Ramcharit Charcha CCCLX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

निधरक बैठि कहइ कटु बानी। सुनत कठिनता अति अकुलानी।।
जीभ कमान बचन सर नाना। मनहुँ महिप मृदु लच्छ समाना।।
जनु कठोरपनु धरें सरीरू। सिखइ धनुषबिद्या बर बीरू।।
सब प्रसंगु रघुपतिहि सुनाई। बैठि मनहुँ तनु धरि निठुराई।।
मन मुसकाइ भानुकुल भानु। रामु सहज आनंद निधानू।।
बोले बचन बिगत सब दूषन। मृदु मंजुल जनु बाग बिभूषन।।
सुनु जननी सोइ सुतु बड़भागी। जो पितु मातु बचन अनुरागी।।
तनय मातु पितु तोषनिहारा। दुर्लभ जननि सकल संसारा।।
दो0-मुनिगन मिलनु बिसेषि बन सबहि भाँति हित मोर।
तेहि महँ पितु आयसु बहुरि संमत जननी तोर।।41।।

We covered up to Doha 41 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that when Ram reached near the king, Kaikeyi began to give him whole account of what had transpired between the king and herself to Shri Ram in harsh tone and words. Shri Ram, aware of king’s bad condition did not respond with any kind of agitation on his part but gave a patient listening to what the queen had to say and then keeping His composure and cool gave assurances to Kaikeyi giving her status of real mother that as a son he sees no problem in any thing that is expected of Him either by father or the mother.

भरत प्रानप्रिय पावहिं राजू। बिधि सब बिधि मोहि सनमुख आजु।
जों न जाउँ बन ऐसेहु काजा। प्रथम गनिअ मोहि मूढ़ समाजा।।
सेवहिं अरँडु कलपतरु त्यागी। परिहरि अमृत लेहिं बिषु मागी।।
तेउ न पाइ अस समउ चुकाहीं। देखु बिचारि मातु मन माहीं।।
अंब एक दुखु मोहि बिसेषी। निपट बिकल नरनायकु देखी।।
थोरिहिं बात पितहि दुख भारी। होति प्रतीति न मोहि महतारी।।
राउ धीर गुन उदधि अगाधू। भा मोहि ते कछु बड़ अपराधू।।
जातें मोहि न कहत कछु राऊ। मोरि सपथ तोहि कहु सतिभाऊ।।
दो0-सहज सरल रघुबर बचन कुमति कुटिल करि जान।
चलइ जोंक जल बक्रगति जद्यपि सलिलु समान।।42।।

Shri Ram then picked up rest of the matter and told Kaikeyi, “I am so glad that Bharat who is most dear to my heart will be taking responsibility to rule Ayodhya, it seems the creator is favorably inclined towards me today in all respects (i e a loved brother is getting the kingship and He himself having an opportunity to visit forests and meet and interact with great Munis there). If I would not go to the forest even for this noble cause than I would only be entitled to be counted as the first one among the fools.

“Those who rear a castor-oil plant (seeds of its fruits contain a raisin that can kill instantly) leaving aside the Kalptaru (divine tree, capable of fulfilling desires) simply ask for poison discarding the nectar; even such people will not let go of such opportune time as is right before me, just think of it,Mother, in your heart (this way offering a point of logic and a glimpse of what he had in mind to Kaikeyi who was now only interested in logical way of thinking under guidance of Manthara).

“I have just one concern that is very much upsetting, O Mother. It is that I find the king, the leader of all of the people of Ayodhya, in starkly grieving state. A small matter has unset the king so badly is something that I find difficult to believe (Ram wished to find if there was more to it than had been revealed to Him in a nice way by touching the emotional cord). The king is known to be have the quality of patience in oceanic proportions, it seems I have done some thing serious by way of an offence hence the king is not even speaking to me. I beseech you to kindly honestly and truthfully tell me the reason behind king’s such attitude.”

The natural and simple manner of speaking of Shri Ram had an adverse impact on Kaikeyi becasue of her own malicious and skewed thinking; she was acting like a leech which moves obliquely even in calm and smooth waters.

We have now covered up to Doha 42 of Ayodhya Kand.

रहसी रानि राम रुख पाई। बोली कपट सनेहु जनाई।।
सपथ तुम्हार भरत कै आना। हेतु न दूसर मै कछु जाना।।
तुम्ह अपराध जोगु नहिं ताता। जननी जनक बंधु सुखदाता।।
राम सत्य सबु जो कछु कहहू। तुम्ह पितु मातु बचन रत अहहू।।
पितहि बुझाइ कहहु बलि सोई। चौथेंपन जेहिं अजसु न होई।।
तुम्ह सम सुअन सुकृत जेहिं दीन्हे। उचित न तासु निरादरु कीन्हे।।
लागहिं कुमुख बचन सुभ कैसे। मगहँ गयादिक तीरथ जैसे।।
रामहि मातु बचन सब भाए। जिमि सुरसरि गत सलिल सुहाए।।
दो0-गइ मुरुछा रामहि सुमिरि नृप फिरि करवट लीन्ह।
सचिव राम आगमन कहि बिनय समय सम कीन्ह।।43।।

The queen smiled silently after she got to know Shri Ram’s view and inclination and displaying false affection towards Him she said to Shri Ram, “I swear by both, you and Bharat, there is no other matter. You are never expected to commit any kind of offence, you have always been acting to please mothers, father and your brothers. What you said is really the truth and it is that you always give weight to and find pleasure in doing what your father and mothers want. Just explain all this to your father laying stress on this point in particular (that you are inclined to carry out his order) so that he does not have to face infamy in his ripe old age, the forth state of being.”

(We may notice here that body-oriented persons like Kaikeyi do not appreciate that in the forth stage of life name,fame,riches,progeny or family should not matter, only God-orientation is that is of importance. Only this will lead to salvation and peace, all the rest of the things are really beyond the capacity of any one to safeguard and its only in the hands of Lord what turn the events take and what gets spoiled or remains unharmed. Kaikeyi’s advice therefore was contrary to what the real wisdom suggests.)

The Kaikeyi went on saying, “The noble and good deeds of his, in this life and the past lives have given him sons like you, it will not be proper to disregard this situation (i e by your not acting as per his command, your being his son would not be called a right reward for his past deeds).”

These decent words (which said a truth about king having lived a righteous life in this birth and in earlier births and about the worthiness of Shri Ram as a son and also the need to guard one’s behavior at all times) coming out of the mudslinging mouth of Kaikeyi ware like a sacred place like ‘Gaya’ appearing in the Magadha region of Bihar (considered not a place with goodness and convenience). But Ram took the words of Kaikeyi as likable and congenial in the same way as all kinds of water, irrespective of their quality, become as pure as the water of Ganga when they get mixed in to it.

The king turned over muttering name of Shri Ram when his consciousness returned and Sumantra, his minister, took this opportunity to humbly convey to the king the arrival of Shri Ram.

We have now covered up to Doha 43 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shanakr ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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