Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देव पितर सब तुन्हहि गोसाई। राखहुँ पलक नयन की नाई।।
अवधि अंबु प्रिय परिजन मीना। तुम्ह करुनाकर धरम धुरीना।।
अस बिचारि सोइ करहु उपाई। सबहि जिअत जेहिं भेंटेहु आई।।
जाहु सुखेन बनहि बलि जाऊँ। करि अनाथ जन परिजन गाऊँ।।
सब कर आजु सुकृत फल बीता। भयउ कराल कालु बिपरीता।।
बहुबिधि बिलपि चरन लपटानी। परम अभागिनि आपुहि जानी।।
दारुन दुसह दाहु उर ब्यापा। बरनि न जाहिं बिलाप कलापा।।
राम उठाइ मातु उर लाई। कहि मृदु बचन बहुरि समुझाई।।
दो0-समाचार तेहि समय सुनि सीय उठी अकुलाइ।
जाइ सासु पद कमल जुग बंदि बैठि सिरु नाइ।।57।।

We have now covered up to Doha 57 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Kaushalya knew that it was now fait accompli that Ram leaves for jungles and therefore got worried on that account. She also thought that it would not be right for her to accompany as it would only complicate matters for Shri Ram; she therefore prayed to gods and souls of departed elders of family to keep Ram safe and settled in forest. She however wished to have a commitment from Shri Ram that he would come back right on the day the period of exile gets over because she thought that Ram was the real life imparting force for all people of Ayodhya and herself. When Kaushalya broke down due to excess of emotions, Ram tried to console her and right at that time Sita came panicking but did not say anything rather sat down quietly after touching feet of her mother-in-law.

दीन्हि असीस सासु मृदु बानी। अति सुकुमारि देखि अकुलानी।।
बैठि नमितमुख सोचति सीता। रूप रासि पति प्रेम पुनीता।।
चलन चहत बन जीवननाथू। केहि सुकृती सन होइहि साथू।।
की तनु प्रान कि केवल प्राना। बिधि करतबु कछु जाइ न जाना।।
चारु चरन नख लेखति धरनी। नूपुर मुखर मधुर कबि बरनी।।
मनहुँ प्रेम बस बिनती करहीं। हमहि सीय पद जनि परिहरहीं।।
मंजु बिलोचन मोचति बारी। बोली देखि राम महतारी।।
तात सुनहु सिय अति सुकुमारी। सासु ससुर परिजनहि पिआरी।।
दो0-पिता जनक भूपाल मनि ससुर भानुकुल भानु।
पति रबिकुल कैरव बिपिन बिधु गुन रूप निधानु।।58।।

When Sita came near Kaushalya in somber mood after listening to the news she paid her respects. Kaushalya gave blessings to her in an affable manner; she noticed that Sita was too young and very delicate and this made her uneasy and upset (for she thought that hard times have to be faced by Sita now). Sita displayed an abundance of beauty and looked very pure on account of her love for her Lord, Shri Ram which was also of the purest kind i e without a trace of selfishness and demand. She kept her head down and remained engrossed in her chain of thoughts. She thought, “My master, only for whom I live, is preparing to leave for forest, which of noble acts and righteous deeds will enable me to accompany Him. Will I go bodily with him keeping my breath intact or I my soul only will go leaving my body behind. The course set by the creator is hard to know in advance.”

Thinking in this manner Sita unmindfully began to draw lines on floor with her toe-nail and her anklets made tinkling sound in the process as if they were praying to Sita to not put them off her feet ever. Noticing that tears were flowing out of Sita’s beautiful eyes, mother of Shri Ram began to say to Him, “O Son, you are aware that Sita is very delicate, she is so dear to in-laws and other family members. Her father Janak is one of the revered kings and her father-in-law shines like sun among the scions of sun-dynasty. Her master i e you are the virtuous and beautiful one like moon to keep the lily like pure hearted descendants in sun-dynasty blooming happily.”

We have now covered up to Doha 58 of Ayodhya Kand.

मैं पुनि पुत्रबधू प्रिय पाई। रूप रासि गुन सील सुहाई।।
नयन पुतरि करि प्रीति बढ़ाई। राखेउँ प्रान जानिकिहिं लाई।।
कलपबेलि जिमि बहुबिधि लाली। सींचि सनेह सलिल प्रतिपाली।।
फूलत फलत भयउ बिधि बामा। जानि न जाइ काह परिनामा।।
पलँग पीठ तजि गोद हिंड़ोरा। सियँ न दीन्ह पगु अवनि कठोरा।।
जिअनमूरि जिमि जोगवत रहऊँ। दीप बाति नहिं टारन कहऊँ।।
सोइ सिय चलन चहति बन साथा। आयसु काह होइ रघुनाथा।
चंद किरन रस रसिक चकोरी। रबि रुख नयन सकइ किमि जोरी।।
दो0-करि केहरि निसिचर चरहिं दुष्ट जंतु बन भूरि।
बिष बाटिकाँ कि सोह सुत सुभग सजीवनि मूरि।।59।।

Kaushalya continued and said, “Besides, I have now a dear daughter-in-law who is so beautiful and is so virtuous and cultured. She is apple of my eye and I have always treated her as most dear to me, in a way I now live more fully since the time I got her here. I have tended her carefully like one tends the wish granting divine creeper, she has been nourished by the water of affection; right when the creeper is flowering and is about to deliver fruit, the fate has taken a bad turn, whats in store also can not be judged at this moment of crisis.

“Sita has never set foot on bare earth, she has been either on a soft bed or on a comfortable seat, or swaying back and forth in a swing or in my lap. I have kept her under watch like a treasure earned over a life time is kept, I haven’t ever asked her to blow out a lamp and now I see that she wants to go with you in to the forest, what would be your decision regarding this, O Lord of Raghus (Kaushalya also now speaks to Ram as a king, of the forest at least if not of Ayodhya) however I wonder how she who like a female Chakor bird has ever been enjoying the juice of rays spilling from your moon like face, will now look at your face, bright like a sun, in the open fields and unfriendly woods.

“Elephants, tigers and other ferocious animals will be there in the dense regions of forest which will also be home to demons that prefer to move in night time. Do you think that a life giving herb can flourish in a garden meant for poisonous plants?”

(Here we see how carefully the mothers-in-law in decent families treat there daughters-in-law, they even know what is there in their hearts even before they say a word. This is what builds a healthy family. They even give weightage to what their husbands say rather than prevail in matters that should best be decided between the couple themselves.

One the spiritual level we see here that Gyann Swaroopa Kaushalya tended  Bhakti Swaroopa Sita with care and effort and found and added life force to live i e Gyaan (Knowledge) get stronger when it has concern and  nearness to Bhakti, on the other hand Bhakti Swaroopa Sita had placed all her matters in the hands of Gyaan Swaroopa Kaushalya i e Bhakti knows that Gyaan will take its good care keep it ever in good stead but than Bhakti has a problem and that is that it can’t live without the Lord even for moment and that is the reason Bhakti Swaroopa Sita would not stay back when Lord Shri Ram will have gone from there. )

We have now covered up to Doha 59 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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