Ramcharit Charcha CCCLVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जिऐ मीन बरू बारि बिहीना। मनि बिनु फनिकु जिऐ दुख दीना।।
कहउँ सुभाउ न छलु मन माहीं। जीवनु मोर राम बिनु नाहीं।।
समुझि देखु जियँ प्रिया प्रबीना। जीवनु राम दरस आधीना।।
सुनि म्रदु बचन कुमति अति जरई। मनहुँ अनल आहुति घृत परई।।
कहइ करहु किन कोटि उपाया। इहाँ न लागिहि राउरि माया।।
देहु कि लेहु अजसु करि नाहीं। मोहि न बहुत प्रपंच सोहाहीं।
रामु साधु तुम्ह साधु सयाने। राममातु भलि सब पहिचाने।।
जस कौसिलाँ मोर भल ताका। तस फलु उन्हहि देउँ करि साका।।
दो0-होत प्रात मुनिबेष धरि जौं न रामु बन जाहिं।
मोर मरनु राउर अजस नृप समुझिअ मन माहिं।।33।।

We covered up to Doha 33 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that King Dashrath tried to explain to Kaikeyi that it was not possible for him to live even for a moment without Ram present before his eyes and that she should appreciate this point with seriousness. Dashrath’s saying so didn’t impress Kaikeyi and on the contrary she got more worked up and told that in whatever way the king wanted to placate her she was not interested in it in the least. She declared that it would be either Ram going to forest or king’s imaged would get tarnished for not honoring word of his. She said that she knew enough about Ram’s gentility and his own sincerity and also how much Kaushalya was concerned for her welfare. She challenged that she would ensure a treatment meted out to Kaushalya that she schemed against her. She finally warned the king that he should either see to it that Ram goes in to jungles putting on clothes meant for ascetics or be ready for her demise as well as his own reputation getting tarnished.

अस कहि कुटिल भई उठि ठाढ़ी। मानहुँ रोष तरंगिनि बाढ़ी।।
पाप पहार प्रगट भइ सोई। भरी क्रोध जल जाइ न जोई।।
दोउ बर कूल कठिन हठ धारा। भवँर कूबरी बचन प्रचारा।।
ढाहत भूपरूप तरु मूला। चली बिपति बारिधि अनुकूला।।
लखी नरेस बात फुरि साँची। तिय मिस मीचु सीस पर नाची।।
गहि पद बिनय कीन्ह बैठारी। जनि दिनकर कुल होसि कुठारी।।
मागु माथ अबहीं देउँ तोही। राम बिरहँ जनि मारसि मोही।।
राखु राम कहुँ जेहि तेहि भाँती। नाहिं त जरिहि जनम भरि छाती।।
दो0-देखी ब्याधि असाध नृपु परेउ धरनि धुनि माथ।
कहत परम आरत बचन राम राम रघुनाथ।।34।।

Atrocious Kaikeyi stood up defiantly after throwing her challenges as if an spate of anger had emerged from the mountain of sin and gushed down fiercely which looked too menacing; its two banks seemed to have been formed by the two boons and the bulk of its swift forceful flow formed by her own tenacity. The intense churning of streaming waters of anger seemed to have substance from the humpbacked Manthara’s indoctrination of Kaikeyi, it was working to uproot the king himself who had become static like a tree and the flow was headed towards a sea of troubles. It was now that the king felt sure that his death was near and was dancing over his head at the stance of his own woman.

It was then that king grabbed the feet of Kaikeyi and got her seated near himself taking recourse to coaxing and cajoling. The king then besought her saying, “be careful and don’t become an axe to destroy the solar clan, you may ask for my own head and I would offer it right here and now but its not right to bring my end by separating me from Ram. You may do well to keep Ram here itself by ascribing any kind of role to him, in whatever way you can otherwise your own heart will woefully burn for this one mistake all your life (and I will not be there any more).”

The king was now aware that the disease was beyond treatment and he fell to the ground striking his head with hands and uttered heartrendingly the words ‘Ram Ram Raghunath’ as the last resort for the person in greatly distressful situation as the name of the Lord alone can be of any comfort or salvation.

We have now covered up to Doha 34 of Ayodhya Kand.

ब्याकुल राउ सिथिल सब गाता। करिनि कलपतरु मनहुँ निपाता।।
कंठु सूख मुख आव न बानी। जनु पाठीनु दीन बिनु पानी।।
पुनि कह कटु कठोर कैकेई। मनहुँ घाय महुँ माहुर देई।।
जौं अंतहुँ अस करतबु रहेऊ। मागु मागु तुम्ह केहिं बल कहेऊ।।
दुइ कि होइ एक समय भुआला। हँसब ठठाइ फुलाउब गाला।।
दानि कहाउब अरु कृपनाई। होइ कि खेम कुसल रौताई।।.
छाड़हु बचनु कि धीरजु धरहू। जनि अबला जिमि करुना करहू।।
तनु तिय तनय धामु धनु धरनी। सत्यसंध कहुँ तृन सम बरनी।।
दो0-मरम बचन सुनि राउ कह कहु कछु दोषु न तोर।
लागेउ तोहि पिसाच जिमि कालु कहावत मोर।।35।।

The king was now very uneasy and distressed, his body became weak and unresponsive; up till now he could reward every ones as per their wishes like Kalptaru, the divine tree and suddenly he was now rendered powerless by Kaikeyi’s onslought like a tree pulled down by a wily female elephant. His throat became parched and words stopped coming out of his mouth, his condition was now no better than a pitiable fish out of water.

Kaikeyi continued with her biting assertion as if she was pouring poison in to the wounds inflicted by her on body of King Dashrath. She told the king, “If this is what you had to demonstrate (such weakness) in the end than what was that strength based on which you declared to me ‘ask, ask whatever you wish’. Is it possible to laugh loudly and to be grim-faced too at the same time, O Monarch. You want to be called a liberal and charity oriented person and you also show miserly traits. Can a heroic fighter expect to remain unscathed and unruffled. Now you have two choices, either go back on word or have patience and bear what is coming, its not right to be lamenting like a powerless woman.

“Be it one’s own body, son, wife, home, wealth or land, for a person who is well established in discharge of his commitment all of these things are as worthless as a straw and this is well known.”

When the king listened to these emotionally upsetting word which had some substance too, he moaned, “there is nothing the fault with you, you may speak whatever you wish. Its a demon, hell bent on taking my life, which has entered your soul and makes you speak like this.”

(The king had rightly made out that it was not the Kaikeyi whom he had known as she was behaving in a manner never before seen by the king and in reality too she was under influence of crooked advice of Manthara which had formed the substance of Kaikeyi’s pronouncements.)

We have now covered up to Doha 35 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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