Ramcharit Charcha CDLXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

कियउ निषादनाथु अगुआईं। मातु पालकीं सकल चलाईं।।
साथ बोलाइ भाइ लघु दीन्हा। बिप्रन्ह सहित गवनु गुर कीन्हा।।
आपु सुरसरिहि कीन्ह प्रनामू। सुमिरे लखन सहित सिय रामू।।
गवने भरत पयोदेहिं पाए। कोतल संग जाहिं डोरिआए।।
कहहिं सुसेवक बारहिं बारा। होइअ नाथ अस्व असवारा।।
रामु पयोदेहि पायँ सिधाए। हम कहँ रथ गज बाजि बनाए।।
सिर भर जाउँ उचित अस मोरा। सब तें सेवक धरमु कठोरा।।
देखि भरत गति सुनि मृदु बानी। सब सेवक गन गरहिं गलानी।।
दो0-भरत तीसरे पहर कहँ कीन्ह प्रबेसु प्रयाग।
कहत राम सिय राम सिय उमगि उमगि अनुराग।।203।।

We covered up to Doha 203 in Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Bharat moved the procession of the people of Ayodhya keeping mothers under protection of Shtrughan while Vipras accompanied Guru and asked Nishad Guha to lead it and guide. Before leaving the bank of Ganges he paid obeisance to it and recalled Bhagwati Sita and Prabhu Shri Ram and Lakshman and then moved forward but on foot only while the saddled horses walked along side. Not paying heed to advice of his servants to ride a horse Bharat told them that while Shri Ram went beyond that point on foot he couldn’t think of using horses or elephants for himself, rather should go with his head down for a servant’s duty is too tough. Listening to soft speech of Bharat and seeing what he was doing, the servants thought poorly of themselves. At around afternoon hour he entered the region known as Prayag where Ganga meets Yamuna, Bharat began to utter with devotion the names of Sita-Ram repeatedly.

झलका झलकत पायन्ह कैंसें। पंकज कोस ओस कन जैसें।।
भरत पयादेहिं आए आजू। भयउ दुखित सुनि सकल समाजू।।
खबरि लीन्ह सब लोग नहाए। कीन्ह प्रनामु त्रिबेनिहिं आए।।
सबिधि सितासित नीर नहाने। दिए दान महिसुर सनमाने।।
देखत स्यामल धवल हलोरे। पुलकि सरीर भरत कर जोरे।।
सकल काम प्रद तीरथराऊ। बेद बिदित जग प्रगट प्रभाऊ।।
मागउँ भीख त्यागि निज धरमू। आरत काह न करइ कुकरमू।।
अस जियँ जानि सुजान सुदानी। सफल करहिं जग जाचक बानी।।
दो0-अरथ न धरम न काम रुचि गति न चहउँ निरबान।
जनम जनम रति राम पद यह बरदानु न आन।।204।।

Barefooted Bharat’s soles displayed water filled small blisters which looked like beads of dew on the lotus bud. Learning that Bharat had covered whole distance on foot, all those in the groups of people felt very distraught and inquired of his welfare. Later they all bathed once again at the confluence point while Bharat ensured that all did; himself bowing down at the confluence point known as Tribeni, the three streams, where Ganga, Yamuna actually meet visibly and the third called Saraswati meets without being seen. At this point the two waters, whitish of Ganga and blackish of Yamuna, can be very distinctively seen and at this point the depth is also not too deep; on this sacred spot Bharat had bath in a ritualistic manner and gave away gifts etc to the Brahmanas, the gods on earth, duly honoring them. The white and blackish waves made Bharat bodily very thrilled and with his palms together he prayed before the king of Tirthas which is known to grant all wishes and find such mention in Vedas while in the world people know this by experience, saying, “I am Kshaktriy (member of ruling class) and ignoring my Dharma to not beg, I want something from you because those under distress and badly afflicted resort to all vile kind of acts too; considering this those who well know what goes on in beggars’ mind and who are well inclined to give, do every thing to satiate the need of the beggar.

“However, I do not have interest in Artha (material things), Dharma (ability to perform sacred and religious duties), Kama (the fulfillment of desires) and Moksha (salvation or liberation from bondage) etc. and I just want to have a single boon, that is to have attachment towards the feet of Shri Ram in all the many births that I would have in future and nothing else at all.”

(The message we get here is that if one has attachment towards Shri Ram’s feet i e has interest and understanding in how Shri Ram moved about, demonstrated through His Leelas what is Dharma and follows it with honesty and devotion, all the four ultimate goals are sure to be achieved while the contentment of heart will be absolute as the path which is to be followed appears right before his vision without a chance to take a wrong turn and therefore save time, labor as well chance of failure.)

We have now covered up to Doha 204 of Ayodhya Kand.

जानहुँ रामु कुटिल करि मोही। लोग कहउ गुर साहिब द्रोही।।
सीता राम चरन रति मोरें। अनुदिन बढ़उ अनुग्रह तोरें।।
जलदु जनम भरि सुरति बिसारउ। जाचत जलु पबि पाहन डारउ।।
चातकु रटनि घटें घटि जाई। बढ़े प्रेमु सब भाँति भलाई।।
कनकहिं बान चढ़इ जिमि दाहें। तिमि प्रियतम पद नेम निबाहें।।
भरत बचन सुनि माझ त्रिबेनी। भइ मृदु बानि सुमंगल देनी।।
तात भरत तुम्ह सब बिधि साधू। राम चरन अनुराग अगाधू।।
बाद गलानि करहु मन माहीं। तुम्ह सम रामहि कोउ प्रिय नाहीं।।
दो0-तनु पुलकेउ हियँ हरषु सुनि बेनि बचन अनुकूल।
भरत धन्य कहि धन्य सुर हरषित बरषहिं फूल।।205।।

Bharat further prayed before the Prayagraj, “Though Shri Ram might well know me as a crooked and beguiled person and people at large might call me as one conspiring against his own master and Guru yet my own submission before you is to let my love at the feet of Sita-Ram grow every passing day (Bharat said this believing that he was not above being blamed and that he had been somehow responsible for what had happened hence his truthfulness did now allow him to ask for an unqualified favor of not being known as blameworthy rather asked for his increasing devotion towards his beloved Sita-Ram).

“The clouds might neglect the Chatak bird for the entire life time of his and might even rain stones when begged for life giving water but Chatak would only lose reputation for any diluted effort if it doesn’t constantly aspires and seeks attention of his beloved cloud, rather if its cries of devotion increase and fixation of vision towards it gets more intense it will have more appreciation of the world (Chatak bird craves to have drops of water from clouds only under a certain constellation called Swati Nakshtra and endlessly looks up for it).

“Like the gold gets purified more and more each time it is heated to get melted likewise is the course of love at the feet of beloved, more the trouble taken for it more it gets pronounced.”

Upon such a prayer from Bharat, a soft and benevolent tone coming from the midst of Triveni junction was heard which conveyed, “O’ Bharat, O’ Son, you are only a Sadhu, a simple devoted seeker, in every possible way and your affection at the feet of Lord Ram is unwavering and deepest; you must not be thinking small of yourself, none is more dear to Ram than you.”

Bharat heard such congenial and pleasing words coming out of heart of Triveni and became thrilled and elated in spirits; the gods exclaimed saying words of praise for Bharat repeatedly and showered flowers from above.

We have now covered up to Doha 205 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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