Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

एक बिधातहिं दूषनु देंहीं। सुधा देखाइ दीन्ह बिषु जेहीं।।
खरभरु नगर सोचु सब काहू। दुसह दाहु उर मिटा उछाहू।।
बिप्रबधू कुलमान्य जठेरी। जे प्रिय परम कैकेई केरी।।
लगीं देन सिख सीलु सराही। बचन बानसम लागहिं ताही।।
भरतु न मोहि प्रिय राम समाना। सदा कहहु यहु सबु जगु जाना।।
करहु राम पर सहज सनेहू। केहिं अपराध आजु बनु देहू।।
कबहुँ न कियहु सवति आरेसू। प्रीति प्रतीति जान सबु देसू।।
कौसल्याँ अब काह बिगारा। तुम्ह जेहि लागि बज्र पुर पारा।।
दो0-सीय कि पिय सँगु परिहरिहि लखनु कि रहिहहिं धाम।
राजु कि भूँजब भरत पुर नृपु कि जिइहि बिनु राम।।49।।

We covered up to Doha 49 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that when the people of Ayodhya became aware of the goings on in the palace of queen Kaikeyi they became very charged and interpreted the event according to individual understanding and reach. Some thought king had not done the right thing, some others thought that he hardly had choice in the circumstances and some blamed the stars for it. Elderly ladies of the city and of the family some of whom were friends of Kaikeyi collected in the palace of Kaikeyi to give her some good pieces of advice but Kaikeyi was not at all interested in giving ear to anybody. They in the end presented before Kaikeyi the scenario in case what she wanted did happen like the possibility of Sita leaving along with Ram to forest, Lakshman also not staying back, Bharat refusing to rule and king losing his life in absence of Ram; none of this was what Kaikeyi would also bit be liked by Kaikeyi herself, they said.

अस बिचारि उर छाड़हु कोहू। सोक कलंक कोठि जनि होहू।।
भरतहि अवसि देहु जुबराजू। कानन काह राम कर काजू।।
नाहिन रामु राज के भूखे। धरम धुरीन बिषय रस रूखे।।
गुर गृह बसहुँ रामु तजि गेहू। नृप सन अस बरु दूसर लेहू।।
जौं नहिं लगिहहु कहें हमारे। नहिं लागिहि कछु हाथ तुम्हारे।।
जौं परिहास कीन्हि कछु होई। तौ कहि प्रगट जनावहु सोई।।
राम सरिस सुत कानन जोगू। काह कहिहि सुनि तुम्ह कहुँ लोगू।।
उठहु बेगि सोइ करहु उपाई। जेहि बिधि सोकु कलंकु नसाई।।
छं0-जेहि भाँति सोकु कलंकु जाइ उपाय करि कुल पालही।
हठि फेरु रामहि जात बन जनि बात दूसरि चालही।।
जिमि भानु बिनु दिनु प्रान बिनु तनु चंद बिनु जिमि जामिनी।
तिमि अवध तुलसीदास प्रभु बिनु समुझि धौं जियँ भामिनी।।
सो0-सखिन्ह सिखावनु दीन्ह सुनत मधुर परिनाम हित।
तेइँ कछु कान न कीन्ह कुटिल प्रबोधी कूबरी।।50।।

The group of experienced elderly ladies than said to Kaikeyi, “in light of what we told you, you must shed your anger, you must do so to avoid yourself being the repository of blemish and grief (i e you will be one to blame while you yourself will suffer and become aggrieved). If you want let Bharat definitely be the crown-prince but there is nothing for Ram to do in jungles, sending him to forest will be of no avail. If you fear that staying back in Ayodhya, Ram will hinder or obstruct the chance of Bharat getting the kingdom then you must consider the fact that Ram is never inclined to be the king of Ayodhya, he is the very pivot of the wheel of Dharma and is oblivious to what the world has to offer, he doesn’t look for the material pleasures. Further more Ram would agree to stay in his Guru’s house and devote to study of scriptures and get busy in acquisition of knowledge and will keep away from the politics of the day. Although Ram will volunteer to do what we said but if you want to be fully sure you may ask the king this as your second boon.

“In case you will not pay heed to what we say, you will remain empty handed. However, if it was some sort of antic or tomfoolery on your part then reveal it now because its going beyond the scope in that respect. To even think that a son like Ram may ever be exiled to live in the forest is so absurd that people will not digest it. You must now get up fast and make amends and ensure that possibility of any blot on your clean image and of you falling in to pit of intense grief is eliminated completely.”

The ladies further impressed up on Kaikeyi saying, “It time to save the family from falling on bad times and to save yourself from getting blot on image and have grief as reward. You should now deter Ram from going to jungle and insist on not letting him go for he may give reasons to proceed to forest regions just to please you and keep word of his father, you must not complicate matters by any other line of argument. Like a day is without the sun, like body is without the spec of life and like the night is totally dark without moon in the sky, in the same fashion the Ayodhya will be without its Lord Shri Ram, the Lord of Bhaktas (one of them Tulsidas).”

In this manner the friends of Kaikeyi gave her decent advice which was good on the face of it as well good in effect too still it did not enter Kaikeyi’s ears leave aside possibility of her following it because her ears were full of the ill-advice received from crooked and sinful Manthara.

We have now covered up to Doha 50 of Ayodhya Kand.

उतरु न देइ दुसह रिस रूखी। मृगिन्ह चितव जनु बाघिनि भूखी।।
ब्याधि असाधि जानि तिन्ह त्यागी। चलीं कहत मतिमंद अभागी।।
राजु करत यह दैअँ बिगोई। कीन्हेसि अस जस करइ न कोई।।
एहि बिधि बिलपहिं पुर नर नारीं। देहिं कुचालिहि कोटिक गारीं।।
जरहिं बिषम जर लेहिं उसासा। कवनि राम बिनु जीवन आसा।।
बिपुल बियोग प्रजा अकुलानी। जनु जलचर गन सूखत पानी।।
अति बिषाद बस लोग लोगाई। गए मातु पहिं रामु गोसाई।।
मुख प्रसन्न चित चौगुन चाऊ। मिटा सोचु जनि राखै राऊ।।
दो-नव गयंदु रघुबीर मनु राजु अलान समान।
छूट जानि बन गवनु सुनि उर अनंदु अधिकान।।51।।

Fretting and fuming badly and exhausted on that account, Kaikeyi did not reply but kept looking like a hungry lioness would at the group of animals. Judging her to be afflicted by a disease beyond cure the assembled elderly ladies and Kaikeyi’s friends left her alone and walked away saying she was only a dim-witted and unfortunate person who would not see the light of the day even, she had been shown what was waiting to happen on account of her adamant attitude. They thought that Kaikeyi’s fate was at play now and she had been beguiled while she was comfortably enjoying status like a queen but would lose it all, who on earth would like this.

This is how all the men and women in the city kept saying and lamenting about it; they kept denouncing the queen in thousand ways because she had taken a wrong turn and misstepped to the detriment of Ayodhya; they felt agonizing heat of adversity facing them and sighed heavily. For them there was no hope left in their lives because Ram was not going to be with them. Impending monumental separation from Ram made the people of Ayodhya disgruntled and desperate, they felt like aquatic species feel when they are out of water. Walking past the people who were indignant and upset to the maximum, Lord Shri Ram, who always used to keep complete control over senses, went to see His own mother Kaushalya. His face reflected cheerfulness and his heart surged with fourfold joy, he now saw no possibility of king keeping him back (considering the mother Kaikeyi’s desire and father’s silent agreement for it).

Shri Ram now felt free like a young elephant feels who was about to be chained but is left unchained, he was now no longer going to be tied by chains of responsibility and duties of a king. He was happy to listen to the command giving him the freedom to proceed to forests (Shri Ram never took it to be an onerous task and detestable duty but saw it as an opportunity of gaining knowledge and having advantage of keeping company of great Munis).

We have now covered up to Doha 51 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri jankivallabhi Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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