Ramcharit Charcha CCLXXXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सहित बसिष्ठ सोह नृप कैसें। सुर गुर संग पुरंदर जैसें।।
करि कुल रीति बेद बिधि राऊ। देखि सबहि सब भाँति बनाऊ।।
सुमिरि रामु गुर आयसु पाई। चले महीपति संख बजाई।।
हरषे बिबुध बिलोकि बराता। बरषहिं सुमन सुमंगल दाता।।
भयउ कोलाहल हय गय गाजे। ब्योम बरात बाजने बाजे।।
सुर नर नारि सुमंगल गाई। सरस राग बाजहिं सहनाई।।
घंट घंटि धुनि बरनि न जाहीं। सरव करहिं पाइक फहराहीं।।
करहिं बिदूषक कौतुक नाना। हास कुसल कल गान सुजाना ।
दो0-तुरग नचावहिं कुँअर बर अकनि मृदंग निसान।।
नागर नट चितवहिं चकित डगहिं न ताल बँधान।।302।।

WE covered up to Doha 302 of Balkand in RamCharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that the Barat (the marriage procession) is ready on the out-skirt of Ayodhya fully equipped to undertake the journey up to Janakpur. There is lot of merry making going on under the din of instruments and songs being sung. The Raths of Muni Vashishtha and King Dashrath are very nicely decorated and they seemed to be as honorable as Lord Indra and Guru Vrihaspati (the head of gods and the preceptor of gods) while seated in the decorated cars.

बनइ न बरनत बनी बराता। होहिं सगुन सुंदर सुभदाता।।
चारा चाषु बाम दिसि लेई। मनहुँ सकल मंगल कहि देई।।
दाहिन काग सुखेत सुहावा। नकुल दरसु सब काहूँ पावा।।
सानुकूल बह त्रिबिध बयारी। सघट सवाल आव बर नारी।।
लोवा फिरि फिरि दरसु देखावा। सुरभी सनमुख सिसुहि पिआवा।।
मृगमाला फिरि दाहिनि आई। मंगल गन जनु दीन्हि देखाई।।
छेमकरी कह छेम बिसेषी। स्यामा बाम सुतरु पर देखी।।
सनमुख आयउ दधि अरु मीना। कर पुस्तक दुइ बिप्र प्रबीना।।
दो0-मंगलमय कल्यानमय अभिमत फल दातार।
जनु सब साचे होन हित भए सगुन एक बार।।303।।

The adornment and grace of the procession, now ready, is difficult to describe and all sorts of good omens have started taking place like blue-necked bird was eating her food by turning its neck towards left, in this way telling every one that good fortune awaited them. In the vast open field on the right side a crow was seen as also a mongoose appeared there. A cool, fragrant breeze had started blowing there and was pleasing all. A married woman holding a pitcher and together with her child appeared coming from the front. A fox turned back now and then while running away, a cow was noticed there while its calf was suckling. A herd of deer came across from left side to right side, it was a very visible sign of a good omen. Kshemkari (a bird whose name literally means the ensurer of welfare) made chirping sound as if to announce that all was well, similarly Shyama (a black colored bird) appeared on a well grown tree, conveying a similar message. Some people coming from the front were noticed carrying curd and fishes, of them there were two wise Vipras who held their books in hand.

All those things that are considered as auspicious and harbringer of good fortune and desired results
were noticed (when the marriage procession of Shri Ram was to start) as if to give itself meaning and sanctity of status all at once (thinking that no other occasion might ever be as auspicious as the marriage of Shri Ram with Janaknadini Sita).

We have now covered up to Doha 303 of Balkand.

मंगल सगुन सुगम सब ताकें। सगुन ब्रह्म सुंदर सुत जाकें।।
राम सरिस बरु दुलहिनि सीता। समधी दसरथु जनकु पुनीता।।
सुनि अस ब्याहु सगुन सब नाचे। अब कीन्हे बिरंचि हम साँचे।।
एहि बिधि कीन्ह बरात पयाना। हय गय गाजहिं हने निसाना।।
आवत जानि भानुकुल केतू। सरितन्हि जनक बँधाए सेतू।।
बीच बीच बर बास बनाए। सुरपुर सरिस संपदा छाए।।
असन सयन बर बसन सुहाए। पावहिं सब निज निज मन भाए।।
नित नूतन सुख लखि अनुकूले। सकल बरातिन्ह मंदिर भूले।।
दो0-आवत जानि बरात बर सुनि गहगहे निसान।
सजि गज रथ पदचर तुरग लेन चले अगवान।।304।।
मासपारायण,दसवाँ विश्राम

Who has the Brahman (the God Supreme) taking form of a human to become his own son (in his Ramavatar) why then he will not have the good omens taking place for him sake. Shri Ram and BHagwati Sita will be the bridegroom and bride respectively; Dashrath and Janak will therefore become the Sambandhis (the relationship between the ones who have their children married), they are really very fortunate and pious. When an event involving such great people is going to take place, all the good omens naturally would dance thinking that Brahma, the creator, has at long last made them meaningful. Under such circumstances the Barat proceeded towards Janakpur while the horses and elephants made sounds along with the beating of drums. King Janak, knowing that Dashrath of Sun-dynesty was coming, got bridges erected on rivers falling in his way to Janakpur.

King Janak made arrangements all along the way to stay in beautiful rest-houses which were provided with all things that can be found in heavenly places. Provision for food, sleep and clothing were made according to everyone’s own choice. The comforts of all kinds meeting the individual needs made the members of Barat forget homely comforts that they were accustomed to.

Learning of the Barat’s arrival near Janakpur, the drum beating commenced and the people entrusted with reception of the Barat set out on elephants, horses and on foot fully prepared and duly adorned and equipped with accessories.

We have now covered up to Doha 304 of Balkand, this coincides with ninth rest for a thirty day recital of the epic.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna KHandelwal


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