Ramcharit Charcha CCCLVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

ब्याकुल राउ सिथिल सब गाता। करिनि कलपतरु मनहुँ निपाता।।
कंठु सूख मुख आव न बानी। जनु पाठीनु दीन बिनु पानी।।
पुनि कह कटु कठोर कैकेई। मनहुँ घाय महुँ माहुर देई।।
जौं अंतहुँ अस करतबु रहेऊ। मागु मागु तुम्ह केहिं बल कहेऊ।।
दुइ कि होइ एक समय भुआला। हँसब ठठाइ फुलाउब गाला।।
दानि कहाउब अरु कृपनाई। होइ कि खेम कुसल रौताई।।
छाड़हु बचनु कि धीरजु धरहू। जनि अबला जिमि करुना करहू।।
तनु तिय तनय धामु धनु धरनी। सत्यसंध कहुँ तृन सम बरनी।।
दो0-मरम बचन सुनि राउ कह कहु कछु दोषु न तोर।
लागेउ तोहि पिसाच जिमि कालु कहावत मोर।।35।।û

We covered up to Doha 35 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the king became utterly miserable and weak up on listening to Kaikeyi’s harsh words which had some element of reality too. The king now saw what was coming and realized that it was not just Kaikeyi speaking, it was his own death that was speaking through her and conveyed this to Kaikeyi.

चहत न भरत भूपतहि भोरें। बिधि बस कुमति बसी जिय तोरें।।
सो सबु मोर पाप परिनामू। भयउ कुठाहर जेहिं बिधि बामू।।
सुबस बसिहि फिरि अवध सुहाई। सब गुन धाम राम प्रभुताई।।
करिहहिं भाइ सकल सेवकाई। होइहि तिहुँ पुर राम बड़ाई।।
तोर कलंकु मोर पछिताऊ। मुएहुँ न मिटहि न जाइहि काऊ।।
अब तोहि नीक लाग करु सोई। लोचन ओट बैठु मुहु गोई।।
जब लगि जिऔं कहउँ कर जोरी। तब लगि जनि कछु कहसि बहोरी।।
फिरि पछितैहसि अंत अभागी। मारसि गाइ नहारु लागी।।
दो0-परेउ राउ कहि कोटि बिधि काहे करसि निदानु।
कपट सयानि न कहति कछु जागति मनहुँ मसानु।।36।।

The king lastly suggested to Kaikeyi to find some way and redeem the situation saying, “Bharat has never had any interest in becoming king of Ayodhya, its by quirk of fate that you have callousness at the core of your thinking. May be its all result of my sins that Brahma, the creator, has become adverse to me. There is chance that Ayodhya will still see itself settled once again under an able guardian like Ram as His style of governance contains all the good qualities. All of His brothers will serve Him very ably and His name will spread in all three worlds.”

“Otherwise”, told the king, “it will be a blot on your character that will never go and my guilt and resulting repentance will never go, even after our death. Whatever is deemed right by you, you may do but at least get out of my sight and cover your face so I don’t see it any more. Besides, I pray to you with folded hands to not speak to me any further till I am alive. In the end you will surely ruefully lament with disgrace like a woman who has run out of luck, you have tried to kill the cow for its guts.”

In this manner the king attempted to salvage the situation in many ways but Kaikeyi did not pay any heed. The wicked but smart woman kept stoically silent as if she had been keeping busy in magical rituals performed at the cremation ground where deadly silence prevails.

We have now covered up to Doha 36 of Ayodhya Kand.

राम राम रट बिकल भुआलू। जनु बिनु पंख बिहंग बेहालू।।
हृदयँ मनाव भोरु जनि होई। रामहि जाइ कहै जनि कोई।।
उदउ करहु जनि रबि रघुकुल गुर। अवध बिलोकि सूल होइहि उर।।
भूप प्रीति कैकइ कठिनाई। उभय अवधि बिधि रची बनाई।।
बिलपत नृपहि भयउ भिनुसारा। बीना बेनु संख धुनि द्वारा।।
पढ़हिं भाट गुन गावहिं गायक। सुनत नृपहि जनु लागहिं सायक।।
मंगल सकल सोहाहिं न कैसें। सहगामिनिहि बिभूषन जैसें।।
तेहिं निसि नीद परी नहि काहू। राम दरस लालसा उछाहू।।
दो0-द्वार भीर सेवक सचिव कहहिं उदित रबि देखि।
जागेउ अजहुँ न अवधपति कारनु कवनु बिसेषि।।37।।

The king, now agonizing and weary, took to repeating ‘Ram, Ram…’ continuously like a bird without its wings becomes absolutely helpless and can only cry. The king was only praying silently within his heart, “O God, let there be no morning, let no one say what has happened in the night to Ram, O Sun, the greatest one in the family of Raghus, you would be feeling the intense prick in your heart watching the condition of Avadh when you rise (hence better if the dawn does not happen).”

The king’s affection (for Shri Ram) and Kaikeyi’s stubborn attitude, both were at the extreme of possible limits that had been created by the creator of universe. The day broke while the king kept lamenting and music of flutes and conch-shell blowing commenced at the gates of the palace, the bards began to sing praises of the king; all these sounds made the king all the more uncomfortable. All these signs of good times were as disliked by the king as a widow accompanying her dead husband on the funeral pier despises the ornaments on her body. This condition of king apart, even the members of public did not sleep through out the night, they were so upbeat about having the sight of Shri Ram as their king the next morning.

The servants of the king and the his ministers became skeptical when they saw the the day had progressed after the rise of sun but the king hadn’t come out (which was unusual as the king always used to get up before the sun rise and come out), they discussed between themselves as to what might be the reason for his being held up and still lying in bed.

We have now covered up to Doha 37 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal

(King Dashrath had been attracted to Kaikeyi for her beauty which pleased his sense of seeing and also for her sweet voice which pleased his sense of hearing but in changed circumstances he had to ask the same Kaikeyi to come before his eyes and to not speak. This is important for all of us understand that the the same things that please senses at one time become irritants to us. This understanding will save us from being prisoners of our senses and the objects of there liking, this can change any time. At the time of utter distress and unbearable agony the Lord’s name will always give comfort whether we have known him as avatar of the Supreme God or not.

See also that the king thorough in statecraft and experienced enough to have worldly wisdom could still not speak the right words when he spoke about his capacity that he could make anybody a king or send any king in to exile without appreciating that he is going to fall in a trap laid by himself by such declarations. In fact it was due to his being under spell of Kama, the desire and when lust and desire occupy ones mind it is difficult to know limits and understand import of the spoken words and the distortion happens. The same king Dashrath, immediately after his dream was shattered by the queen and he got out of his mindset which was afflicted due to weaknesses pertaining to desire, could say prophetic words like his being in perpetual state of repentance and Kaikeyi bearing a black spot on her otherwise spotless character for rest of her life if Ram was going to be sent to jungle. Kama,Krodha and Moha (desire,anger and covetousness) do attack on intelligence of people and brings about their destruction hence to rise above these is the only thing that can save.)


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