Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

अजसु होउ जग सुजसु नसाऊ। नरक परौ बरु सुरपुरु जाऊ।।
सब दुख दुसह सहावहु मोही। लोचन ओट रामु जनि होंही।।
अस मन गुनइ राउ नहिं बोला। पीपर पात सरिस मनु डोला।।
रघुपति पितहि प्रेमबस जानी। पुनि कछु कहिहि मातु अनुमानी।।
देस काल अवसर अनुसारी। बोले बचन बिनीत बिचारी।।
तात कहउँ कछु करउँ ढिठाई। अनुचितु छमब जानि लरिकाई।।
अति लघु बात लागि दुखु पावा। काहुँ न मोहि कहि प्रथम जनावा।।
देखि गोसाइँहि पूँछिउँ माता। सुनि प्रसंगु भए सीतल गाता।।
दो0-मंगल समय सनेह बस सोच परिहरिअ तात।
आयसु देइअ हरषि हियँ कहि पुलके प्रभु गात।।45।।

We have covered up to Doha 45 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the king could not speak verbally when Ram came on account of effect of excessive emotions and affection for Shri Ram. He prayed Brahma and Shiv within his heart and wished for Ram staying back in Ayodhya whatever be his own fate. The king wished the gods to influence the mind of Shri Ram so that he ignores his words and stays back (noteworthy fact here is that king did not consider going back on his own words although remained committed to suffer any kind of fate, the king could never think of breaking his family tradition of honoring promises). Shri Ram took note of the grave situation and in order to avoid mother speaking further and add to the father’s chagrin, Shri Ram spoke in measured but polite words reassuring from his own side that he was ready for what mother wanted and was happy about it.

धन्य जनमु जगतीतल तासू। पितहि प्रमोदु चरित सुनि जासू।।
चारि पदारथ करतल ताकें। प्रिय पितु मातु प्रान सम जाकें।।
आयसु पालि जनम फलु पाई। ऐहउँ बेगिहिं होउ रजाई।।
बिदा मातु सन आवउँ मागी। चलिहउँ बनहि बहुरि पग लागी।।
अस कहि राम गवनु तब कीन्हा। भूप सोक बसु उतरु न दीन्हा।।
नगर ब्यापि गइ बात सुतीछी। छुअत चढ़ी जनु सब तन बीछी।।
सुनि भए बिकल सकल नर नारी। बेलि बिटप जिमि देखि दवारी।।
जो जहँ सुनइ धुनइ सिरु सोई। बड़ बिषादु नहिं धीरजु होई।।
दो0-मुख सुखाहिं लोचन स्त्रवहि सोकु न हृदयँ समाइ।
मनहुँ ०करुन रस कटकई उतरी अवध बजाइ।।46।।

Shri Ram further told his father, “Birth of only such a one is blessed on earth whose father gets thrill of listening to accounts of good conduct and appreciable acts of son. Such a one has all the four kinds of successes in his hands i e achieves all the four benefits in life known as righteous living, riches, fulfillment of desires and salvation (Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksha) who holds his parents as dear as his own life. I would be getting all these benefits which are most important in one’s life myself just allow me to come back after obeying your command without delay. I would now go and take leave of mother and then will proceed further to the forest after touching your feet one again.” Saying these words Shri Ram went away from where king was lying but the king could not respond being under spell of great anguish and grief.

This troubling information spread fast in the city like the pain of sting of a scorpion seeps through out the body. Every one of the citizens became very perturbed and colorless listening to the account of happening in the palace in the same way as the trees and creepers become upon feeling heat of the forest-fire. It was an unbearable pain for every one who listened to this sad event taking place in the palace of the queen, it was not possible to keep patience in such despairing situation. Peoples faces paled, their eyes became wet and their hearts could not contain this much sorrow. It was like wayward dancing by pathetic emotions going on all over in Ayodhya now.

मिलेहि माझ बिधि बात बेगारी। जहँ तहँ देहिं कैकेइहि गारी।।
एहि पापिनिहि बूझि का परेऊ। छाइ भवन पर पावकु धरेऊ।।
निज कर नयन काढ़ि चह दीखा। डारि सुधा बिषु चाहत चीखा।।
कुटिल कठोर कुबुद्धि अभागी। भइ रघुबंस बेनु बन आगी।।
पालव बैठि पेड़ु एहिं काटा। सुख महुँ सोक ठाटु धरि ठाटा।।
सदा रामु एहि प्रान समाना। कारन कवन कुटिलपनु ठाना।।
सत्य कहहिं कबि नारि सुभाऊ। सब बिधि अगहु अगाध दुराऊ।।
निज प्रतिबिंबु बरुकु गहि जाई। जानि न जाइ नारि गति भाई।।
दो0-काह न पावकु जारि सक का न समुद्र समाइ।
का न करै अबला प्रबल केहि जग कालु न खाइ।।47।।

It was like the creator spoiling everything right in the middle of a good spell of events. People, here and there, cursed Kaikeyi; they said how could it dawn on Kaikeyi that she put fire to the house that had been beautifully thatched, how is it that she wants to look at the world after gauging out her won eyes with own hands. They wondered why does she want the taste of poison after spilling the nectar that was right in her hands and thought that she seems to be having a very crooked, stern and unfortunate temperament, she has become that fire which is going to burn the bamboo forest of Raghus (i e the family of straight people like the members of Raghus family). They were surprised why would she attempt to cut the same tree on a branch of which she is herself perched, why in good times has she devised to enjoy the grieving moments. The people thought that she used to love Ram like her own life why then she is hell bent to adopt such mischievous attitude; it is rightly said by the people of learning that the nature and character of women is difficult to understand, it depth is unfathomable and it has an element of deceit and secrecy. The people conversed saying that it might be possible to grab own reflection in the mirror but to decode a woman’s mysterious ways is impossible.

In the end they concluded that fire can burn everything, every thing can be concealed in the depth of an ocean and the aging process destroys every thing and like wise the so called weak personality of a woman is in fact capable enough of doing everything, thinkable or unthinkable.

(It may not be supposed that the women are being condemned by Tulsidas in any way, he is only telling that under great emotional pain people try and find reasons for their troubles and go to extreme thinking. The women have congenial character, they have a natural leaning towards sacrifice for the family and for the society but in instant case a single woman’s attitude is being generalized by the people when their minds and hearts have been emotionally hurt. It is also a fact that women tend to act absurdly when they are too much afraid of some thing or are too jealous, Kaikeyi has been victim of getting manipulated in this way by Manthara.)

We have now covered up to Doha 47 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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