Ramcharit Charcha CCCXXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram  Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मंगलगान करहिं बर भामिनि। भै सुखमूल मनोहर जामिनि।।
अँचइ पान सब काहूँ पाए। स्त्रग सुगंध भूषित छबि छाए।।
रामहि देखि रजायसु पाई। निज निज भवन चले सिर नाई।।
प्रेम प्रमोद बिनोदु बढ़ाई। समउ समाजु मनोहरताई।।
कहि न सकहि सत सारद सेसू। बेद बिरंचि महेस गनेसू।।
सो मै कहौं कवन बिधि बरनी। भूमिनागु सिर धरइ कि धरनी।।
नृप सब भाँति सबहि सनमानी। कहि मृदु बचन बोलाई रानी।।
बधू लरिकनीं पर घर आईं। राखेहु नयन पलक की नाई।।
दो0-लरिका श्रमित उनीद बस सयन करावहु जाइ।
अस कहि गे बिश्रामगृहँ राम चरन चितु लाइ।।355।।

We covered up to Doha 355 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that King Dashrath first told the queens all about the marriage related ceremonies in detail, had sumptuous meal with relatives, Brahmins and the gurus till past past mid-night. He praised King Janak and his kingdom for the nice treatment and elaborate arrangements before the queens. When all the guests left, king called his queens and told them politely to take care of the young brides with great attention as they were still new to Ayodhya and asked them to also let the prices sleep as they were tired and sleepy, himself retiring now he proceeded to his own resting quarters but he had only the thought of Ram and his great deeds to ponder over in his heart.

भूप बचन सुनि सहज सुहाए। जरित कनक मनि पलँग डसाए।।
सुभग सुरभि पय फेन समाना। कोमल कलित सुपेतीं नाना।।
उपबरहन बर बरनि न जाहीं। स्त्रग सुगंध मनिमंदिर माहीं।।
रतनदीप सुठि चारु चँदोवा। कहत न बनइ जान जेहिं जोवा।।
सेज रुचिर रचि रामु उठाए। प्रेम समेत पलँग पौढ़ाए।।
अग्या पुनि पुनि भाइन्ह दीन्ही। निज निज सेज सयन तिन्ह कीन्ही।।
देखि स्याम मृदु मंजुल गाता। कहहिं सप्रेम बचन सब माता।।
मारग जात भयावनि भारी। केहि बिधि तात ताड़का मारी।।
दो0-घोर निसाचर बिकट भट समर गनहिं नहिं काहु।।
मारे सहित सहाय किमि खल मारीच सुबाहु।।356।।

Listening to the king’s simply spoken words laced with concern the queens asked for the beds to be laid which were decorated with gold and studded with gems; on the beds decent embroidered bed-sheets were spread which were as white as the froth of cow’s milk and were very soft. The pillows of indescribable special quality were kept too. The shining room was filled with fragrance of sandalwood paste and perfumes , lamps made of jewels kept there looked nice and a lovely canopy hanged over the bed. When the inviting bed was ready Ram was called with words laced with affection to get in to the bed and His brothers were also told to occupy their own beds time and again (as they wanted to remain with Ram out of their love for him) only then they went to occupy their beds (meaning that even after them becoming married they had still not stopped loving Ram nor loved him any less, Ram was still the person whose company they wanted most).

The mothers looked at the attractive and tender body of dark complexion of Shri Ram and began to speak to Him. They lovingly said, “O son, while on your way in to the jungles how did You kill the dreaded and big sized Tadaka. There were very formidable and wicked demons like Subahu and Mareech who were great warriors themselves and had their own armies too, how did you kill them all.”

We have now covered up to Doha 356 of Balkand.

मुनि प्रसाद बलि तात तुम्हारी। ईस अनेक करवरें टारी।।
मख रखवारी करि दुहुँ भाई। गुरु प्रसाद सब बिद्या पाई।।
मुनितय तरी लगत पग धूरी। कीरति रही भुवन भरि पूरी।।
कमठ पीठि पबि कूट कठोरा। नृप समाज महुँ सिव धनु तोरा।।
बिस्व बिजय जसु जानकि पाई। आए भवन ब्याहि सब भाई।।
सकल अमानुष करम तुम्हारे। केवल कौसिक कृपाँ सुधारे।।
आजु सुफल जग जनमु हमारा। देखि तात बिधुबदन तुम्हारा।।
जे दिन गए तुम्हहि बिनु देखें। ते बिरंचि जनि पारहिं लेखें।।
दो0-राम प्रतोषीं मातु सब कहि बिनीत बर बैन।
सुमिरि संभु गुर बिप्र पद किए नीदबस नैन।।357।।

The mothers said, “We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for You but it is only the blessings and grace of Muni Vishwamitra that the God saved You from so many adversities. You two brothers successfully guarded the Yagnas and by the grace of God You have gained deeper knowledge in all fields. The Muni Gautam’s cursed wife Ahalya achieved salvation by just touching the dust of your feet and that has spread your fame all over the world in a big way. The bow of Shiv which was as hard as the back of a tortoise even that was broken by you while in the midst of great kings (who tried themselves and failed). This got you a renown of a world-winner besides Janaki. You and all your brothers have now come home after getting married after that event. All these things speak of your deeds which are not possible for a simple human being and have been possible only due to the particular benediction of Muni Vishwamitra, we have been rewarded amply today for having been born on earth on this account and no less on account of being able to look at your moon like face now. We despise for all the days spent which did not allow us to have you before our eyes and the Brahma, the creator may well discount them.”

Ram listened to what the mothers said in a cool and relaxed manner and then responded by saying suitable and right words in polite manner ensuring their satisfaction. Ram then placed his attention on the feet of Shankar Shambhu, the Guru and the Vipras before closing eyes to get in to sleep mode.

(It is note-worthy here that the mothers have realized that acts of Shri Ram are beyond human’s to do but they have not yet shed to love Shri Ram as their son. The Bhaktas may relate to God in any desired way, any relationship of love and respects may be maintained with Him which is appropriately responded by Him too. Togetherness and oneness with Him becomes easier this way rather than by having to concentrate on His abstract form.)

We have now covered up to Doha 357 of Balkand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Sitarambhyam Namah!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!




Krishna Khandelwal




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