Ramcharit Charcha CCCX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जनक सनेहु सीलु करतूती। नृपु सब भाँति सराह बिभूती।।
दिन उठि बिदा अवधपति मागा। राखहिं जनकु सहित अनुरागा।।
नित नूतन आदरु अधिकाई। दिन प्रति सहस भाँति पहुनाई।।
नित नव नगर अनंद उछाहू। दसरथ गवनु सोहाइ न काहू।।
बहुत दिवस बीते एहि भाँती। जनु सनेह रजु बँधे बराती।।
कौसिक सतानंद तब जाई। कहा बिदेह नृपहि समुझाई।।
अब दसरथ कहँ आयसु देहू। जद्यपि छाड़ि न सकहु सनेहू।।
भलेहिं नाथ कहि सचिव बोलाए। कहि जय जीव सीस तिन्ह नाए।।
दो0-अवधनाथु चाहत चलन भीतर करहु जनाउ।
भए प्रेमबस सचिव सुनि बिप्र सभासद राउ।।332।।

We covered up to Doha 332 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that King Dashrath appreciated the respectful treatment by King Janak and his resourcefulness. King Dashrath used to express desire to be allowed to return to Ayodhya almost everyday but King Janak used to insist on his staying for some more time showing great love for him; Janak used to serve and honor King Dashrath increasingly every passing day. The festivities went on for some more days when Muni Vishwamitra and Guru Shatanad convinced Janak to let King Dashrath go whereupon Janak called his people and announced to make arrangement for King Dashrath’s journey back; everyone who learned of this became overwhelmed with emotions.

पुरबासी सुनि चलिहि बराता। बूझत बिकल परस्पर बाता।।
सत्य गवनु सुनि सब बिलखाने। मनहुँ साँझ सरसिज सकुचाने।।
जहँ जहँ आवत बसे बराती। तहँ तहँ सिद्ध चला बहु भाँती।।
बिबिध भाँति मेवा पकवाना। भोजन साजु न जाइ बखाना।।
भरि भरि बसहँ अपार कहारा। पठई जनक अनेक सुसारा।।
तुरग लाख रथ सहस पचीसा। सकल सँवारे नख अरु सीसा।।
मत्त सहस दस सिंधुर साजे। जिन्हहि देखि दिसिकुंजर लाजे।।
कनक बसन मनि भरि भरि जाना। महिषीं धेनु बस्तु बिधि नाना।।
दो0-दाइज अमित न सकिअ कहि दीन्ह बिदेहँ बहोरि।
जो अवलोकत लोकपति लोक संपदा थोरि।।333।।

When citizens of Janakpur learned that time for departure of Barat was now near, they didn’t believe it and kept confirming with each other. When it dawned on them that it was true, they became saddened and remorseful in the same manner as the lotuses wilt in the evening time. Arrangements were made to provide all kinds of raw stuff on all those points where the Barat had halted while coming from Ayodhya; various preparations of dryfruits (which do not get spoiled early) and means to prepare food were loaded on back of bulls and sent along with cooks and helpers. King Janak prepared one lac horses and twenty five thousand chariots which were duly decorated for being sent. Ten thousand elephants in musth which were very beautiful and divine like the elephants guarding the different directions in the horizon, were also readied. Carts loaded with golden apparels and precious stones along with she-buffaloes and other items of use were now ready to be sent along as dowry,

King Janak gave so much as dowry as can’t be described and which could very well exceed the worldly possessions of lords of kingdoms around the world.

(The dowry given by the parents is an expression of love and shows the spirit of sharing with the family of the daughter, all of their possessions. Being liberal in giving dowry is being large hearted and it is not in exchange for any favor.)

सबु समाजु एहि भाँति बनाई। जनक अवधपुर दीन्ह पठाई।।
चलिहि बरात सुनत सब रानीं। बिकल मीनगन जनु लघु पानीं।।
पुनि पुनि सीय गोद करि लेहीं। देइ असीस सिखावनु देहीं।।
होएहु संतत पियहि पिआरी। चिरु अहिबात असीस हमारी।।
सासु ससुर गुर सेवा करेहू। पति रुख लखि आयसु अनुसरेहू।।
अति सनेह बस सखीं सयानी। नारि धरम सिखवहिं मृदु बानी।।
सादर सकल कुअँरि समुझाई। रानिन्ह बार बार उर लाई।।
बहुरि बहुरि भेटहिं महतारीं। कहहिं बिरंचि रचीं कत नारीं।।
दो0-तेहि अवसर भाइन्ह सहित रामु भानु कुल केतु।
चले जनक मंदिर मुदित बिदा करावन हेतु।।334।।

King Janak sent all of that which he had collected to be given to Ayodhya without obliging King Dashrath to carry it. When the ladies in the household of King Janak got to know that the Barat was ready to move away, they became like fishes in shallow water. They began to embrace and pull Sita in their lap time and again and gave her their blessing as also motherly advice. They told her, “you must remain dear to your husband, we bless your husband to live longer. You must serve in-laws and Guru with attention. You should judge the mood of husband and act accordingly.” Under spell of too much love for Sita her wise and experienced companions gave friendly advice to Sita telling what were the duties of a lady at her in-laws place but in a soft manner. The other young brides were also treated and advised by the queen-mothers similarly; they took them to their bosom many times over and expressed their dismay about the purpose behind creation of women by the creator (at young age they had to leave their father’s home and enter the world entirely unknown to them. It didn’t seem them right that tender girls should become very responsible and shed their child-like innocence in a matter of minutes).

It was then that Ram, the scion of Sun-dynasty, reached at Janak’s palace along with his brothers with a view to take final and formal leave before leaving Janakpur.

We have now covered up to Doha 334 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Sitarambhyam Namah!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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