Ramcharit Charcha CCLXXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

कहत चले पहिरें पट नाना। हरषि हने गहगहे निसाना।।
समाचार सब लोगन्ह पाए। लागे घर घर होने बधाए।।
भुवन चारि दस भरा उछाहू। जनकसुता रघुबीर बिआहू।।
सुनि सुभ कथा लोग अनुरागे। मग गृह गलीं सँवारन लागे।।
जद्यपि अवध सदैव सुहावनि। राम पुरी मंगलमय पावनि।।
तदपि प्रीति कै प्रीति सुहाई। मंगल रचना रची बनाई।।
ध्वज पताक पट चामर चारु। छावा परम बिचित्र बजारू।।
कनक कलस तोरन मनि जाला। हरद दूब दधि अच्छत माला।।
दो0-मंगलमय निज निज भवन लोगन्ह रचे बनाइ।
बीथीं सीचीं चतुरसम चौकें चारु पुराइ।।296।।

We covered up to Doha 296 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that after Guru Vashishth’s direction, King ordered for getting ready for going to Janakpur. The people have also come to know of the welcome development and have become busied in making the Ayodhya, which always remains clean and pleasure giving, all the more attractive by their efforts by cleaning the streets and houses and decorating them in many ways using material that are auspicious and used on celebratory occasions.

जहँ तहँ जूथ जूथ मिलि भामिनि। सजि नव सप्त सकल दुति दामिनि।।
बिधुबदनीं मृग सावक लोचनि। निज सरुप रति मानु बिमोचनि।।
गावहिं मंगल मंजुल बानीं। सुनिकल रव कलकंठि लजानीं।।
भूप भवन किमि जाइ बखाना। बिस्व बिमोहन रचेउ बिताना।।
मंगल द्रब्य मनोहर नाना। राजत बाजत बिपुल निसाना।।
कतहुँ बिरिद बंदी उच्चरहीं। कतहुँ बेद धुनि भूसुर करहीं।।
गावहिं सुंदरि मंगल गीता। लै लै नामु रामु अरु सीता।।
बहुत उछाहु भवनु अति थोरा। मानहुँ उमगि चला चहु ओरा।।
दो0-सोभा दसरथ भवन कइ को कबि बरनै पार।
जहाँ सकल सुर सीस मनि राम लीन्ह अवतार।।297।।

The ladies in Ayodhya have now grouped together; they have readied themselves in sixteen ways of body and facial make up and are looking as bright as the lightening. Their faces are like full moon, eyes like that of young deer, even Rati (consort of Kaamdev) would not match their gracious beauty. They have started singing songs of good omen in melodious tones, the sweetness in their voice would exceed that of cuckoo. The palace of king is beyond description, pavilions that have come up there are the best in the world and all kinds of material of best quality that are required on celebratory occasion are made available there while the atmosphere is filled with loud music coming from various kinds of instruments. The songs in praise of the family were being sung there by eulogists in one corner while in other the Bhusurs (gods of earth i e Brahmins) were chanting hymns from Vedas. The festive songs which included the names of Ram and Sita were being sung in customary fashion. There was so much of merry making that the palace could not contain it wholly and it was spilling over in all directions.

It is but natural that the beauty and grace of the palace of King Dashrath would go beyond description as it was there that Shri Ram, the master of all the gods, had preferred to descend as avatar.

We have now covered up to Doha 297 of Balkand.

भूप भरत पुनि लिए बोलाई। हय गय स्यंदन साजहु जाई।।
चलहु बेगि रघुबीर बराता। सुनत पुलक पूरे दोउ भ्राता।।
भरत सकल साहनी बोलाए। आयसु दीन्ह मुदित उठि धाए।।
रचि रुचि जीन तुरग तिन्ह साजे। बरन बरन बर बाजि बिराजे।।
सुभग सकल सुठि चंचल करनी। अय इव जरत धरत पग धरनी।।
नाना जाति न जाहिं बखाने। निदरि पवनु जनु चहत उड़ाने।।
तिन्ह सब छयल भए असवारा। भरत सरिस बय राजकुमारा।।
सब सुंदर सब भूषनधारी। कर सर चाप तून कटि भारी।।
दो0- छरे छबीले छयल सब सूर सुजान नबीन।
जुग पदचर असवार प्रति जे असिकला प्रबीन।।298।।

King Dashrath now called Bharat to take care of the elephants and horses as also the carriages; king asked him to speed up things as Barat has to move shortly. The two brothers Bharat and Shatrughan were delighted to listen from Dahsrath that it was time to get started hence put the people in charge of the stables to carry out all that was required to be done who happily got in action mode. They placed the choicest saddles on the back of horses and the well bred horses of many colors looked beautiful in them. The well trained horses were very quick and lifted feet as swiftly as if they were treading on red hot iron plates. Their breeds were innumerably different but all of them were ready to fly like wind. All the princes in age group of Bharat became astride the horses; they were all handsome and well dressed and ornamented. In their hands they held bows and tied quivers fully loaded with arrows to their waists.

Attached with each of these lean, brave and skilled young princes riding on the horse-backs were two foot-soldiers who knew the art of fighting with swords in hand.

We have now covered Doha 298 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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