Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तात जाउँ बलि बेगि नहाहू। जो मन भाव मधुर कछु खाहू।।
पितु समीप तब जाएहु भैआ। भइ बड़ि बार जाइ बलि मैआ।।
मातु बचन सुनि अति अनुकूला। जनु सनेह सुरतरु के फूला।।
सुख मकरंद भरे श्रियमूला। निरखि राम मनु भवरुँ न भूला।।
धरम धुरीन धरम गति जानी। कहेउ मातु सन अति मृदु बानी।।
पिताँ दीन्ह मोहि कानन राजू। जहँ सब भाँति मोर बड़ काजू।।
आयसु देहि मुदित मन माता। जेहिं मुद मंगल कानन जाता।।
जनि सनेह बस डरपसि भोरें। आनँदु अंब अनुग्रह तोरें।।
दो0-बरष चारिदस बिपिन बसि करि पितु बचन प्रमान।
आइ पाय पुनि देखिहउँ मनु जनि करसि मलान।।53।।

We covered up to Doha 53 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that when Ram approached Kaushalya Maa to take leave of her, she greeted him with great love and elated mood. She spoke many benefits getting bestowed on Ayodhya and its people because now Ram was going to be the king. She beseeched Ram for hurrying up as the event of great importance was about to take place and delay would not be right. Ram patiently listened to words of mother which were laced with love and concern but he did not get swayed by these words and politely told mother about what father has wished for him which was to look after the kingdom of forests, taking care that his mother should not feel a jolt by listening to the suddenly reversed prospects. Ram assured mother that she should not be worrying as what was going to happen was to his own liking and that her blessings and goodwill will keep him in stead all the time. Ram told mother that it was a small period of time that he would be away showing it be just a sum of four years plus ten, trying to suggest that it would not be far too long that would he separated from her.

बचन बिनीत मधुर रघुबर के। सर सम लगे मातु उर करके।।
सहमि सूखि सुनि सीतलि बानी। जिमि जवास परें पावस पानी।।
कहि न जाइ कछु हृदय बिषादू। मनहुँ मृगी सुनि केहरि नादू।।
नयन सजल तन थर थर काँपी। माजहि खाइ मीन जनु मापी।।
धरि धीरजु सुत बदनु निहारी। गदगद बचन कहति महतारी।।
तात पितहि तुम्ह प्रानपिआरे। देखि मुदित नित चरित तुम्हारे।।
राजु देन कहुँ सुभ दिन साधा। कहेउ जान बन केहिं अपराधा।।
तात सुनावहु मोहि निदानू। को दिनकर कुल भयउ कृसानू।।
दो0-निरखि राम रुख सचिवसुत कारनु कहेउ बुझाइ।
सुनि प्रसंगु रहि मूक जिमि दसा बरनि नहिं जाइ।।54।।

The affable and soft words of Raghuvar Shri Ram pierced heart of Kaushalya and hurt her a lot; she became perplexed and pale by the impact of listening to the message of Shri Ram delivered in a cool manner and without agitation, it was like Jawas (a plant that dies when water is poured) getting killed under showers of rainy season. She was now unable to speak for her heart became overwhelmed by grief, she shrunk with fear like a small animal in the forest upon listening to the roar of lion. Her eyes became wet and she was now trembling like a fish choked on account of drinking froth. Then Kaushalya collected herself when she looked back at face of Shri Ram (Shri Ram’s face was not showing any signs of distress or lines of worry, this assured Kaushalya that all was not lost, her son was not upset. A mother is most perturbed when her son is internally suffering by some untold pain but she could gather that this was not the case hence regained her composure).

Kaushalya, the mother of Shri Ram, then spoke vivaciously showing no sign of panic (so that her son Ram does not have any contagion effect), she said, “O Son, you are as much dear to your father as his own life is to him, he has always been feeling happy and pleased looking at your deeds and conduct every passing day, he himself selected this fine day as the day for your incarnation what wrong doing on your part then would him make him want you to go to forest. Son, please give me the low down of it all, who exactly has tried to generate this fire that would make everyone in the family of Raghus suffer the heat of it.”

(Kaushalya never used to think only in terms of her own likes and dislikes, she could therefore gather that there was more to it then what had been told by Ram. She wanted to know whole story before trying to find a way out, if possible. People of mean nature react instantly but who are above self carefully weigh pros and cons before they respond.)

Even after mother asking Ram to explain the matter, Shri Ram kept his silence because he did not want to say anything that may be construed as speaking wrongly about his step-mother Kaikeyi and taking cue from Shri Ram the son of minister who was with him at that time explained the whole matter to kaushalya in detail. Kaushalya absorbed what was conveyed to her by the son of minister and became dumb like, her condition was such that would be hard to describe (she could well understand that the whole episode contained all that which could explode if the situation was not carefully dealt. She knew that the matter was beyond individualistic concern and spilled in to the region of statecraft. It portended to even start an internecine war hence all the caution was expected of her since her husband, the king had almost become incapacitated.)

We have now covered up to Doha 54 of Ayodhya Kand.

राखि न सकइ न कहि सक जाहू। दुहूँ भाँति उर दारुन दाहू।।
लिखत सुधाकर गा लिखि राहू। बिधि गति बाम सदा सब काहू।।
धरम सनेह उभयँ मति घेरी। भइ गति साँप छुछुंदरि केरी।।
राखउँ सुतहि करउँ अनुरोधू। धरमु जाइ अरु बंधु बिरोधू।।
कहउँ जान बन तौ बड़ि हानी। संकट सोच बिबस भइ रानी।।
बहुरि समुझि तिय धरमु सयानी। रामु भरतु दोउ सुत सम जानी।।
सरल सुभाउ राम महतारी। बोली बचन धीर धरि भारी।।
तात जाउँ बलि कीन्हेहु नीका। पितु आयसु सब धरमक टीका।।
दो0-राजु देन कहि दीन्ह बनु मोहि न सो दुख लेसु।
तुम्ह बिनु भरतहि भूपतिहि प्रजहि प्रचंड कलेसु।।55।।

Kaushalya was now in difficult situation and her predicament was that she could neither detain Shri Ram from going to forest nor she could plainly tell him to not go, in both ways she expected to be suffering from great agony in her heart. The ways of Brahma, the creator are such that work adversely for most and most of the time, this time he had written ‘Rahu’ while he first intended to write ‘moon’ (the moon and Rahu are enemy of each other in astrology, moon is benign star and Rahu is malevolent). On one hand she was expected to give weight to her Dharma (her duties as a queen) and on the other there was her own affection for Ram to be considered; her condition was like a snake fighting with a musk-rat (by eating which he will die and by leaving it he will be attacked back more fiercely).

She knew that if she prevails on keeping her son back in Ayodhya, by persuasion or by request, it will be tantamount to not keeping side of Dharma and creating a wedge between the brothers on one hand while on the other hand it will be a great personal loss to herself as well as a setback for the city of Ayodhya. This dilemma put her in great quandary and worrisome state.

Kaushalya, the intelligent one of the queens, considered what was her duty as the wife and mother and decided that she had no business to differentiate between her two sons Ram and Bharat, she therefore took them as equal in her own eyes. Mother Kaushalya had a simple approach, she was after all mother of Shri Ram (if Shri Ram was none other than the supreme God who is known to have equanimity and simplicity in his approach towards all his people then mother could not be any different), she also kept her patience and spoke with courage, “Son, you have resolved rightly, I endorse if fully; a father’s command should stand as the highest Dharma for the sons to follow.

“If he has decided to give the kingdom of forest rather than that of Ayodhya, I find it in no way a reason to be upset about; my only concern is that it will be resulting in immense setback for Bharat, for the king and for all the people in Ayodhya (they will find it too onerous to digest).”

We have now covered up to Doha 55 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijaytey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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