Ramcharit Charcha CCCLV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

आगें दीखि जरत रिस भारी। मनहुँ रोष तरवारि उघारी।।
मूठि कुबुद्धि धार निठुराई। धरी कूबरीं सान बनाई।।
लखी महीप कराल कठोरा। सत्य कि जीवनु लेइहि मोरा।।
बोले राउ कठिन करि छाती। बानी सबिनय तासु सोहाती।।
प्रिया बचन कस कहसि कुभाँती। भीर प्रतीति प्रीति करि हाँती।।
मोरें भरतु रामु दुइ आँखी। सत्य कहउँ करि संकरू साखी।।
अवसि दूतु मैं पठइब प्राता। ऐहहिं बेगि सुनत दोउ भ्राता।।
सुदिन सोधि सबु साजु सजाई। देउँ भरत कहुँ राजु बजाई।।
दो0- लोभु न रामहि राजु कर बहुत भरत पर प्रीति।
मैं बड़ छोट बिचारि जियँ करत रहेउँ नृपनीति।।31।।

We covered up to Doha 31 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Kaikeyi took response of King Dashrath as very offensive and looked at him so menacingly that king felt that she was bent on taking his life. King summoned courage and told her pleadingly in sweet words that why she had to speak such harsh words in an inappropriate manner which doesn’t seem to take in to account her regard, love or trust for himself. King said that Bharat and Ram were truly like his two eyes, which fact even Lord Shankar would endorse. He committed to send for Bharat next morning itself who would rush back along with Shatrughan and later on an auspicious day he would be declared king publicly. King said that Ram had not been interested in the empire and had great love and regard for Bharat; that it was him only who had so decided keeping in mind the royal policy of senior getting to rule the state rather than the junior.

राम सपथ सत कहुउँ सुभाऊ। राममातु कछु कहेउ न काऊ।।
मैं सबु कीन्ह तोहि बिनु पूँछें। तेहि तें परेउ मनोरथु छूछें।।
रिस परिहरू अब मंगल साजू। कछु दिन गएँ भरत जुबराजू।।
एकहि बात मोहि दुखु लागा। बर दूसर असमंजस मागा।।
अजहुँ हृदय जरत तेहि आँचा। रिस परिहास कि साँचेहुँ साँचा।।
कहु तजि रोषु राम अपराधू। सबु कोउ कहइ रामु सुठि साधू।।
तुहूँ सराहसि करसि सनेहू। अब सुनि मोहि भयउ संदेहू।।
जासु सुभाउ अरिहि अनुकूला। सो किमि करिहि मातु प्रतिकूला।।
दो0- प्रिया हास रिस परिहरहि मागु बिचारि बिबेकु।
जेहिं देखाँ अब नयन भरि भरत राज अभिषेकु।।32।।

The king then addressed Kaikeyi and explain further, “I swear by Ram and even otherwise I am disposed only to say the truth and hence you should believe that there is no hand of Kaushlya in this. However since I did all this without first asking you, I have all my heart felt wishes annulled. It is now only proper for you to stop agitating and be propitiously dressed up for only a few days from now Bharat will be the crown prince of Ayodhya. I am really upset only by what you asked as second boon which is disturbing and not in line with what you should want. My heart burns even at this moment by the fire it created. Tell if it is a temporary reaction on account of your anger or it is just that you are joking, also if it is what you really intended.

“You may better stop being angry and tell what wrong has Ram done; all the people say all the time that there is no one as much gentle and noble in disposition as Ram is. Besides you have been appreciating him all the time and have been affectionate towards him but what you just now said makes me doubt veracity of your behavior. How on earth some one whose temperament and conduct is favorable to even an enemy of his can be seen to be acting against his own mother.

“In this light I beseech you to drop any misgivings or the banter, whatever it is and you must demand any thing only thoughtfully and rationally so that I may practically see and enjoy the crowning ceremony of dear Bharat in full measure.”

We have now covered up to Doha 32 of Ayodhya Kand.

जिऐ मीन बरू बारि बिहीना। मनि बिनु फनिकु जिऐ दुख दीना।।
कहउँ सुभाउ न छलु मन माहीं। जीवनु मोर राम बिनु नाहीं।।
समुझि देखु जियँ प्रिया प्रबीना। जीवनु राम दरस आधीना।।
सुनि म्रदु बचन कुमति अति जरई। मनहुँ अनल आहुति घृत परई।।
कहइ करहु किन कोटि उपाया। इहाँ न लागिहि राउरि माया।।
देहु कि लेहु अजसु करि नाहीं। मोहि न बहुत प्रपंच सोहाहीं।
रामु साधु तुम्ह साधु सयाने। राममातु भलि सब पहिचाने।।
जस कौसिलाँ मोर भल ताका। तस फलु उन्हहि देउँ करि साका।।
दो0-होत प्रात मुनिबेष धरि जौं न रामु बन जाहिं।
मोर मरनु राउर अजस नृप समुझिअ मन माहिं।।33।।

The king further said to Kaikeyi, “It may be possible for the fish to live without water, it may also be possible for a snake to live like a grieving and powerless being when his prized possession i e the Mani (certain types of snakes have a hard, ever shining stone, on their fangs and when it is removed from there they become almost lifeless and very very sad) is removed from its head but you may take it very seriously that I wouldn’t be alive when separated from Ram, it is not a bluff but rather ingrained character of mine. O smart lady, you are dear to my heart, you must be able to clearly see this, I live only to see Ram around.”

Embittered Kaikeyi listened to soft words of the king and erupted like flaming fire when fuel is added and responded saying, “you may try millions of means (to pacify me) but your game plan will not work with me. Either you grant what I have asked for or opt for the bad-name for declining to honor your word, I am not interested in your pretentious behavior. That Ram is noble and virtuous and you are too along with being wise; on top of it Kaushlya is very benign and genial, I understand all of it. The kind of welfare Kaushalya keeps in her mind for me, I am going to deliver a similar type in return, this is my resolve.

“If by next morning Ram doesn’t leave for the forest in garb of Munis, you may better be sure of my death and spread of your own disgraceful reputation (there are not going to be any other two ways about it).”

(We learnd above that King Dashrath expressed his inability to feel Ram, the God, around although He is always there and never leaves us, he had still not reached that stage of God-orientation but had become fond of Him and wanted to always see Him around. This tells the difference between the capacities of people who can concentrate also on God as an abstract phenomenon but most of people however high in status or however righteous fail to enjoy His formless company unless they see His form. Tulsidas earlier has already explained while discussing the importance of Ram Naam that name is the bridge between the form and formlessness of God and that when name is taken the form comes to be seen in mind as well as thought also holds Him in contemplation. In the end there is nothing that can equal knowledge, ‘na hi gyaanen sadrusham pavitramih vidyatey’ i e there is nothing so holy as Knowledge; the king ought to have gained full knowledge about God which he had not so far. The king is perplexed because of missing this real understanding about Shri Ram as God Supreme. Also Tulsi’s view remains that though knowledge about God is a necessity, it is also that pure knowledge is difficult to retain at all times on one hand and on the other it doesn’t please and amuse the heart so much unless the devotee has Bhakti which can be strengthened by keeping name and form at center. Thorough devotion (Bhakti) leads to knowledge as also realization about God should lead to love for the Lord having form and name. King Janak had absolute understanding and knowledge about the Supreme God’s real nature but when he looked at Shri Ram, who was none other than the avatar of the Supreme God, his heart became overly joyful that gave him idea about who Shri Ram really was even before some one telling him so. This was the moment when he felt an immense relief in heart besides his intellectual discovery of the reality of the Supreme God earlier which had not given him such blissful pleasure.)

We have covered up to Doha 33 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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