Ramcharit Charcha CCCLVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

राम राम रट बिकल भुआलू। जनु बिनु पंख बिहंग बेहालू।।
हृदयँ मनाव भोरु जनि होई। रामहि जाइ कहै जनि कोई।।
उदउ करहु जनि रबि रघुकुल गुर। अवध बिलोकि सूल होइहि उर।।
भूप प्रीति कैकइ कठिनाई। उभय अवधि बिधि रची बनाई।।
बिलपत नृपहि भयउ भिनुसारा। बीना बेनु संख धुनि द्वारा।।
पढ़हिं भाट गुन गावहिं गायक। सुनत नृपहि जनु लागहिं सायक।।
मंगल सकल सोहाहिं न कैसें। सहगामिनिहि बिभूषन जैसें।।
तेहिं निसि नीद परी नहि काहू। राम दरस लालसा उछाहू।।
दो0-द्वार भीर सेवक सचिव कहहिं उदित रबि देखि।
जागेउ अजहुँ न अवधपति कारनु कवनु बिसेषि।।37।।

We covered up to Doha 37 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that king tried to influence Kaikeyi in many ways to make her retract but she remained adamant and lastly king saw that it was now fait accompli, the grim reality that he would lose life and therefore asked Kaikeyi to go out of his sight and not speak a word. The king then began to take name of Ram repeatedly deeply anguished and distraught. He prayed for the dawn to never take place and Ram be not told of what Kaikeyi wanted. While the king spent the night lamenting and moaning, the world outside was cheery through out the night as people expected to see Ram as their king the next morning. The normal activities commenced in the palace but well past the day break time the king did not come out and this gave rise to the servants and ministers making speculation about what may have happened for it was very unusual.

पछिले पहर भूपु नित जागा। आजु हमहि बड़ अचरजु लागा।।
जाहु सुमंत्र जगावहु जाई। कीजिअ काजु रजायसु पाई।।
गए सुमंत्रु तब राउर माही। देखि भयावन जात डेराहीं।।
धाइ खाइ जनु जाइ न हेरा। मानहुँ बिपति बिषाद बसेरा।।
पूछें कोउ न ऊतरु देई। गए जेंहिं भवन भूप कैकैई।।
कहि जयजीव बैठ सिरु नाई। दैखि भूप गति गयउ सुखाई।।
सोच बिकल बिबरन महि परेऊ। मानहुँ कमल मूलु परिहरेऊ।।
सचिउ सभीत सकइ नहिं पूँछी। बोली असुभ भरी सुभ छूछी।।
दो0-परी न राजहि नीद निसि हेतु जान जगदीसु।
रामु रामु रटि भोरु किय कहइ न मरमु महीसु।।38।।

The people outside the palace discussed that the king was in the habit of rising right before the dawn everyday and thought that something was amiss. They advised Sumantra, the friend and confidant of the king saying, “O Sumantra, you must go in and wake up the king, then you must obtain his permission and carry out what is needed to be done.”

Sumantra then went inside the palace but found the atmosphere very scary there. He feared as if some invisible beast would spring up and eat him alive, the place looked like abode of woes and grief. He called out but no body responded, he then proceeded towards the living quarters of Kaikeyi expecting to find king there. When he saw the king there he bowed his head down before the king and wished him long life and victory but became pale noticing the condition of the king. He found the king engrossed in worrisome thoughts, he was absolutely colorless and he lay spread on the naked floor there, he resembled a lotus which had been cut off from its roots and had withered for want of nourishment and water.

Looking to gravity of situation the minister couldn’t dare to ask anything and right at that moment Kaikeyi, the queen who was mired in evil thought and was bereft of any good intentions spoke menacingly, “The king couldn’t sleep for the whole night, only the God knows what is the reason for it. He is only repeating name of Ram, keeps uttering ‘Ram, Ram…” but doesn’t say a word about the reality behind it.”

(Kiakeyi cunningly avoided the possibility of any talk between the minister and king for he would have assessed the situation taking in to account the propriety and the angle of the states welfare impersonally and would have advised accordingly while Kaikeyi wanted every thing sealed before intervention by others.)

आनहु रामहि बेगि बोलाई। समाचार तब पूँछेहु आई।।
चलेउ सुमंत्र राय रूख जानी। लखी कुचालि कीन्हि कछु रानी।।
सोच बिकल मग परइ न पाऊ। रामहि बोलि कहिहि का राऊ।।
उर धरि धीरजु गयउ दुआरें। पूछँहिं सकल देखि मनु मारें।।
समाधानु करि सो सबही का। गयउ जहाँ दिनकर कुल टीका।।
रामु सुमंत्रहि आवत देखा। आदरु कीन्ह पिता सम लेखा।।
निरखि बदनु कहि भूप रजाई। रघुकुलदीपहि चलेउ लेवाई।।
रामु कुभाँति सचिव सँग जाहीं। देखि लोग जहँ तहँ बिलखाहीं।।
दो0-जाइ दीख रघुबंसमनि नरपति निपट कुसाजु।।
सहमि परेउ लखि सिंघिनिहि मनहुँ बृद्ध गजराजु।।39।।

The queen said, “Go immediately and summon Ram, only afterwards ask what the matter is.” Sumantra would have stayed but he saw king making a gesture approving it hence went to call Ram; he had however seen that the queen had schemed some thing viciously. This upset Sumantra and he became worried (for it was a crucial moment in the history of Ayodhya, great king Dashrath was going to handover reins to younger generation after a successful long stint) and walked with unsteady steps, he was concerned as to what the king would tell Ram. Gathering courage and keeping patience he first reached the gate of the palace and made an attempt to assure the people gathered there who were very anxiously inquiring looking at him in somber mood (as the king’s condition was to be kept a secret at this moment). He later went to meet Ram, the one having highest regard among the scions of sun-dynasty. When Ram noted that Sumantra was coming, he went forward and paid his respects to him considering him equal to his own father.

The minister looked straightly in the face of Shri Ram and conveyed to him what the king had wanted; Sumantra then returned followed by Ram, the shining star of the family of Raghus. When people noted that Ram along with the minister was going in an uncalled for rush at that morning hour, they became suspicious of some untoward happening and began to deplore, the fear of unknown had gripped them.

Ram, the gem in the family of Raghus, saw there that the king was in utterly hopeless state like an aged and weak elephant has fallen down struck by fear after sighting a lioness.

(A lioness wouldn’t show mercy towards its prey who had lost capacity to fight back, this is the rule of jungles. Ram could make out that no sanity of behavior could be expected of the queen, his step mother, at that time. How beautifully Ram would handle the situation will be seen by us in later posts.)

We have now covered up to Doha 39 0f Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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