced holding of Dhanush-Yagna when he saw his daughter achieving marriageable age. Janak had related all this story to Muni Vishwamitra who found it to be with sound sense of ligic behind it although he had known that Ram, the avatar of God-Supreme only had the strength of breaking the bow of Shiv representing total sum of ego governing the universe.)


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