Ramcharit Charcha CCCXLV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

नैहर जनमु भरब बरु जाइ। जिअत न करबि सवति सेवकाई।।
अरि बस दैउ जिआवत जाही। मरनु नीक तेहि जीवन चाही।।
दीन बचन कह बहुबिधि रानी। सुनि कुबरीं तियमाया ठानी।।
अस कस कहहु मानि मन ऊना। सुखु सोहागु तुम्ह कहुँ दिन दूना।।
जेहिं राउर अति अनभल ताका। सोइ पाइहि यहु फलु परिपाका।।
जब तें कुमत सुना मैं स्वामिनि। भूख न बासर नींद न जामिनि।।
पूँछेउ गुनिन्ह रेख तिन्ह खाँची। भरत भुआल होहिं यह साँची।।
भामिनि करहु त कहौं उपाऊ। है तुम्हरीं सेवा बस राऊ।।
दो0-परउँ कूप तुअ बचन पर सकउँ पूत पति त्यागि।
कहसि मोर दुखु देखि बड़ कस न करब हित लागि।।21।।

We covered up to Doha 21 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Kaikeyi is exposing her basic nature before Manthara and tells her that death is preferable than to remain subservient to a person who she has been competing with i e Kaushalya and that even a condition as despicable (for a married lady) as to go and live with parents is more acceptable to her. Armed with the queens weakness Manthara cast her net wide by sympathizing with her and offering to help and said that she had some trick up her sleeve and it was to exploit Kaikeyi’s special status in eyes of the king. Expecting that there was some way out to save her from a most disgraceful situation, Kaikeyi went overboard and committed to do what ever was needed, even to go as far as risking life and disowning son and the husband.

कुबरीं करि कबुली कैकेई। कपट छुरी उर पाहन टेई।।
लखइ न रानि निकट दुखु कैंसे। चरइ हरित तिन बलिपसु जैसें।।
सुनत बात मृदु अंत कठोरी। देति मनहुँ मधु माहुर घोरी।।
कहइ चेरि सुधि अहइ कि नाही। स्वामिनि कहिहु कथा मोहि पाहीं।।
दुइ बरदान भूप सन थाती। मागहु आजु जुड़ावहु छाती।।
सुतहि राजु रामहि बनवासू। देहु लेहु सब सवति हुलासु।।
भूपति राम सपथ जब करई। तब मागेहु जेहिं बचनु न टरई।।
होइ अकाजु आजु निसि बीतें। बचनु मोर प्रिय मानेहु जी तें।।
दो0-बड़ कुघातु करि पातकिनि कहेसि कोपगृहँ जाहु।
काजु सँवारेहु सजग सबु सहसा जनि पतिआहु।।22।।


The deformed bodied (this also signifying her crooked nature) Manthara now had a firm grip over Kaikeyi and Kaikeyi had foolishly fell for the bait and had become the one to be sacrificed (rather than be saved from any misfortune awaiting her), Manthara was now sharpening the knife of depravity over her stone like heart (that was ready to bring untold misery for her own mentor and provider). The queen on the other hand remained absolutely unaware of what really was to come, having lost discretion on account of being overly jealous and begrudged while she had come very near meeting disastrous consequences; it was almost like a sacrificial animal feeds on sumptuous diet provided before the sacrifice. Speaking words which were sweet music to ears apparently but meant calamitous outcome, as if to administer poison mixed with honey, Manthara, the servant-maid of Kaikeyi told her, “do you remember or remember not, my superior; you had once mentioned an incident (when Kaikeyi had saved life of King Dashrath showing an extraordinary courage and valor on battle field, Kaikeyi used to accompany the king even on war expeditions), you had been granted two boons by the king with a right to utilize them whenever so wished by you. You are carrying that right even today. Now is the time to demand what you need to placate and assuage you heart. You may well ask for the coronation of Bharat as first boon and use the second one for ensuring Ram’s stay in jungles. You may thus exchange your troubles with pleasures of your co-wives. You must however be most careful in one regard that you must ask for granting you the benefits of the boons when you have made the king first to swear by Ram and then have extracted a vow from him to honor words. King would then not be able decline to honor his words. Another point that I make is for you to understand fully is that the intervening night is the only available time to you to accomplish what is planned, later it will not work and what is feared by you and me will happen. You must learn it by heart what I have told you and don’t be neglectful.”

This is how the sinner Manthara struck her immense blow and finally advised Kaikeyi to go in to the room earmarked for the angry and displeased in the palace of the king, right away. Manthara admonished Kaikeyi saying, “do not show any softness at any stage and remain very vigilant while you act out as needed.”

(Kaikeyi represents the power of action (Kriya-shakti), while the other two queen i e Kaushlya and Sumitra represent power of knowledge (Gyaan-Shakti)  and power of love/emotion (Bhaav-Shakti). Here we can clearly see that till the time all the powers remain in harmony the outcome is total bliss in family and in society and just when the power of action gets to be in rivalry with the power of knowledge and ignores the power of love/emotions, a total collapse of all that is good and harmonious disappears. The power of action should never ever be subjected to be influenced by wrong kind of attitudes and be engaged in scheming or to serve selfish ends. There is no short to doing good to self other than to care for all, being patient and being thorough is what is needed in family matters, Kaikeyi more reliant on her power to be active and impatient at the same time while having a lowly person as adviser is about to see her own destruction.)

We have now covered up to Doha 22 of Ayodhya Kand.


Bhavani Shankar ki jai!

Shri Janakivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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