Ramcharit Charcha CCCXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुक सारिका जानकी ज्याए। कनक पिंजरन्हि राखि पढ़ाए।।
ब्याकुल कहहिं कहाँ बैदेही। सुनि धीरजु परिहरइ न केही।।
भए बिकल खग मृग एहि भाँति। मनुज दसा कैसें कहि जाती।।
बंधु समेत जनकु तब आए। प्रेम उमगि लोचन जल छाए।।
सीय बिलोकि धीरता भागी। रहे कहावत परम बिरागी।।
लीन्हि राँय उर लाइ जानकी। मिटी महामरजाद ग्यान की।।
समुझावत सब सचिव सयाने। कीन्ह बिचारु न अवसर जाने।।
बारहिं बार सुता उर लाई। सजि सुंदर पालकीं मगाई।।
दो0-प्रेमबिबस परिवारु सबु जानि सुलगन नरेस।
कुँअरि चढ़ाई पालकिन्ह सुमिरे सिद्धि गनेस।।338।।

We covered up to Doha 338 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Sita and other princesses received a lot of love and affection in the palace of King Janak from the friends and mothers as time for leaving the mothers' place had come near. King Janak also reached the palace where everyone had tears in eyes and even the pets and birds reared by Sita were very upset sensing that Sita was about to leave them. King Janak though known to be a realized person and above any kind of emotional weakness failed to remain composed and broke down, his knowledge couldn't protect his heart going weak for Sita (Sita represents Bhakti and King Janak now had become like a Bhakta cherishing Bhakti Bhava i e strong sentiment of devotion now not just remain a Gyani with dry knowledge of the abstract God Supreme, it was his encounter with Shri Ram as avatar that had also made him enjoy His company drawing his heart which used to constantly rest in thought of formless God). Janak later acknowledging that it was the auspicious hour for Sita to leave made her be seated in side nicely decorated palanquin.

बहुबिधि भूप सुता समुझाई। नारिधरमु कुलरीति सिखाई।।
दासीं दास दिए बहुतेरे। सुचि सेवक जे प्रिय सिय केरे।।
सीय चलत ब्याकुल पुरबासी। होहिं सगुन सुभ मंगल रासी।।
भूसुर सचिव समेत समाजा। संग चले पहुँचावन राजा।।
समय बिलोकि बाजने बाजे। रथ गज बाजि बरातिन्ह साजे।।
दसरथ बिप्र बोलि सब लीन्हे। दान मान परिपूरन कीन्हे।।
चरन सरोज धूरि धरि सीसा। मुदित महीपति पाइ असीसा।।
सुमिरि गजाननु कीन्ह पयाना। मंगलमूल सगुन भए नाना।।
दो0-सुर प्रसून बरषहि हरषि करहिं अपछरा गान।
चले अवधपति अवधपुर मुदित बजाइ निसान।।339।।

King Janak imparted the required understanding in many ways that would help her in her in-laws house, he told her the gist of Nari-Dharm (the essence of duties expected of the women in their in-laws house) and idea about the family traditions that should be kept with utmost care. He sent along a number of servants and maids who were liked by Sita and could be trusted (the one who used to remain in personal service of Sita at her father's place). When Sita was ready to move the citizens of Janakpuri felt uneasy and disturbed but the good omens appeared all around as if to ensure well being of Sita in a big way. King Janak along with his ministers and the Brahmins accompanied Sita up to the place where King Dasrath stayed and to further see them all off. It was now time to blow horns and play music, the Baraties climbed chariots and became astride the elephants and horses. Of the Baraties, the Vipras were given respect specially and the were bestowed with gifts satisfying them fully. King Janak took the dust of their feet to his forehead and in return got their blessings which made him happy and enthused. The marriage party now moved to go back remembering Lord Ganesha, the good omens signified the comfortable journey back home.

The gods rained flowers and the Apsaras sangs songs when King Dashrath happily commenced journey from Janakpuri to go to Ayodhya under constant beating of drums.

We have now covered up to Doha 339 of Balkand.

नृप करि बिनय महाजन फेरे। सादर सकल मागने टेरे।।
भूषन बसन बाजि गज दीन्हे। प्रेम पोषि ठाढ़े सब कीन्हे।।
बार बार बिरिदावलि भाषी। फिरे सकल रामहि उर राखी।।
बहुरि बहुरि कोसलपति कहहीं। जनकु प्रेमबस फिरै न चहहीं।।
पुनि कह भूपति बचन सुहाए। फिरिअ महीस दूरि बड़ि आए।।
राउ बहोरि उतरि भए ठाढ़े। प्रेम प्रबाह बिलोचन बाढ़े।।
तब बिदेह बोले कर जोरी। बचन सनेह सुधाँ जनु बोरी।।
करौ कवन बिधि बिनय बनाई। महाराज मोहि दीन्हि बड़ाई।।
दो0-कोसलपति समधी सजन सनमाने सब भाँति।
मिलनि परसपर बिनय अति प्रीति न हृदयँ समाति।।340।।

The esteemed citizens followed the Barat and King Dashrath pleaded with them politely to go back and summoned the beggars with some respect and gave them ornaments, clothes, horses and elephants. The needy people received King Dashrath's love too and felt now empowered and capable; they sung the virtues of the king and returned with the image of Shri Ram in their hearts. King Janak refused to return back out of his love though Dashrath pleaded with him many times. King Dashrath told Janak every time in pleasing words," O Lord of the land, you have come too far," but it didn't carry weight with Janak. Lastly King Dashrath dis-embarked his own chariot with his eyes over-flowing with tears of love, at this point King Janak folding his hands spoke with words soaked in life-giving nectar of love," I am at loss of words to thank you enough for the high-honor and status that you have imparted on me, O Monarch."

The king of Koshala too responded with great respect for the benign relation of his and both of them took each other in their arms expressing excessive love for each other which had no bounds.

We have now covered up to Doha 340 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Sitaramabhyam Namah!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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