Ramcharit Charcha CCCCXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Krishna,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jia Ram II

सुनि मुनि बचन प्रेम रस साने। सकुचि राम मन महुँ मुसुकाने।।
बालमीकि हँसि कहहिं बहोरी। बानी मधुर अमिअ रस बोरी।।
सुनहु राम अब कहउँ निकेता। जहाँ बसहु सिय लखन समेता।।
जिन्ह के श्रवन समुद्र समाना। कथा तुम्हारि सुभग सरि नाना।।
भरहिं निरंतर होहिं न पूरे। तिन्ह के हिय तुम्ह कहुँ गृह रूर
लोचन चातक जिन्ह करि राखे। रहहिं दरस जलधर अभिलाषे।।
निदरहिं सरित सिंधु सर भारी। रूप बिंदु जल होहिं सुखारी।।
तिन्ह के हृदय सदन सुखदायक। बसहु बंधु सिय सह रघुनायक।।
दो0-जसु तुम्हार मानस बिमल हंसिनि जीहा जासु।
मुकुताहल गुन गन चुनइ राम बसहु हियँ तासु।।128।।

We covered up to Doha 128 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that when up on wanting to know from the Muni about a suitable place for stay, Muni began to speak about Shri Ram’s real nature, about His many virtues, the real purpose behind His avatar etc and referred to His omnipresence and also posed a question back to know first where was it that Shri Ram was not present which made Shri Ram feel a bit of embarrassment at first (as naturally when one listens to own praises one get embarrassed) but then smile within because He realized that what Muni said was true also. Muni then smilingly began telling Shri Ram places where he could stay and suggested that He may well stay in hearts of those who wish to endlessly listen to His Kathas, next Muni told Shri Ram to consider for stay the hearts of those who meditate on the form of Shri Ram just to have a glimpse of Him to exclusion of all else. Further Muni suggested that Shri Ram could even stay in hearts of those pick His virtues from out His famous Leelas and sing them with their tongue.

प्रभु प्रसाद सुचि सुभग सुबासा। सादर जासु लहइ नित नासा।।
तुम्हहि निबेदित भोजन करहीं। प्रभु प्रसाद पट भूषन धरहीं।।
सीस नवहिं सुर गुरु द्विज देखी। प्रीति सहित करि बिनय बिसेषी।।
कर नित करहिं राम पद पूजा। राम भरोस हृदयँ नहि दूजा।।
चरन राम तीरथ चलि जाहीं। राम बसहु तिन्ह के मन माहीं।।
मंत्रराजु नित जपहिं तुम्हारा। पूजहिं तुम्हहि सहित परिवारा।।
तरपन होम करहिं बिधि नाना। बिप्र जेवाँइ देहिं बहु दाना।।
तुम्ह तें अधिक गुरहि जियँ जानी। सकल भायँ सेवहिं सनमानी।।
दो0-सबु करि मागहिं एक फलु राम चरन रति होउ।
तिन्ह कें मन मंदिर बसहु सिय रघुनंदन दोउ।।129।।

Muni Valmiki then explained to Shri Ram that hearts of those are good for abiding for Shri Ram and Sita who love to smell through their nostrils the fragrance of incense burned in Your temples and of other fragrant items like flowers and Chandan (fragrant paste) after offering them to Lord while worshiping the Lord everyday treating it as Prasad, as their reward; who first offer the food to You before having it themselves; who put on clothes and ornaments with Your approval and for Your pleasure; who bow down their heads before the Dwijas (i e Brahmanas), the Gurus (i e the elders and teachers) and the gods with utmost respect, humility and love; who everyday engage themselves bodily in service of the feet of the Lord who is none other than You and fully trust and rest their hopes on their Lord that is You only; who use their feet to take them to those specific places which have special status due to some special connection with You and Your Leelas i e the Teerthas.

“Who constantly take Ram-naam i e Your name which is the king of all Mantras and worship You along with their families (i e even such house-holders who live families but ensure that everyone in their family joins in Your service and worship) as well as carry on the recommended activities of Home (the offering of Samidha in fire for pleasure of gods) and Tarpan (offer water to departed manes) and offer foods to Vipras along with Dakshina (give material stuffs and money with honor) routinely and consider the Guru even more than You (because he initiates them in right path to reach You) and serve the Guru with due respect and willingness but against all this wish to have just this as reward that they develop more and more love for Your feet, both of You, O Raghunanadan Shri Ram and Sita, must make the beautiful hearts of such people as Your home to stay”, Muni Valmiki thus recommended the case of house-holders to Shri Ram out of his concern for them.

We have now covered up to Doha 129 of Ayodhya Kand.

काम कोह मद मान न मोहा। लोभ न छोभ न राग न द्रोहा।।
जिन्ह कें कपट दंभ नहिं माया। तिन्ह कें हृदय बसहु रघुराया।।
सब के प्रिय सब के हितकारी। दुख सुख सरिस प्रसंसा गारी।।
कहहिं सत्य प्रिय बचन बिचारी। जागत सोवत सरन तुम्हारी।।
तुम्हहि छाड़ि गति दूसरि नाहीं। राम बसहु तिन्ह के मन माहीं।।
जननी सम जानहिं परनारी। धनु पराव बिष तें बिष भारी।।
जे हरषहिं पर संपति देखी। दुखित होहिं पर बिपति बिसेषी।।
जिन्हहि राम तुम्ह प्रानपिआरे। तिन्ह के मन सुभ सदन तुम्हारे।।
दो0-स्वामि सखा पितु मातु गुर जिन्ह के सब तुम्ह तात।
मन मंदिर तिन्ह कें बसहु सीय सहित दोउ भ्रात।।130।।

Muni continued giving idea to Shri Ram about the suitable homes for Shri Ram and said,”Hearts of those may well be lived in by You who don’t nurture lustful desires, who are not agitated or angry for nothing, who are not intoxicated on account of their status etc, who are not arrogant or are not illusive or falsely possessive; who have no greed, who don’t resent or feel embittered, who are not covetous and who do not retaliate; who are not scheming and cunning, who are not given to falsehood nor are deceitful.

“Those who are loved by most and keep concern for most, who take the praises or the criticism with equanimity and remain balanced in times of hardship or cheerful times; who thoughtfully speak but only the truth in a pleasing manner, who seek to remain under Your shelter whether awake or sleeping (i e consciously or sub-consciously) and for whom the only refuge is You, in hearts of such people You may abide, O Ram.

“Who look at the women of others’ as respectfully as at their own mothers, who consider the wealth of others’ as deadly poison and avoid using or misappropriating it for themselves but are always happy to see others prosper and particularly feel unhappy when they see others in trouble; most of all those who love You more than their own lives, such peoples’ hearts are the auspicious abodes for You.

“Who see in You their master, their friend, their fathers or mothers and their Guru, such peoples’ hearts and minds are the perfect homes for Sita and You, the two brothers.”

We have now covered up to Doha 130 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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