Ramcharit Charcha CCCLXXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

दीन्हि मोहि सिख नीकि गोसाईं। लागि अगम अपनी कदराईं।।
नरबर धीर धरम धुर धारी। निगम नीति कहुँ ते अधिकारी।।
मैं सिसु प्रभु सनेहँ प्रतिपाला। मंदरु मेरु कि लेहिं मराला।।
गुर पितु मातु न जानउँ काहू। कहउँ सुभाउ नाथ पतिआहू।।
जहँ लगि जगत सनेह सगाई। प्रीति प्रतीति निगम निजु गाई।।
मोरें सबइ एक तुम्ह स्वामी। दीनबंधु उर अंतरजामी।।
धरम नीति उपदेसिअ ताही। कीरति भूति सुगति प्रिय जाही।।
मन क्रम बचन चरन रत होई। कृपासिंधु परिहरिअ कि सोई।।
दो0-करुनासिंधु सुबंध के सुनि मृदु बचन बिनीत।
समुझाए उर लाइ प्रभु जानि सनेहँ सभीत।।72।।

We covered up to Doha 72 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that after Ram’s advice to Lakshman, Lakshman responded by saying that he did not have any other person to have his affection directed at or any other duty to perform in the mundane world and that he had only Shri Ram to love and serve. In this light it was not of any consequence if any advice suggesting the prescribed duties as per scriptures or the lure of the benefits of life to be gained by a righteous living came his way. Lakshman lastly wanted to know if it was in any way right for the ocean of mercy that Ram was to ignore this leaning of his and leave him back in Ayodhya. Ram later brought Lakshman, his accomplished and decent brother, in embrace and finding him fearful on account of his love for Himself, gave him some specific instructions.

मागहु बिदा मातु सन जाई। आवहु बेगि चलहु बन भाई।।
मुदित भए सुनि रघुबर बानी। भयउ लाभ बड़ गइ बड़ि हानी।।
हरषित ह्दयँ मातु पहिं आए। मनहुँ अंध फिरि लोचन पाए।
जाइ जननि पग नायउ माथा। मनु रघुनंदन जानकि साथा।।
पूँछे मातु मलिन मन देखी। लखन कही सब कथा बिसेषी।।
गई सहमि सुनि बचन कठोरा। मृगी देखि दव जनु चहु ओरा।।
लखन लखेउ भा अनरथ आजू। एहिं सनेह बस करब अकाजू।।
मागत बिदा सभय सकुचाहीं। जाइ संग बिधि कहिहि कि नाही।।
दो0-समुझि सुमित्राँ राम सिय रूप सुसीलु सुभाउ।
नृप सनेहु लखि धुनेउ सिरु पापिनि दीन्ह कुदाउ।।73।।

Shri Ram told Lakshman in the end, “O Brother, you may now go to Sumitra Maa, take her permission and bid her good bye and rush back, we would leave for forest together.” Such agreeable stance of Raghuvar Shri Ram made Lakshman happy, he thought that he was saved from suffering a big loss and had been grated a very special reward; rejoicing and pleased within, Lakshman came to his mother Sumitra, Lakshman was now as happy and relieved as a blind person gets to be after he gets back his vision. Lakshman bowed down at feet of mother, his heart and mind was still keeping company of Raghunandan Shri Ram and Janki Sita. Sensing the worrisome look of Lakshman, Mother wanted to know the reason of it (though apparently happy now, mother could gather that he had undergone some anxious moments, such is the capacity of a mother to know the plight of sons). Lakshman related the whole story stressing on the important parts, the import of such terrible turn of events made her cringe and cower in the same way as would a female deer upon getting surrounded by the wildfire. Lakshman thought that it was now unmaking of his good fortune at hand, mother would spoil his chance of accompanying Shri Ram out of her love for him and therefore he became very skeptical and uneasy while asking for leave. He wondered within his heart whether she would allow him to leave or not, what the destiny has in store.

Mother Sumiltra then reminded herself of the pleasing persona of Shri Ram and of Sita and their humble nature and considered the extent of love of king for them and concluded that sinner Kaikeyi really hadbehaved in a very dastardly manner and acted in a very contemptible way and pounded her palm against her head in anguish.

We have now covered up to Doha 73 of Ayodhya Kand.

धीरजु धरेउ कुअवसर जानी। सहज सुह्द बोली मृदु बानी।।
तात तुम्हारि मातु बैदेही। पिता रामु सब भाँति सनेही।।
अवध तहाँ जहँ राम निवासू। तहँइँ दिवसु जहँ भानु प्रकासू।।
जौ पै सीय रामु बन जाहीं। अवध तुम्हार काजु कछु नाहिं।।
गुर पितु मातु बंधु सुर साई। सेइअहिं सकल प्रान की नाईं।।
रामु प्रानप्रिय जीवन जी के। स्वारथ रहित सखा सबही कै।।
पूजनीय प्रिय परम जहाँ तें। सब मानिअहिं राम के नातें।।
अस जियँ जानि संग बन जाहू। लेहु तात जग जीवन लाहू।।
दो0-भूरि भाग भाजनु भयहु मोहि समेत बलि जाउँ।
जौम तुम्हरें मन छाड़ि छलु कीन्ह राम पद ठाउँ।।74।।

Sumitra then kept her patience and regained poise thinking that it was a very sad moment in life; she being congenial by her very nature began to address Lakshman in her soft voice, “O Son, the fact is that your mother is Bhagwati Sita and you father is none other than Shri Ram who has always been loving you as His child (Sumitra in fact knew of the leaning of Lakshman’s heart and that he always considered Sita, the Adishakti i e primordial force behind all creation, as mother and considered Shri Ram, the father of universe i e God as father. She knew Lashman was a devotee and recluse and only could relate to Shri Ram, the Supreme God).

“For you, Ayodhya is where Shri Ram stays and naturally so because the day would be only there where there is light of the sun (Ayodhya means a state of mind where there is no conflict and such a mind can only be where there is thought of Shri Ram, the Go. Shri Ram is going out of Ayodhya because a conflict of interest has developed).

“If Shri Ram and Sita are leaving for forest, naturally for a person like you there is nothing left here. It is said that Guru, father , mother, the brother, the gods and even a master, all should be served and cared for like one’s own life. Shri Ram is as dear to you as the life, rather He is the one who is reason for living and the real imparter of the spark of life. Shri Ram as God is without any self serving angle and in fact He is the fried of all (as God, He only sustains the life of all).

“All those who are considered to be respectable, adorable or very dear, should be considered to be so only on account of their relation-ship with Shri Ram (i e those who love Ram can be loved, those who respectfully serve Shri Ram need be respected and also reversely who are given respect by Shri Ram might be respectable and who are loved by Ram are lovable). With this in view and imbibing this wisdom, you may go with Him in to the jungle and this way have the whole benefit of taking birth in this world and of living a right kind of life (she meant that Lakshman was lucky to have been allowed to come with him by Shri Ram and since he was accompanying Shri Ram as per will of Shri Ram it is the greatest benefit for her son, she also therefore should have no hitch in sending him).

“It is however my grandest fortune too that you are the luckiest one (to be able to go with Shri Ram) and have decided to have your entire attention placed at the feet of Shri Ram, checking the playfulness of the mind, your stead fast allegiance to Shri Ram is best thing to happen, I swear.”

(Sumitra has a very friendly disposition and hence has least of mental disturbance; a quiet mind is capable of knowing what otherwise remains unknown. She therefore has known where the mind of Lakshman has always been and what is the real status of Shri Ram and Sita. With this knowledge she has overcome her grief and is providing right guidance to her son too. Doing Tapa and Mantra-jaap etc are mostly aimed at quietening the mind to such level as it can have reflection of God and see the God around. Sumitra represent the Bhaav-shakti, the power of emotions, when emotions become God-oriented, the Vairagya takes birth, Lakshman is embodiment of Viragya, the dispassion and Sumitra is embodiment of Bhakti-bhaav, devotional mind which knows of no enemy.)

We have now covered up to Doha 74 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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