Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मातु पिता भगिनी प्रिय भाई। प्रिय परिवारु सुह्रद समुदाई।।
सासु ससुर गुर सजन सहाई। सुत सुंदर सुसील सुखदाई।।
जहँ लगि नाथ नेह अरु नाते। पिय बिनु तियहि तरनिहु ते ताते।।
तनु धनु धामु धरनि पुर राजू। पति बिहीन सबु सोक समाजू।।
भोग रोगसम भूषन भारू। जम जातना सरिस संसारू।।
प्राननाथ तुम्ह बिनु जग माहीं। मो कहुँ सुखद कतहुँ कछु नाहीं।।
जिय बिनु देह नदी बिनु बारी। तैसिअ नाथ पुरुष बिनु नारी।।
नाथ सकल सुख साथ तुम्हारें। सरद बिमल बिधु बदनु निहारें।।
दो0-खग मृग परिजन नगरु बनु बलकल बिमल दुकूल।
नाथ साथ सुरसदन सम परनसाल सुख मूल।।65।।

We covered up to Doha 65 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Sita overcame her shyness and replied to Shri Ram saying that it was not possible for her to remain alive in absence of Shri Ram and that nothing would give her pleasure of any kind if Shri Ram was not going to be with her. She also said that the reality was that all relations on mother’s side as well as on in-laws side though having very affectionate attitude and protective considerations can’t still provide what would please a woman who is without her husband. She laid stress on the point that only nearness with the husband can please her, be it in jungles or else where, the physical comfort and means of living were of little importance.

बनदेवीं बनदेव उदारा। करिहहिं सासु ससुर सम सारा।।

कुस किसलय साथरी सुहाई। प्रभु सँग मंजु मनोज तुराई।।

कंद मूल फल अमिअ अहारू। अवध सौध सत सरिस पहारू।।
छिनु छिनु प्रभु पद कमल बिलोकि। रहिहउँ मुदित दिवस जिमि कोकी।।
बन दुख नाथ कहे बहुतेरे। भय बिषाद परिताप घनेरे।।
प्रभु बियोग लवलेस समाना। सब मिलि होहिं न कृपानिधाना।।
अस जियँ जानि सुजान सिरोमनि। लेइअ संग मोहि छाड़िअ जनि।।
बिनती बहुत करौं का स्वामी। करुनामय उर अंतरजामी।।
दो0-राखिअ अवध जो अवधि लगि रहत न जनिअहिं प्रान।
दीनबंधु संदर सुखद सील सनेह निधान।।66।।

Sita further made out the case for her being together with Shri Ram in forest and said, “In the forest the liberal and generous gods and goddesses ruling in woods will take as much care of me as my in-laws do (Sita made a point that in forest there is no restriction artificially placed on any one to have access to resources unlike in cities and that in her in-laws place also she had no restriction placed on her). I will have suitable and nice bed made of the grass and leaves, it will be no less enjoyable than the dream bed when my Lord will be with me. The food consisting of the roots, tender stalks and fruits of wild plants will be nourishing and palatable and the mountains and hills will not be less than the manor like living spaces.

“I will have occasion to look at the lotus feet of my Lord Shri Ram every moment and this will keep me happy and amused during the day like the Chakrvak bird remains during the day time. My master has recounted many discomforts in living in wilderness, he mentioned the risks, woes and distressful times awaiting there but He has failed to appreciate that these together have lesser potential than a tiny period lived in separation from Him in making me unsettled and sad. Please give a little attention to this side, You are the most knowledgeable one and insightful; it is only necessary to take me along than leaving me here.

“O Lord, I think You would not want more pleading and begging on my part, You are merciful and also always know what goes on in my heart (Sita in a way reminded Shri Ram his qualities as the Supreme Lord of Universe known to all his devotees which she also experienced as His beloved wife all along along).

Sita then told Shri Ram that if He would still want her to stay back in Ayodhya for the entire length of time of His living in forest then surely He should know that she would not stay alive and that knowing Him as a friend of the troubled and helpless ones, as the one who ensures decent pleasures for all, as being treasure house of love and as a pillar of a balanced and civilized behavior, she hoped for a sympathetic outcome.

We have now covered up to Doha 66 of Ayodhya Kand.

मोहि मग चलत न होइहि हारी। छिनु छिनु चरन सरोज निहारी।।
सबहि भाँति पिय सेवा करिहौं। मारग जनित सकल श्रम हरिहौं।।
पाय पखारी बैठि तरु छाहीं। करिहउँ बाउ मुदित मन माहीं।।
श्रम कन सहित स्याम तनु देखें। कहँ दुख समउ प्रानपति पेखें।।
सम महि तृन तरुपल्लव डासी। पाग पलोटिहि सब निसि दासी।।
बारबार मृदु मूरति जोही। लागहि तात बयारि न मोही।
को प्रभु सँग मोहि चितवनिहारा। सिंघबधुहि जिमि ससक सिआरा।।
मैं सुकुमारि नाथ बन जोगू। तुम्हहि उचित तप मो कहुँ भोगू।।
दो0-ऐसेउ बचन कठोर सुनि जौं न ह्रदउ बिलगान।
तौ प्रभु बिषम बियोग दुख सहिहहिं पावँर प्रान।।67।।

Sita then depicted a whole scenario before Shri Ram as to how is she going to pass time in exile with Him by saying, “I will not be tired while tracking the difficult terrain as I would be getting refreshed by looking at Your lotus feet (the activities in the world are tiresome but those who keep an eye on Shri Ram’s feet and get to know how He carried out duties do not get harassed). I will serve the beloved Lord in every way, will try to relieve You of all the fatigue on account of walking the rough road. I shall wash up Your feet under the shady trees and swing fan for cool air with pleasure and happiness. The small droplets of sweat appearing on the dark blue complexioned body of my beloved one will present such a sight that it will not leave room for any kind of grieving.

“The grass and the leaves of the trees spread over a leveled earth will be Your bed and there this maid in Your service will give massage to Your legs for the whole of the night. The soft and elegant form of Yours will be looked at by me and the hot winds will have no effect on me. As for my safety, who on earth will dare to throw a glance in my direction with You around me, does a lioness ever find herself under threat from a small baby of a jackal. If I am delicate and young then how O Lord you are competent to go in to jungle, You too are delicate and young; it can’t be that for You Tapa (penance) is advisable while I am left free to enjoy material pleasures.

“If such command delivered in stern fashion is not able to rend my heart, then may be my poor living self is condemned to bear the unnerving and terrible separation from my Lord (which condition would not leave me alive).”

(The devotees who serve the form of Lord Shri Ram in the same fashion as Sita committed to do while in forest with pleasure and attention placed on His Leelas, find that life’s course remains enjoyable and stress-free although the conditions might be bad and troublesome. If however only the luxuries of life attracts without a body and mind that is ready to engage in Puja (worship) and Bhajan (prayer) of the deity of preference then surely the troubled times are to be faced, sooner or later.)

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!
Shri Jankivallabhi Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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