Ramcharit Charcha CCCXLVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बाल सखा सुन हियँ हरषाहीं। मिलि दस पाँच राम पहिं जाहीं।।
प्रभु आदरहिं प्रेमु पहिचानी। पूँछहिं कुसल खेम मृदु बानी।।
फिरहिं भवन प्रिय आयसु पाई। करत परसपर राम बड़ाई।।
को रघुबीर सरिस संसारा। सीलु सनेह निबाहनिहारा।
जेंहि जेंहि जोनि करम बस भ्रमहीं। तहँ तहँ ईसु देउ यह हमहीं।।
सेवक हम स्वामी सियनाहू। होउ नात यह ओर निबाहू।।
अस अभिलाषु नगर सब काहू। कैकयसुता ह्दयँ अति दाहू।।
को न कुसंगति पाइ नसाई। रहइ न नीच मतें चतुराई।।
दो0-साँस समय सानंद नृपु गयउ कैकेई गेहँ।
गवनु निठुरता निकट किय जनु धरि देह सनेहँ।।24।।

We covered up to Doha 24 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the childhood friends received the news of Shri Ram’s coronation in a spirited way and became overly happy; they went to meet Ram in small groups and were received with honor and concern by Ram. Returning to homes they kept praising Ram His modesty and wished to be born as servants of Sitanath Shri Ram in later births too. All of the citizens thought in a similar way while Kaikeyi was jittery at such an attitude of theirs. The bad company only can spoil, who would remain a wise person after following a person of limited understanding who also has evil mentality. When Dashrath made way to Kaikeyi’s room in the evening it was like embodied love getting closer to meet with barbaric cruelty.

कोपभवन सुनि सकुचेउ राउ। भय बस अगहुड़ परइ न पाऊ।।
सुरपति बसइ बाहँबल जाके। नरपति सकल रहहिं रुख ताकें।।
सो सुनि तिय रिस गयउ सुखाई। देखहु काम प्रताप बड़ाई।।
सूल कुलिस असि अँगवनिहारे। ते रतिनाथ सुमन सर मारे।।
सभय नरेसु प्रिया पहिं गयऊ। देखि दसा दुखु दारुन भयऊ।।
भूमि सयन पटु मोट पुराना। दिए डारि तन भूषण नाना।।
कुमतिहि कसि कुबेषता फाबी। अन अहिवातु सूच जनु भाबी।।
जाइ निकट नृपु कह मृदु बानी। प्रानप्रिया केहि हेतु रिसानी।।
छं0-केहि हेतु रानि रिसानि परसत पानि पतिहि नेवारई।
मानहुँ सरोष भुअंग भामिनि बिषम भाँति निहारई।।
दोउ बासना रसना दसन बर मरम ठाहरु देखई।
तुलसी नृपति भवतब्यता बस काम कौतुक लेखई।।
सो0-बार बार कह राउ सुमुखि सुलोचिनि पिकबचनि।
कारन मोहि सुनाउ गजगामिनि निज कोप कर।।25।।


When king came to know that Kaikeyi was furious about some thing and therefore had occupied the room meant for those with upset mood, he was overcome by fear of unknown and found it difficult to move his legs to go further.

(The king might have been having some fear in his heart and might have found the atmosphere also bad enough for the fear to intensify. It might have been his expectation that Ram’s coronation would not go down well with Kaikeyi and might have avoided to take her in confidence before the announcement. He could well have went back but he loved Kaikeyi too much to neglect her. Now he was between Ram and Kaam, between choosing the greater good of people, the totality of existance and his own interest of keeping feminine company of his choice. The right decision taken at such crucial moment is an act of real bravery which does not require body centrality but requires wisdom beyond the grossness.)

The king even had ensured that the lord of celestial gods remained enjoying his kingdom, the other satraps on earth were always looking up to him to solve their problems. Such a strong person was now shaking because of anger of a woman whom he loved, such strong is the grip of carnal desires; those who have courage to bear the impact of attacks by spears, missiles and swords on their bodies can’t over come the attack of flowery arrows of the lord of Rati (the god of love).

(King Dashrath had so organized his state that the gods had been having gods strength replenished by Yagnas performed by Rishis and Munis and demons could not disturb this activity while out side his state this wasn’t happening. The king was keeping happy the lord of gods i e Indra Devta who presides over the Manah Indriya (the faculty of mind, which is one of the senses, its the mind that rules over all other Indriyas ); the king was active to please his mind and its leanings and Kaikeyi had been helping him. The king had been keeping perfect peace among other smaller kings of the region. The king preferred action and through action he had accomplished much, Kaikeyi had been helping him wholeheartedly and he therefore had developed special kind of love for her. King had become old now, at such an age activity orientation was not right, he should have developed Gyaan (knowledge) orientation. This could have kept him in good stead if he had immediately gone to Kaushalya (who represented power of knowledge). The action happens through body and body craves for pleasures of lower kind, king was afflicted by weakness of this kind.)

The king went ahead frightfully and alarmed to see Kaikeyi and felt very disheartened and stressed at her condition; she was lying on bare earth and had been putting on some robes that were rough and old, she had scattered various ornaments removing them from her body. The detestable dressing up of the ill-advised queen was befitting as it forebode the loss of her own husband (thereby leaving no need to putting on ornaments, in India after death of husband, the widows don’t prefer to use cosmetics and put on colored clothes or ornaments). The king went near the queen and softly said,” O Dear, I love you like one loves life, what is it that made you angry.”

When the king touched Kaikeyi saying what has made you angry, she pushed back his hand and looked at him like a poisonous snake which had been agitated. She was ready to strike with fangs of the two boons and lick with her two pronged tounge and looked for a soft spot; Kaikeyi wished to enjoy in two ways i e getting what she desired and also what would have made the co-wives suffer (she had reached a stage where she couldn’t be happy just by having her benefit but wished to be happy at the suffering of others too, this is nearly the worst mentality and Manthara’s  bad company had caused it). Under force of his determined future now (seed of his past Karmas had now sprouted and was to bear fruit) the king only took it all to be just romantic playfulness on part of Kaikeyi.

The king addressed Kaikeyi as Sumukhi (one with a beautiful face), Sulochani (one with lovely eyes), Pikvachani (one with voice like cuckoo) and Gajgaamini (one with gait of an elephant) and every time asked what was it that had angered her, made her distraught etc.

We have now covered up to Doha 25 of Ayodhya Kand.


Bahvani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!



Krishna Khandelwal



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