Ramcharit Charcha CDLXII

Ii Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सई तीर बसि चले बिहाने। सृंगबेरपुर सब निअराने।।
समाचार सब सुने निषादा। हृदयँ बिचार करइ सबिषादा।।
कारन कवन भरतु बन जाहीं। है कछु कपट भाउ मन माहीं।।
जौं पै जियँ न होति कुटिलाई। तौ कत लीन्ह संग कटकाई।।
जानहिं सानुज रामहि मारी। करउँ अकंटक राजु सुखारी।।
भरत न राजनीति उर आनी। तब कलंकु अब जीवन हानी।।
सकल सुरासुर जुरहिं जुझारा। रामहि समर न जीतनिहारा।।
का आचरजु भरतु अस करहीं। नहिं बिष बेलि अमिअ फल फरहीं।।
दो0-अस बिचारि गुहँ ग्याति सन कहेउ सजग सब होहु।
हथवाँसहु बोरहु तरनि कीजिअ घाटारोहु।।189।।

We covered up to Doha 189 of Ayodhya kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that when Bharat and rest reached near Shringverpur, the news spread and the Nishadas did not like it thinking that since Bharat was having a large army with him it must be that he has evil designs against Lord Shri Ram to secure his kingdom from any future threat. They didn’t want any harm to come to Shri Ram in spite of them and they thought Bharat had forgotten all about sound policy and till now he had earned bad name only but now his actions would be costing him loss of life. They thought that though Shri Ram could not be defeated by any one yet Bharat had decided to challenge Him, this only suggests that a son born of a person like Kaikeyi might well be inclined in this manner. Their Leader Guha therefor decided to call all his people to organize and block the points where the river could be crossed and by sinking the boats, in interest of defending his friend and master Lord Shri Ram.

होहु सँजोइल रोकहु घाटा। ठाटहु सकल मरै के ठाटा।।
सनमुख लोह भरत सन लेऊँ। जिअत न सुरसरि उतरन देऊँ।।
समर मरनु पुनि सुरसरि तीरा। राम काजु छनभंगु सरीरा।।
भरत भाइ नृपु मै जन नीचू। बड़ें भाग असि पाइअ मीचू।।
स्वामि काज करिहउँ रन रारी। जस धवलिहउँ भुवन दस चारी।।
तजउँ प्रान रघुनाथ निहोरें। दुहूँ हाथ मुद मोदक मोरें।।
साधु समाज न जाकर लेखा। राम भगत महुँ जासु न रेखा।।
जायँ जिअत जग सो महि भारू। जननी जौबन बिटप कुठारू।।
दो0-बिगत बिषाद निषादपति सबहि बढ़ाइ उछाहु।
सुमिरि राम मागेउ तुरत तरकस धनुष सनाहु।।190।।

Guha instructed his people to collectively put obstacles to check the army of Bharat from crossing over and be ready for laying down lives; he said that he would fight with Bharat fiercely confronting him defiantly and till the last breath wouldn’t let him come over to bank of river on his side. He declared, “To die while battling that too on the bank of divine river Ganges while being engaged in serving the cause of Shri Ram knowing it that one’s body is only meant to get quickly decomposed after death hence is of no great worth besides when its fight with Bharat, the brother of Shri Ram, who is no ordinary person but is a king, such a death can only come to someone with a great fortune.

“Its for the Master alone that I would be engaged in combat on the battlefield (not for any of my own selfish purposes which can bind and sink me) hence I would only be spreading my shining fame in the fourteen spheres to brighten them up (with my this noble deed which is meaningful now and in afterlife).

“The loss of life of mine against call of duty towards Raghunath Shri Ram is going to be a great reward in my both hands (as on one hand it will be death for a right cause and on the other its going to liberate me).

“Who hasn’t had opportunity to enjoy company of the Sadhus (saints) and who can’t be counted among the Bhaktas (devotees) of Shri Ram is living a futile life and is just a burden on the earth, he has only been like an axe used to cut down the tree of mother’s youth (i e his birth only has been spoiler of youth of the mother and of no great consequence).

In this way getting over his remorse, the head of Nishadas spurred and enthused his men greatly; he then remembering Lord Shri Ram asked for his bow, arrows and protective cover.

(The message here is that even low born people and people away from centers of learning etc who have developed some sense to guess as to what is their ordained duty towards serving the Lord and are always ready and willing to deploy their resources on occasions that put demand on them, would also make progress on path of salvation. Lord’s love for them is always assured for them is the belief that they must always carry and should remain fearless.)

We have now covered up to Doha 190 of Ayodhya Kand.

बेगहु भाइहु सजहु सँजोऊ। सुनि रजाइ कदराइ न कोऊ।।
भलेहिं नाथ सब कहहिं सहरषा। एकहिं एक बढ़ावइ करषा।।
चले निषाद जोहारि जोहारी। सूर सकल रन रूचइ रारी।।
सुमिरि राम पद पंकज पनहीं। भाथीं बाँधि चढ़ाइन्हि धनहीं।।
अँगरी पहिरि कूँड़ि सिर धरहीं। फरसा बाँस सेल सम करहीं।।
एक कुसल अति ओड़न खाँड़े। कूदहि गगन मनहुँ छिति छाँड़े।।
निज निज साजु समाजु बनाई। गुह राउतहि जोहारे जाई।।
देखि सुभट सब लायक जाने। लै लै नाम सकल सनमाने।।
दो0-भाइहु लावहु धोख जनि आजु काज बड़ मोहि।
सुनि सरोष बोले सुभट बीर अधीर न होहि।।191।।

Guha asked his people to commit saying, “Get organised and equipped fast, once agreeing to do what I ask, no one should sulk or show weakness later.”

Responding positively all his men committed themselves happily and began to compete with each other in terms of rising to the occasion. The Nishadas respectfully greeted their leader and moved forward, all of them quite brave and interested in the possible combat. Bringing memory of the footwear of Shri Ram to their hearts (they were so humble as to limit themselves to slippers of Shri Ram and not touch His feet) they began to tie quiver to waist and stringed their bows; they put on their protective gear and placed hats of stone-like material and sharpened their axes and spears and attached them to straight bamboo pieces.

Some of them were experts in handling the weapons used by hand and were able to touch the sky and move fast here and there without being seen. With their respective equipment and weapons they formed groups and proceeded to greet and report to their leader Guha. Guha in turn found all the brave warriors ready for any and every eventuality and praised them calling them out their names (Guha displayed here a necessary quality in a leader which is to honor all his people individually and address them by their names as far as possible as individuals are as important as the teams).

Lastly Guha exhorted them and said, “Brothers, you may not leave me in lurch, I am committed to accomplish some great task.” Listening to such words of Guha, the brave soldiers replied somewhat agitatedly and said, “O Brave Leader, you must not be impatient in this way.”

We have now covered up to Doha 191 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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