Ramcharit Charcha CCLXXX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बेनि हरित मनिमय सब कीन्हे। सरल सपरब परहिं नहिं चीन्हे।।
कनक कलित अहिबेल बनाई। लखि नहि परइ सपरन सुहाई।।
तेहि के रचि पचि बंध बनाए। बिच बिच मुकता दाम सुहाए।।
मानिक मरकत कुलिस पिरोजा। चीरि कोरि पचि रचे सरोजा।।
किए भृंग बहुरंग बिहंगा। गुंजहिं कूजहिं पवन प्रसंगा।।
सुर प्रतिमा खंभन गढ़ी काढ़ी। मंगल द्रब्य लिएँ सब ठाढ़ी।।
चौंकें भाँति अनेक पुराईं। सिंधुर मनिमय सहज सुहाई।।
दो0-सौरभ पल्लव सुभग सुठि किए नीलमनि कोरि।।
हेम बौर मरकत घवरि लसत पाटमय डोरि।।288।।

We covered up to Doha 288 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that messengers have been sent to Ayodhya to deliver invitation to come to Janakpur by Janak as per instructions of Muni Vishwamitra. Janak also directed the leading citizens of the city to decorate the markets and their own respective places including the surroundings while his personal staff was instructed to prepare the ground for marriage ceremony. Acting fast the king’s men summoned best of the people who were experts in their respective fields. Using best of the material, gold and precious stones pavilions were decorated in such splendor that even Brahma got wonder struck.

रचे रुचिर बर बंदनिबारे। मनहुँ मनोभवँ फंद सँवारे।।
मंगल कलस अनेक बनाए। ध्वज पताक पट चमर सुहाए।।
दीप मनोहर मनिमय नाना। जाइ न बरनि बिचित्र बिताना।।
जेहिं मंडप दुलहिनि बैदेही। सो बरनै असि मति कबि केही।।
दूलहु रामु रूप गुन सागर। सो बितानु तिहुँ लोक उजागर।।
जनक भवन कै सौभा जैसी। गृह गृह प्रति पुर देखिअ तैसी।।
जेहिं तेरहुति तेहि समय निहारी। तेहि लघु लगहिं भुवन दस चारी।।
जो संपदा नीच गृह सोहा। सो बिलोकि सुरनायक मोहा।।
दो0-बसइ नगर जेहि लच्छ करि कपट नारि बर बेषु।।
तेहि पुर कै सोभा कहत सकुचहिं सारद सेषु।।289।।

Beautiful ribbons and strings of flowers intertwined and interlaced were looking like nooses spread by the lord of love (Cupid). As is customary the vessels and urns were placed around for making the atmosphere auspicious and sacred. Flags, banners and curtains of choicest quality were used to decorate the place. Various kinds of lamps, made of gems, were placed, the ceiling of pavilions looked extra-ordinary but one prepared for Vaidehi, the bride to be, was definitely beyond description, even a poet could not claim to be proficient enough to do it. The one prepared for Shri Ram, the bridegroom, was so lighted as to be reflecting all the three universes (Ram the lord of three universes was going to be seated there after all).

The houses in general were no less in beauty and splendor when compared to Janak’s palace. Who ever happened to be looking at the capital ‘Terhuti’ in Mithila at this time would have thought that all fourteen spheres (known as Bhuh,Bhuvah,Svah,Mahah,Jnah,Tapah and Satyam on the upper side of living plain and Atala,Vital,Sutal,Talatal,Mahatal,Rasatal and Patal on the lower side, these are imaginary worlds experienced while progressing or falling down in spiritual quest). The riches of even those who are at lower rung of social ladder was so much as to make even king of gods (Lord Indra) envious.

When Goddess Laxmi had descended taking form of a woman, very well disguised, in the city (to watch interesting event of Lord Ram’s marriage) how then the beauty of the city could be described even by the Goddess Saraswati and Sheshnaag (Goddess Laxmi is superior being consort of Lord Vishnu and Sheshnaag is servant of Lord Vishnu on whom he always rests, so they were not equipped to describe beauty of the place that interested Goddess Laxmi).

We have now covered up to Doha 289 of Balkand.

पहुँचे दूत राम पुर पावन। हरषे नगर बिलोकि सुहावन।।
भूप द्वार तिन्ह खबरि जनाई। दसरथ नृप सुनि लिए बोलाई।।
करि प्रनामु तिन्ह पाती दीन्ही। मुदित महीप आपु उठि लीन्ही।।
बारि बिलोचन बाचत पाँती। पुलक गात आई भरि छाती।।
रामु लखनु उर कर बर चीठी। रहि गए कहत न खाटी मीठी।।
पुनि धरि धीर पत्रिका बाँची। हरषी सभा बात सुनि साँची।।
खेलत रहे तहाँ सुधि पाई। आए भरतु सहित हित भाई।।
पूछत अति सनेहँ सकुचाई। तात कहाँ तें पाती आई।।
दो0-कुसल प्रानप्रिय बंधु दोउ अहहिं कहहु केहिं देस।
सुनि सनेह साने बचन बाची बहुरि नरेस।।290।।

In the mean while the messengers sent by King Janak reached the city where Ram had been born i e Ayodhya and were pleased to see the charming city. Reaching the doorsteps of the palace they made their purpose known whereupon they were called in by King Dashrath. They promptly handed the written letter of King Janak which King Dashrath gladly picked himself and started to read.

While King Dashrath was in process of reading the letter his eyes became wet and his body thrilled and his heart became full with emotions. Memory of Ram and Lakshman swayed his heart while his hand held the letter bearing good news and he became dumb for a while without showing pleasure or anger and regaining control of himself king started to go through the letter another time but loudly. The whole court now was aware of the facts written in the letter and was very pleased about it. Bharat
who was busy in sports in the play-ground received the news there itself and rushed along with his dear brother Shatrughan to the assembly hall. With utmost affection and with restraint Bharat inquired of the father about the letter where it had come from.

Bharat was aware that it concerned his two brothers who were away therefore he wanted to know where his darling brothers were at that time. To satisfy curiosity of Bharat as well as to once again absorb the good news, King Dashrath read out the letter with voice spilling the love emotion.

(For a father the news of son’s marriage is always very pleasant to ears but Dashrath knew that it had the blessing of Rishi Vishwamitra and was after great accomplishment by beloved son and with daughter of an equally great king hence he had reason to be very very pleased indeed. It tells the possessive fathers that its not wise to be always insisting on being an instrument in selection of a match for the child, the marriage to a right person, from a good family and through the right means is what should be acceptable without questioning.)

We have now covered up to Doha 290 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram KI Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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