Ramcharit Charcha CCCXL

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

प्रियबादिनि सिख दीन्हिउँ तोही। सपनेहुँ तो पर कोपु न मोही।।
सुदिनु सुमंगल दायकु सोई। तोर कहा फुर जेहि दिन होई।।
जेठ स्वामि सेवक लघु भाई। यह दिनकर कुल रीति सुहाई।।
राम तिलकु जौं साँचेहुँ काली। देउँ मागु मन भावत आली।।
कौसल्या सम सब महतारी। रामहि सहज सुभायँ पिआरी।।
मो पर करहिं सनेहु बिसेषी। मैं करि प्रीति परीछा देखी।।
जौं बिधि जनमु देइ करि छोहू। होहुँ राम सिय पूत पुतोहू।।
प्रान तें अधिक रामु प्रिय मोरें। तिन्ह कें तिलक छोभु कस तोरें।।
दो0-भरत सपथ तोहि सत्य कहु परिहरि कपट दुराउ।
हरष समय बिसमउ करसि कारन मोहि सुनाउ।।15।।

We covered up to Doha 15 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Kaikeyi became soft towards Manthara and tried to explain to her that it was a good tradition in the family of Raghus that the elder one gets the right over throne; she said if what Manthara informed her was going to be true she would give her desired gifts. Kaikeyi said that Ram loved all mothers equally without any artificiality and if he had any extra measure of affection it was towards herself and none other, this she said was tested by her (paradoxically she was saying that she didn’t have belief in how Ram was expressly behaving towards mothers and needed to check it through some process of examination giving a sort of good-buy to naturally obtaining feelings of love etc., this weakness of her would be exploited to the hilt by Manthara, ‘samshayatma vinashyati’ Lord Krishna says in Geeta which means that those who have doubt about the Love of the Lord or in the word of Guru fail miserably). Kaikeyi said on hand to Manthara that she wished for having Ram as son in all future births and Sita as the daughter-in-law and that Ram meant more than life itself to her; she asked why she was so upset and wanted her to speak truth behind her being remorseful at a time which should be celebrated (completely forgetting that a person of Manthara’s status should not be confided in where important matters concerning the family are involved).
एकहिं बार आस सब पूजी। अब कछु कहब जीभ करि दूजी।।
फोरै जोगु कपारु अभागा। भलेउ कहत दुख रउरेहि लागा।।
कहहिं झूठि फुरि बात बनाई। ते प्रिय तुम्हहि करुइ मैं माई।।
हमहुँ कहबि अब ठकुरसोहाती। नाहिं त मौन रहब दिनु राती।।
करि कुरूप बिधि परबस कीन्हा। बवा सो लुनिअ लहिअ जो दीन्हा।।
कोउ नृप होउ हमहि का हानी। चेरि छाड़ि अब होब कि रानी।।
जारै जोगु सुभाउ हमारा। अनभल देखि न जाइ तुम्हारा।।
तातें कछुक बात अनुसारी। छमिअ देबि बड़ि चूक हमारी।।
दो0-गूढ़ कपट प्रिय बचन सुनि तीय अधरबुधि रानि।
सुरमाया बस बैरिनिहि सुह्द जानि पतिआनि।।16।।

Now was the occasion for Manthara to spread her net wide and she responded saying, “i have got whatever i wished for by speaking just once (sarcastically meaning that what she conveyed got her worst treatment in the first instance only) what remains therefore the big need to speak again. You are very right my ill-fated head needs to be smashed because while I spoke keeping in mind your welfare you reacted showing displeasure. You have regard for those who tell lies dressing it as truth but I remain callous in your eyes, O Mother (of Bharat; Manthara refers to her as mother to make Kaikeyi emotionally worked up). I am going to be the one who speaks only to please you, the provider, or else I am going to be stoically silent. I am have had the misfortune of having an ugly shape and therefore I have become subservient, a slave like person. It is said that one reaps what one sows and gets back what one gives (she says this without any sense here but just to give an impression of being a thoroughly experienced person). It is not of any benefit to me whoever becomes the king for I am going to remain a lowly attendant of yours in all cases (here trying to make herself not a beneficiary of her own advice hence wanting to gain trust of Kaikeyi but at back of her mind she had expected to be a power yielding person later upon Bharat becoming king through her efforts. The ambition of even the small people may result in catastrophe even for great empires). You are right in condemning my inclination and attitude but I have been forced in this way because your interests are supreme to me, I can’t see erosion of the same; towards this end i tried to tell you something but now i see it was a big mistake on my part, you may kindly condone it.”

Listening to such intricate and comforting words of Manthara which were in fact laced with deceitfulness, Kaikeyi, first a lady (prone to fear) then also of infirm intellect or unstable mind, considered Manthara as her well-wisher who really was more of an enemy. It happened because gods had schemed like this to happen (those who have their egos surrendered before the Supreme God can save themselves even when the gods play tricks with them but those who repose trust in selfish worldly people get trapped, this is what is going to be established by the events going to unfold).

We have covered up to Doha 316 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Janakivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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