Ramcharit Charcha CCCXXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

दीख मंथरा नगरु बनावा। मंजुल मंगल बाज बधावा।।
पूछेसि लोगन्ह काह उछाहू। राम तिलकु सुनि भा उर दाहू।।
करइ बिचारु कुबुद्धि कुजाती। होइ अकाजु कवनि बिधि राती।।
देखि लागि मधु कुटिल किराती। जिमि गवँ तकइ लेउँ केहि भाँती।।
भरत मातु पहिं गइ बिलखानी। का अनमनि हसि कह हँसि रानी।।
ऊतरु देइ न लेइ उसासू। नारि चरित करि ढारइ आँसू।।
हँसि कह रानि गालु बड़ तोरें। दीन्ह लखन सिख अस मन मोरें।।
तबहुँ न बोल चेरि बड़ि पापिनि। छाड़इ स्वास कारि जनु साँपिनि।।
दो0-सभय रानि कह कहसि किन कुसल रामु महिपालु।
लखनु भरतु रिपुदमनु सुनि भा कुबरी उर सालु।।13।।

We covered up to Doha 13 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Manthara, the servant-maid of Kekeyi was displeased when she learnt of impending coronation of Shri Ram and being a woman without a good upbringing but of tricky mind she wanted to delve in sphere which should never have been touched by her; she wanted to turn the tables overnight, taking away what people in Ayodhya longed for. With this in mind she approached Queen Kaikeyi with her long drawn face, shedding tears and sighing heavily; she did not respond to inquiry by the queen as to what made her so upset. Knowing character of the woman Kaikeyi thought she must have been rebuked by Lakshman but also feared for Shri Ram, the king and other three brothers and inquired of their welfare. Manthara got further worked up by the response of queen.
कत सिख देइ हमहि कोउ माई। गालु करब केहि कर बलु पाई।।
रामहि छाड़ि कुसल केहि आजू। जेहि जनेसु देइ जुबराजू।।
भयउ कौसिलहि बिधि अति दाहिन। देखत गरब रहत उर नाहिन।।
देखेहु कस न जाइ सब सोभा। जो अवलोकि मोर मनु छोभा।।
पूतु बिदेस न सोचु तुम्हारें। जानति हहु बस नाहु हमारें।।
नीद बहुत प्रिय सेज तुराई। लखहु न भूप कपट चतुराई।।
सुनि प्रिय बचन मलिन मनु जानी। झुकी रानि अब रहु अरगानी।।
पुनि अस कबहुँ कहसि घरफोरी। तब धरि जीभ कढ़ावउँ तोरी।।
दो0-काने खोरे कूबरे कुटिल कुचाली जानि।
तिय बिसेषि पुनि चेरि कहि भरतमातु मुसुकानि।।14।।

Controlling herself, wicked Manthara told Kaikeyi,” O Mother, who is going to give me right advice and on whose strength would I talk big however the only one who has big time is Ram, he has been given the status of Yuvraj by the master of people of Ayodhya, King Dashrath. It seems that Kaushalya is now most favored one of the creator. She is not able to contain her pride concealed in her bosom now (she was telling this without having met Kaushalya and was clearly manipulating the queen) . Why don’t you see the preparations and decor out side in the city which I have just seen and have felt dejected. You are careless while your son is away in another country. You have just one consideration that the king loves you most (and hence no harm will come to you and your son from his side). Further you are so given to relaxing all the time (and remain unconcerned with the environment developing around you) and remain sleeping on the comfortable bed in the bed-room. This has made you blind towards king’s machinations and deceit.” Listening to words of Manthara laced with concern for herself though spoken in bad mood the queen rebuked her with a touch of appreciation and asked her to stop to be a one who separates the family members. The queen also warned her about trying to speak with a view to create misgivings and discord in the family. Any further attempt in this manner would invite her wrath and she would not stop short of even getting her tongue cut off practically, added the queen as warning to Manthara.

Now queen funnily said to Manthara,”i know that one-eyed, lame and humped are mostly crooked and scheming, on top of it you are a woman besides being a personal attendant (meaning that deformed people carry a natural grudge against all without reason, the women get insecure easily and doubt every thing and that only a servants who is always around may take liberties like taken by Manthara)”, then the queen smiles herself (giving Manthara an idea that she had chance to still implore further, the queen should not have been relaxed after such attempt by a lowly placed person, it gave Manthara encouragement and try to pursue the matter further with the queen).

We have now covered up to Doha 14 of Ayodhya Kand.


Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Janakivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samj ko pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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