Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

उतरु न देइ दुसह रिस रूखी। मृगिन्ह चितव जनु बाघिनि भूखी।।
ब्याधि असाधि जानि तिन्ह त्यागी। चलीं कहत मतिमंद अभागी।।
राजु करत यह दैअँ बिगोई। कीन्हेसि अस जस करइ न कोई।।
एहि बिधि बिलपहिं पुर नर नारीं। देहिं कुचालिहि कोटिक गारीं।।
जरहिं बिषम जर लेहिं उसासा। कवनि राम बिनु जीवन आसा।।
बिपुल बियोग प्रजा अकुलानी। जनु जलचर गन सूखत पानी।।
अति बिषाद बस लोग लोगाई। गए मातु पहिं रामु गोसाई।।
मुख प्रसन्न चित चौगुन चाऊ। मिटा सोचु जनि राखै राऊ।।
दो-नव गयंदु रघुबीर मनु राजु अलान समान।
छूट जानि बन गवनु सुनि उर अनंदु अधिकान।।51।।

We covered up to Doha 51 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramchartit Mans of Tulsidas and learned that the elderly ladies of Ayodhya failed to convince Kaikeyi that she was not doing the right thing by asking to send Shri Ram to forest and what would happen if she insisted on doing so, which would not be to her liking too. But Kaikeyi responded with still more defiantly and hence all of them left her saying that her fate was now sealed and she would suffer for her adamant attitude. The people of Ayodhya became very disturbed and sad when they knew of the developments taking place in side the palace. Shri Ram on the other hand walked past the grieving people in a happy mood to meet her mother Kaushalya and take her leave, he was happy because he will not be burdened with responsibility of state but would be free to go to jungle.

रघुकुलतिलक जोरि दोउ हाथा। मुदित मातु पद नायउ माथा।।
दीन्हि असीस लाइ उर लीन्हे। भूषन बसन निछावरि कीन्हे।।
बार बार मुख चुंबति माता। नयन नेह जलु पुलकित गाता।।
गोद राखि पुनि हृदयँ लगाए। स्त्रवत प्रेनरस पयद सुहाए।।
प्रेमु प्रमोदु न कछु कहि जाई। रंक धनद पदबी जनु पाई।।
सादर सुंदर बदनु निहारी। बोली मधुर बचन महतारी।।
कहहु तात जननी बलिहारी। कबहिं लगन मुद मंगलकारी।।
सुकृत सील सुख सीवँ सुहाई। जनम लाभ कइ अवधि अघाई।।
दो0- जेहि चाहत नर नारि सब अति आरत एहि भाँति।
जिमि चातक चातकि तृषित बृष्टि सरद रितु स्वाति।।52।।

When Shri Ram reached near Maa Kaushlya, he first joined his hands and then bowed his head down at her feet; Maa Kaushalya blessed him and then pulled him up and embraced. The mother then brought many kinds of ornaments and clothes, he was after all going to be ready for the incarnation ceremony (Kaushalya was still unaware of the development that had taken place in the palace of Kaikeyi). Kaushalya kissed Ram’s face time and again, her eyes were wet with tears of joy and she was bodily thrilled. Kaushalya then took Ram on to her lap and embraced again, her breast region became wet due to oozing milk, the liquid of affection, out of her excessive love for her only child. At this stage her affection and her enjoyment knew no bounds. She was enjoying like a one who has been so far begging but now gets the position of the giver of wealth i e Kuber. The mother fondly and carefully looked at the beautiful face her son and spoke in sweet words, “O Dear Son, tell me when exactly the propitious hour going fall which denotes beneficence and joy for the people. That hour is going to ensure piety, sobriety and pleasures extending to limits, it will be final reward of being born which is the sole aim of people and for which ladies and gentlemen remain intensely anxious all their lives like the pair of Chatak birds remain for the drops of rain falling in Swati Nakshtra of Sharad Ritu (the constellation known as Arcturus in the month before the winters).

(Kaushalya was in fact recounting the benefits when her son Ram (the Supreme God) will be the ruler of Ayodhya (i e of the hearts and minds of people). The people of Ayodhya were pious and honest, they had a desire to be guided by the Supreme God at every step of their lives, which only ensures the fourfold benefit of living a life of a devotee. Kaushalya was aware that piety and honesty was enough to ensure the ultimate benefit, it could come only when the Supreme God ruled and guided every step of living because the call of honesty and straightness could still misguide because in the world all in not in black and white, at such moments the God only it the best guide to find the right answer. In the course of story of Ramayan we will see that many characters that were inclined towards honesty and truthfulness could still not take the right course and those who surrendered to God did nothing untoward. Kaushalya had known her son to be the Supreme God and hence was talking of the benefits flowing for the citizens of Ayodhya when Shri Ram would be the ruling king.)

तात जाउँ बलि बेगि नहाहू। जो मन भाव मधुर कछु खाहू।।
पितु समीप तब जाएहु भैआ। भइ बड़ि बार जाइ बलि मैआ।।
मातु बचन सुनि अति अनुकूला। जनु सनेह सुरतरु के फूला।।
सुख मकरंद भरे श्रियमूला। निरखि राम मनु भवरुँ न भूला।।
धरम धुरीन धरम गति जानी। कहेउ मातु सन अति मृदु बानी।।
पिताँ दीन्ह मोहि कानन राजू। जहँ सब भाँति मोर बड़ काजू।।
आयसु देहि मुदित मन माता। जेहिं मुद मंगल कानन जाता।।
जनि सनेह बस डरपसि भोरें। आनँदु अंब अनुग्रह तोरें।।
दो0-बरष चारिदस बिपिन बसि करि पितु बचन प्रमान।
आइ पाय पुनि देखिहउँ मनु जनि करसि मलान।।53।।

Now taking charge of the situation like a mother in the world of mortals Kaushalya said to Ram, “Son, I beseech you, its time now for you to take bath quickly and then eat something sweet, of your choice (it is customary in India to eat something sweet before any expedition or event, it is supposed to be energizing and uplifting the mood), afterwards only you must proceed to meet your father. I am worried that it has already been too late for you.”

Shri Ram listened to such agreeable and nice words from his mother which were like the flowers dropping from the divine tree of affection it self. These flower like words were laced with the nectar of pleasure and were filled with all that brings the benefits of the world but still Shri Ram’s mind did not get distracted and lured. He was fully aware of the direction that the Dharma had to show, He is the one who is pivotal for the wheel of Dharma to move and hence replied His mother softly, “Father has given the kingdom of forests where I would have many benefits and accomplishments (Ram did not want her to listen any thing contrary to her mood, she hoped for him to get kingdom so he mentioned the kingdom, she said there will be many benefit so he mentioned of more than benefits i e of the benefits which were to his own liking). O Mother, you may now happily give me your permission so that I may proceed to jungles with pleasure and grace. You must not be overtaken by fear in the least out of your love for me, there will be a lot of rejoicing simply on account of your grace, blessings and good-wishes.

“I will just be there for four plus ten years and will have given substance to the words of my father (i e will have followed his command) and then I will come back to look at your feet (i e serve them the way you want), you must not be even slightly worried in your heart and feel sad.”

We have now covered up to Doha 53 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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