Ramcharit Charcha CDLVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मोहि उपदेसु दीन्ह गुर नीका। प्रजा सचिव संमत सबही का।।
मातु उचित धरि आयसु दीन्हा। अवसि सीस धरि चाहउँ कीन्हा।।
गुर पितु मातु स्वामि हित बानी। सुनि मन मुदित करिअ भलि जानी।।
उचित कि अनुचित किएँ बिचारू। धरमु जाइ सिर पातक भारू।।
तुम्ह तौ देहु सरल सिख सोई। जो आचरत मोर भल होई।।
जद्यपि यह समुझत हउँ नीकें। तदपि होत परितोषु न जी कें।।
अब तुम्ह बिनय मोरि सुनि लेहू। मोहि अनुहरत सिखावनु देहू।।
ऊतरु देउँ छमब अपराधू। दुखित दोष गुन गनहिं न साधू।।
दो0-पितु सुरपुर सिय रामु बन करन कहहु मोहि राजु।
एहि तें जानहु मोर हित कै आपन बड़ काजु।।177।।

We covered up to Doha 177 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Bharat acknowledged that Guru’s precepts and lessons contained his welfare and all had endorsed the same; mother too had instructed rightly and he wished to do likewise because Guru, father, mother and the master always give benefic advice which must be happily honored without even testing it otherwise ones Dharma would be lost and burden of sin would have be carried. Bharat said that all of you also preached straightly practicing which only benefits were to be drawn and that he believed that also but it would not bring any peace to his heart. Bharat then asked to be kindly listened to first and then be advised in that light wanting to be excused for his stern response as the gentle people do not mind the faults of someone in distress. He said that they asked him to rule because father was in heaven and Shri Ram was exiled in to jungles thinking that this would be good for him and would be serving their purpose as well (without considering whether he deserved it and whether he was competent).

हित हमार सियपति सेवकाई। सो हरि लीन्ह मातु कुटिलाई।।
मैं अनुमानि दीख मन माहीं। आन उपायँ मोर हित नाहीं।।
सोक समाजु राजु केहि लेखें। लखन राम सिय बिनु पद देखें।।
बादि बसन बिनु भूषन भारू। बादि बिरति बिनु ब्रह्म बिचारू।।
सरुज सरीर बादि बहु भोगा। बिनु हरिभगति जायँ जप जोगा।।
जायँ जीव बिनु देह सुहाई। बादि मोर सबु बिनु रघुराई।।
जाउँ राम पहिं आयसु देहू। एकहिं आँक मोर हित एहू।।
मोहि नृप करि भल आपन चहहू। सोउ सनेह जड़ता बस कहहू।।
दो0-कैकेई सुअ कुटिलमति राम बिमुख गतलाज।
तुम्ह चाहत सुखु मोहबस मोहि से अधम कें राज।।178।।

Bharat further said, “My welfare and good lies in serving the Lord of Sita (meaning that ones welfare lies in serving the Lord of Maya in this world of contradictions) and the opportunity has been snatched from me because of my mother’s awkward and malicious action. I have peeped in to my own heart and have checked but have found that other than to do this (i e serve the Lord of the Universe who is beyond ‘Maya’) nothing else can really of benefit or peace giving to me.

“To rule without having a chance to look at the feet of Lakshman, Shri Ram and Sita will only be a bundle of sorrow, a collection of grief, view it from any angle. It is absurd to be loaded with ornaments without having clothes on and it is of no avail to contemplate on Brahman, the Supreme God, without first having dispassion (as the thought stream directed at the world and at supernatural can not be simultaneously kept on, it would not be complementary but would only distract).

“For a one with a diseased body, uncontrolled consumption is not recommended; if one doesn’t have devotion to Lord Hari, all his efforts put in doing Japa and Yoga etc are bound to go waste. A beautiful body when it loses spark of life i e ceases to be alive, it remains of no use, similar is my case in all respects without Raghuraj Shri Ram being present before me.

“I you all permit me I would like to go to see Shri Ram, I find this only as an option that would be in my interest and welfare. If you think that you would be ensuring your own good by making me the king then please understand that it is only an out come of your affection for me (which also blinds one viz a viz reality) or due to your inability to think properly (as people alive to a situation and need).

“Is it not your delusive thinking and mistaken understanding that you expect relief under my regime who is son of Kaikeyi, the one with crooked mind, who has been adverse to Ram and who is bereft of all shame (in doing what she did, being son I must be having some of these traits too).”

(Here it might be thought that Bharat is over-reacting but no, he is telling a very plain truth that unless the mind turned away from the worldly considerations, the God-orientation can’t be maintained. The opportunities that come our way due to circumstances but not as matter of right and come as an easy course open to us are not be benefited from. People like Bharat always submit to God for guidance and not rush to conclude as every one else in Ayodhya seemed to do. Also Bharat thought since he is son of Kaikeyi he might be having her faults too and for such people one step in wrong direction is likely to take them all the way to ruination, if a stop has to be applied it is here itself not at some time later when baser tendencies take over. The whole matter is to be very subtly understood as in fact it tells us a lot.)

We have now covered up to Doha 178 of Ayodhya kand.

कहउँ साँचु सब सुनि पतिआहू। चाहिअ धरमसील नरनाहू।।
मोहि राजु हठि देइहहु जबहीं। रसा रसातल जाइहि तबहीं।।
मोहि समान को पाप निवासू। जेहि लगि सीय राम बनबासू।।
रायँ राम कहुँ काननु दीन्हा। बिछुरत गमनु अमरपुर कीन्हा।।
मैं सठु सब अनरथ कर हेतू। बैठ बात सब सुनउँ सचेतू।।
बिनु रघुबीर बिलोकि अबासू। रहे प्रान सहि जग उपहासू।।
राम पुनीत बिषय रस रूखे। लोलुप भूमि भोग के भूखे।।
कहँ लगि कहौं हृदय कठिनाई। निदरि कुलिसु जेहिं लही बड़ाई।।
दो0-कारन तें कारजु कठिन होइ दोसु नहि मोर।
कुलिस अस्थि तें उपल तें लोह कराल कठोर।।179।।

Bharat further said, “I only speak the truth and you must believe me; a King, master of his people, should only be righteous and dutiful. The moment you will insist and entrust me with the kingship, this world which is so beautiful will immediately sink and reach the bottom (i e its retrieval from pit of difficulties will be impossible).

“Who else houses the sins like me, it is me who is the prime reason for the exile of Sita and Shri Ram; you might say that king sent him to jungle but realize it that as soon as separated from Shri Ram he left for heavens. Me, a hopelessly foolish person, is behind all this untoward happening and see I am listening to all that you talked and absorbing it all too (this proves that I am foolish and dumb) though in fact without finding Raghuveer Shri Ram at home, I kept breathing and remained alive unmindful of the ridicule of the people.

“Shri Ram, the pious one, has always been disinterested in enjoyment of pleasures and here is me who now longs for pleasures of the world and control over land. How long should I be telling you sternness of my heart and skewed behavior which is challenging the hardness of a compact stone.

“However it is no wonder what I am like and I am not to be faulted for it because the effect has always been found to be more strong than the cause itself like all know that an instrument made of the bones is more damaging and the iron which is produced out of the lumps of ore is more tough (Bharat meant to say that if he is born of Kaikeyi’s womb, he must be having faults of greater intensity than her).”

(We must appreciate that Bharat is engaged in tremendous inrospection of self; this is what is needed for real progress in spirituality and for nearness to God.)

We have now covered up to Doha 179 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj KO Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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