Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

राखि न सकइ न कहि सक जाहू। दुहूँ भाँति उर दारुन दाहू।।
लिखत सुधाकर गा लिखि राहू। बिधि गति बाम सदा सब काहू।।
धरम सनेह उभयँ मति घेरी। भइ गति साँप छुछुंदरि केरी।।
राखउँ सुतहि करउँ अनुरोधू। धरमु जाइ अरु बंधु बिरोधू।।
कहउँ जान बन तौ बड़ि हानी। संकट सोच बिबस भइ रानी।।
बहुरि समुझि तिय धरमु सयानी। रामु भरतु दोउ सुत सम जानी।।
सरल सुभाउ राम महतारी। बोली बचन धीर धरि भारी।।
तात जाउँ बलि कीन्हेहु नीका। पितु आयसु सब धरमक टीका।।
दो0-राजु देन कहि दीन्ह बनु मोहि न सो दुख लेसु।
तुम्ह बिनु भरतहि भूपतिहि प्रजहि प्रचंड कलेसु।।55।।

We covered up to Doha 55 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Maa Kaushalya became very disturbed listening to words of Ram conveying her in most polite manner that he had been asked to take charge of kingdom of forest rather than of Ayodhya. Kaushalya could gather that there is some thing more to it and wanted to know but instead of Ram telling the story to her, he signaled his companion, the son of the minister, to relate every thing concerning the matter. Kaushalaya could understand the gravity of matter and therefore kept her cool. She gave a cool thought to whole matter and concluded that it was not right for her to simply insist on keeping Ram back in Aayodhya and that in fact she should not see the two sons, Bharat and Ram,different in any way i e Bharat could well be the king of Ayodhya however she thought that the implication of Ram going to forest would be really the cause of concern because in absence of Ram even Bharat as also the king and the subjects will find it hard to stay calm and remain happy, she told Ram the same thing while praising Ram for His devotion to father and for His readiness to keep his word because that was really the call of Dharma.

जौं केवल पितु आयसु ताता। तौ जनि जाहु जानि बड़ि माता।।
जौं पितु मातु कहेउ बन जाना। तौं कानन सत अवध समाना।।
पितु बनदेव मातु बनदेवी। खग मृग चरन सरोरुह सेवी।।
अंतहुँ उचित नृपहि बनबासू। बय बिलोकि हियँ होइ हराँसू।।
बड़भागी बनु अवध अभागी। जो रघुबंसतिलक तुम्ह त्यागी।।
जौं सुत कहौ संग मोहि लेहू। तुम्हरे हृदयँ होइ संदेहू।।
पूत परम प्रिय तुम्ह सबही के। प्रान प्रान के जीवन जी के।।
ते तुम्ह कहहु मातु बन जाऊँ। मैं सुनि बचन बैठि पछिताऊँ।।
दो0-यह बिचारि नहिं करउँ हठ झूठ सनेहु बढ़ाइ।
मानि मातु कर नात बलि सुरति बिसरि जनि जाइ।।56II

Maa Kaushalya further advised Shri Ram saying, “If it is only the father’s desire, O My Son, I would have asked you to stay back as mother is entitled to have a greater say in respect of a son. If it the wish of both, mother and the father (here Kaushalya considered Kaikeyi having the right of mother as much as herself), then forest should not be any less than Ayodhya for you, a hundred ways of logic will still arrive at the same conclusion. You must consider the guardian deity of forest as your father and the goddess of the forest as your mother. The bird and beasts of the jungle would then serve your lotus (i e tender) feet.

“Towards the last part of his life a king is well advised to stay in jungles (because his duties towards the family and the state get finished and he should have chance to develop himself spiritually which is not possible otherwise on account of ego clashes while in the palace), it is only your young age that make me sad (for unless the mundane desires are not fulfilled, it becomes equally troublesome to stay in jungle, one needs to exhaust them first before deciding to become a recluse).

“It is the good fortune of the forest regions (that you will stay there) and misfortune of Ayodhya as you have decided to leave it (because you will be missed, the Ayodhya has pinned many hopes on your being the king). If I say to you, My Son, to take me along with you, you will naturally think that I am emotionally pressing you. You are very dear son of you father and the three mothers, you only have imparted life in to our dull lives which we lived before you were born and you are the very reason that we continue to hold our soul in body and live; you are such dear son and now you declare to your mother that you are leaving for forest. I have listened to such words and I am still sitting (i e have not fainted or died), only thinking about it as a simple loss.”

Kaushalya further told Ram, “I have told you all that has gone on in my mind and I do not want to further burden you with any false pretext on my part and give rise to still more intense emotion of love, my only pressing wish is that you would keep remembering me fondly as your mother and would not let me slip out of your mind (for I haven’t proved to be the best of mother in a way i e i am keeping in senses in spite of such disheartening news).”

देव पितर सब तुन्हहि गोसाई। राखहुँ पलक नयन की नाई।।
अवधि अंबु प्रिय परिजन मीना। तुम्ह करुनाकर धरम धुरीना।।
अस बिचारि सोइ करहु उपाई। सबहि जिअत जेहिं भेंटेहु आई।।
जाहु सुखेन बनहि बलि जाऊँ। करि अनाथ जन परिजन गाऊँ।।
सब कर आजु सुकृत फल बीता। भयउ कराल कालु बिपरीता।।
बहुबिधि बिलपि चरन लपटानी। परम अभागिनि आपुहि जानी।।
दारुन दुसह दाहु उर ब्यापा। बरनि न जाहिं बिलाप कलापा।।
राम उठाइ मातु उर लाई। कहि मृदु बचन बहुरि समुझाई।।
दो0-समाचार तेहि समय सुनि सीय उठी अकुलाइ।
जाइ सासु पद कमल जुग बंदि बैठि सिरु नाइ।।57।।

Kaushalya then becomes concerned for welfare of Ram, in the jungles and says, “I pray to spirit of departed elders of the family and to the gods to keep you as safe as the eyelids keep the eyes. From now onward the limited period of time that you will be away is like water for the fish like friends and relations, this period will keep them alive like water keeps alive the fishes (after the period of your exile is gone, none will remain alive so you must turn back by that time).

“You are an ocean of mercy and hold the pivot of Dharma, you must therefore ensure that you come back and see all of them alive (Kaushalya wanted this commitment from Ram because Ram had been away from her first for studies, secondly while accompanying Muni Vishwamitra, for only limited periods of time and each time Ram had achieved some thing for every one to be happy about hence she expected that this period may also be passed without anyone being too distressed however if the wait was going to be endless it will not be healthy in any way.

“You may surely leave for the woods now with pleasure though the family members and the subjects of Ayodhya will feel orphaned because the earlier news of your being the king (the king is like a father only) had made them too hopeful and relieved but that was not going to be case now. It is nothing but that the hoard of noble deeds which entitled to have us your company has finished for all of us together and the cycle of time has brought forth adversity as it is very staunch and never ever fails to deliver what is in store for people.”

(Kaushalya here made a point that the seekers who have firm belief in the word of a Guru do not care for the time in realizing God, their faith keeps them going on and on but the ordinary mortals who have had the taste of God’s presence and then get separated from Him i e lose sight of Him which was present in form of His graces and see hard times come back, they wish to enjoy back what they once had but within a limited period of time, beyond which they become distracted and fall in to despair. God who is ever merciful knows it but expects them to follow righteous practices and keep remembering him and comes back with graces in good time. We will later see how this exactly happens.)

In this way Kaushalya kept thinking of Shri Ram as the Supreme God and became emotionally weak and grabbed the feet of Shri Ram, she considered herself to be an unfortunate one of highest order, she was going to face separation from not only a loved one but from the gracious and merciful Lord too. It made her feet immense sorrowfulness in her heart and indescribable sounds of wailing and crying filled the atmosphere there. Shri Ram pulled His mother back and embraced her and then once again tried to calm her explaining matters in polite and sweet words. It was the time when Sita got news of it all and rushed panicking to where the mother-in-law was but keeping her discipline she only bowed down at the lotus feet of Kaushalya and sat back with her head bent (and avoided to interject vehemently though her stake was highest in the whole episode).

We have now covered Doha 57 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj KO Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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