Ramcharit Charcha CDLV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

अवसि नरेस बचन फुर करहू। पालहु प्रजा सोकु परिहरहू।।
सुरपुर नृप पाइहि परितोषू। तुम्ह कहुँ सुकृत सुजसु नहिं दोषू।।
बेद बिदित संमत सबही का। जेहि पितु देइ सो पावइ टीका।।
करहु राजु परिहरहु गलानी। मानहु मोर बचन हित जानी।।
सुनि सुखु लहब राम बैदेहीं। अनुचित कहब न पंडित केहीं।।
कौसल्यादि सकल महतारीं। तेउ प्रजा सुख होहिं सुखारीं।।
परम तुम्हार राम कर जानिहि। सो सब बिधि तुम्ह सन भल मानिहि।।
सौंपेहु राजु राम कै आएँ। सेवा करेहु सनेह सुहाएँ।।
दो0-कीजिअ गुर आयसु अवसि कहहिं सचिव कर जोरि।
रघुपति आएँ उचित जस तस तब करब बहोरि।।175।।

We covered up to Doha 175 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Muni Vashishtth advised Bharat to get ready to rule over Ayodhya and to stop grieving for this only will ensure good of people and this only would have got approval of the king who was no more besides it will also be path of righteousness and repute for Bharat. Muni told Bharat that scriptures as well as all other people acknowledge that its father’s right to nominate the king hence he need not feel bad about it and that he was being told only what was in his interest. Muni explained that Sita and Shri Ram will be pleased and none would call it wrong; the mothers will be pleased too as the subjects of Ayodhya will be looked after nicely. Muni said to Bharat that who know Bharat’s relationship of love with Shri Ram would see it as a favor done by Bharat and that upon return of Shri Ram the responsibility could well be handed back to Him and Bharat could well devote himself in His service. The ministers also besought Bharat to act like Muni had opined.

कौसल्या धरि धीरजु कहई। पूत पथ्य गुर आयसु अहई।।
सो आदरिअ करिअ हित मानी। तजिअ बिषादु काल गति जानी।।
बन रघुपति सुरपति नरनाहू। तुम्ह एहि भाँति तात कदराहू।।
परिजन प्रजा सचिव सब अंबा। तुम्हही सुत सब कहँ अवलंबा।।
लखि बिधि बाम कालु कठिनाई। धीरजु धरहु मातु बलि जाई।।
सिर धरि गुर आयसु अनुसरहू। प्रजा पालि परिजन दुखु हरहू।।
गुर के बचन सचिव अभिनंदनु। सुने भरत हिय हित जनु चंदनु।।
सुनी बहोरि मातु मृदु बानी। सील सनेह सरल रस सानी।।
छं0-सानी सरल रस मातु बानी सुनि भरत ब्याकुल भए।
लोचन सरोरुह स्त्रवत सींचत बिरह उर अंकुर नए।।
सो दसा देखत समय तेहि बिसरी सबहि सुधि देह की।
तुलसी सराहत सकल सादर सीवँ सहज सनेह की।।
सो0-भरतु कमल कर जोरि धीर धुरंधर धीर धरि।
बचन अमिअँ जनु बोरि देत उचित उत्तर सबहि।।176।।

Seeing now an opportunity to interject mother Kaushalya very patiently said to Bharat, “O Son, what Gurus suggests is always the best course and therefore you must hold it in high esteem and act out accordingly knowing it to be helpful and beneficial. Its no occasion to be remorseful now since it is what had to happen for its time had come. King, the guardian of people of Ayodhya, has joined chief of gods in heaven and Shri Ram, the guardian of Raghus, is in exile and you, O Son, have developed cold feet and have become evasive in hour of need. You haven’t realized that for the family members, the ministers and the subjects including us mothers, you only are the pillar of strength now, O Dear Son.

“Knowing that Brahma’s stance is adverse to us and its difficult time for us, you must be courageous and cool, beg you for this while I am ready to sacrifice my own life. Your bounden duty is to follow the advice of Guru and that way bring the people out of morass and bring an end to distress of the family members (for they feel bad as members of royal household seeing the people heading to chaos without a king to look after administration).”

Bharat listened to what Guru said and also noted that he had confidence and respect from the side of ministers and felt like a cool coating of sandal wood paste had been applied to his burning heart and later also listened to the softly spoken words of mother which were laced with juice (essence) of decency, affection and simplicity.

But mother’s talk drenched in nectar of simplicity upset Bharat a bit and tears flowed from his eyes enabling feeling of separation sprouting afresh. Looking at condition of Shri Bharat at this hour all lost sense of their own bodies as all now were mindful and appreciative of the extent of natural love encased in heart of Bharat which took them all in a different world, thus observes Tulsi.

Shortly afterwards Bharat, strong and stable minded, folded hands and patiently addressed all giving appropriate replies to them in words steeped in life giving substance.

We have now covered up to Doha 176 of Ayodhya Kand and this coincides with 18th rest for a month long recital.

मोहि उपदेसु दीन्ह गुर नीका। प्रजा सचिव संमत सबही का।।
मातु उचित धरि आयसु दीन्हा। अवसि सीस धरि चाहउँ कीन्हा।।
गुर पितु मातु स्वामि हित बानी। सुनि मन मुदित करिअ भलि जानी।।
उचित कि अनुचित किएँ बिचारू। धरमु जाइ सिर पातक भारू।।
तुम्ह तौ देहु सरल सिख सोई। जो आचरत मोर भल होई।।
जद्यपि यह समुझत हउँ नीकें। तदपि होत परितोषु न जी कें।।
अब तुम्ह बिनय मोरि सुनि लेहू। मोहि अनुहरत सिखावनु देहू।।
ऊतरु देउँ छमब अपराधू। दुखित दोष गुन गनहिं न साधू।।
दो0-पितु सुरपुर सिय रामु बन करन कहहु मोहि राजु।
एहि तें जानहु मोर हित कै आपन बड़ काजु।।177।।

Pouring out his feelings Bharat said, “Guru has given welfare oriented and right advice, it contains approval of people and ministers, mother also considered what is right and then gave her instructions; I definitely wish to honor and act up on what Guru and mother wish me to do. I know also that what Guru, father, mother and master say is only for the benefit and welfare and therefore they should be listened to carefully and one should then happily give practical treatment to what they say because these people have more of our interest than their own.

“I also know that by trying to analyze worth of their advice my own Dharma will be under stress and burden of some sins will have to be carried (because a student, son or servant would not have such capacity to duly know the sense of the advice given due to lack of insight and lack of independence from involvement of self which is sure to lead them in wrong direction). You all have given a simple solution and if acted up on it will only be in my favor and interest; I understand this very well but some how it doesn’t quite appeal to my heart and hence you all must please consider my submission and later in its light only please instruct me what you consider right. That I am countering your view is a crime in itself but I seek your pardon as the selfless and good-hearted people do not give weight to faults of people in distress.

“My father is now in heaven and Shri Ram and Sita have moved to jungle and therefore you instruct me you rule over Ayodhya; you in fact mistakenly take it to be in my own interest and also wrongly assess that it will be any big relief for you all.”

(Bharat meant that it is only because of a certain situation that he is thought to be a fit king, its not the the result of assessing his competence; this is how we should also always first look at our competence before assuming a big responsibility, not because some high position can be grabbed easily because of circumstances).

We have now covered up to Doha 177 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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