Ramcharit Charcha CCCXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बिनय कीन्हि उर अति अनुरागें। सुत संपदा राखि सब आगें।।
नेगु मागि मुनिनायक लीन्हा। आसिरबादु बहुत बिधि दीन्हा।।
उर धरि रामहि सीय समेता। हरषि कीन्ह गुर गवनु निकेता।।
बिप्रबधू सब भूप बोलाई। चैल चारु भूषन पहिराई।।
बहुरि बोलाइ सुआसिनि लीन्हीं। रुचि बिचारि पहिरावनि दीन्हीं।।
नेगी नेग जोग सब लेहीं। रुचि अनुरुप भूपमनि देहीं।।
प्रिय पाहुने पूज्य जे जाने। भूपति भली भाँति सनमाने।।
देव देखि रघुबीर बिबाहू। बरषि प्रसून प्रसंसि उछाहू।।
दो0-चले निसान बजाइ सुर निज निज पुर सुख पाइ।
कहत परसपर राम जसु प्रेम न हृदयँ समाइ।।353।।

We covered up to Doha 353 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that upon returning to Ayodhya King Dashrath honored everyone of the Baraties and gave them all suitable gifts before sending them off, he specially treated the Gurus and the Brahmins by calling them inside his palace, offered them food and satisfied them with a lot of gifts with love and respect. King asked Muni Vishwamitra to spend the night at his palace and served him personally along with his queens, king also placed his entire wealth and the services of the sons at the command of Muni but he accepted only as much as was customarily required to be taken on such an happy occasion in the family and gave his blessings before leaving.

सब बिधि सबहि समदि नरनाहू। रहा हृदयँ भरि पूरि उछाहू।।
जहँ रनिवासु तहाँ पगु धारे। सहित बहूटिन्ह कुअँर निहारे।।
लिए गोद करि मोद समेता। को कहि सकइ भयउ सुखु जेता।।
बधू सप्रेम गोद बैठारीं। बार बार हियँ हरषि दुलारीं।।
देखि समाजु मुदित रनिवासू। सब कें उर अनंद कियो बासू।।
कहेउ भूप जिमि भयउ बिबाहू। सुनि हरषु होत सब काहू।।
जनक राज गुन सीलु बड़ाई। प्रीति रीति संपदा सुहाई।।
बहुबिधि भूप भाट जिमि बरनी। रानीं सब प्रमुदित सुनि करनी।।
दो0-सुतन्ह समेत नहाइ नृप बोलि बिप्र गुर ग्याति।
भोजन कीन्ह अनेक बिधि घरी पंच गइ राति।।354।।

King Dashrath honored everyone in every way possible with an heart bubbling with  intense joy and warmth before entering the interior of his palace, the living quarters of the his queens where he keenly looked at the newly wedded couples i e his sons and daughters-in-law; the king then got the princes on to his lap and felt very very pleased. Later he seated the brides too on his lap out of his love for them and hugged while his heart overflowed with kind emotions. The queens and their attendants were amused by looking at this sight and their hearts were now abode of divine pleasure (and why not, a Bhakta i e Dashrath was now enjoying the benefit of the boon; Dashrath  in an earlier life  had done great Tapa and had asked the boon to have the Supreme God as his own son). King Dashrath then started to give an account in detail, of the marriage related celebrations which made all the listeners happy. King then praised Janak and his kingdom for the virtues, graces, glories and wealth and the affectionate ways of treatment in many ways just like a bard would. The queens were delighted to listen to all that King Dashrath said (they had not attended the marriage but king’s vivid description filled the gap to their satisfaction).

The king and the sons took bath first and then king called Gurus, the Brahmins and the people of his clan. All of them then enjoyed various preparations till past mid-night.

We have now covered up to Doha 354 of Balkand.

मंगलगान करहिं बर भामिनि। भै सुखमूल मनोहर जामिनि।।
अँचइ पान सब काहूँ पाए। स्त्रग सुगंध भूषित छबि छाए।।
रामहि देखि रजायसु पाई। निज निज भवन चले सिर नाई।।
प्रेम प्रमोद बिनोदु बढ़ाई। समउ समाजु मनोहरताई।।
कहि न सकहि सत सारद सेसू। बेद बिरंचि महेस गनेसू।।
सो मै कहौं कवन बिधि बरनी। भूमिनागु सिर धरइ कि धरनी।।
नृप सब भाँति सबहि सनमानी। कहि मृदु बचन बोलाई रानी।।
बधू लरिकनीं पर घर आईं। राखेहु नयन पलक की नाई।।
दो0-लरिका श्रमित उनीद बस सयन करावहु जाइ।
अस कहि गे बिश्रामगृहँ राम चरन चितु लाइ।।355।।

While the king and others were having their food, festive songs were being sung by aristocratic women and the beautiful night had become source of all joys, the night itself had pleasure as its root. After rinsing mouths all had betel-leaves which were rapped around fragrant stuff. Treated with sandal-paste and scents and duly ornamented, all the people there looked graceful and decent. Having a look at Shri Ram fondly and obtaining permission from the king, people went back to their homes. It is difficult to describe the rejoicing, the repartee and gracefulness and attraction of the gathering at this occasion even by a hundred Sharadas and Sheshas or even by Vedas, the Brahma, Shiva or Ganesha how then an humble poet like him could do it, says Tulsidas, is it ever possible for a reptile of earth i e earth-worm to keep the whole earth on its head. The king later summoned his queens with all respect and in sweet manner and said, “the young brides have come from a different family and different place, they should be cared for like the eyelids protect the eyes (they are inexperienced and this is a strange place for them just now hence they should not be treated harshly). The boys are also now feeling sleepy and are tired, they should be made to sleep too.”  Saying thus, the king went to his own resting place while thinking of the what Ram had accomplished during his stay with Muni Vishwamitra , what journeys Ram had undertaken along with Muni etc (Dahsrath had listened about Ram’s various activities and successes and was now pondering over it; the Bhaktas also listen to Ram-kathas and they should be also pondering over it while they are ready to rest after the daily chores, it rewards them with deeper meaning in to what is told as Ram-charit, the Ram’s life’s course gradually the ultimate truth will reflect and the knowledge gained).

We have now covered p to Doha 355 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!

Shri Sitaramabhyam Namah!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!




Krishna Khandelwal



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