Ramcharit Charcha CDLXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ra,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

यहउ कहत भल कहिहि न कोऊ। लोकु बेद बुध संमत दोऊ।।
तात तुम्हार बिमल जसु गाई। पाइहि लोकउ बेदु बड़ाई।।
लोक बेद संमत सबु कहई। जेहि पितु देइ राजु सो लहई।।
राउ सत्यब्रत तुम्हहि बोलाई। देत राजु सुखु धरमु बड़ाई।।
राम गवनु बन अनरथ मूला। जो सुनि सकल बिस्व भइ सूला।।
सो भावी बस रानि अयानी। करि कुचालि अंतहुँ पछितानी।।
तहँउँ तुम्हार अलप अपराधू। कहै सो अधम अयान असाधू।।
करतेहु राजु त तुम्हहि न दोषू। रामहि होत सुनत संतोषू।।
दो0-अब अति कीन्हेहु भरत भल तुम्हहि उचित मत एहु।
सकल सुमंगल मूल जग रघुबर चरन सनेहु।।207।।

We covered up to Doha 207 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Muni Bhardwaj told Bharat that it was in accordance with what the Vedas say and people accept that the king is within his rights to give the throne to any one of his sons as per his wish and that king would have happily given the right to rule to Bharat to keep his promise and be on right side of Dharma too. Muni said that for singing praises of Bharat, the Vedas and others will only be commended for doing so. The only matter that is upsetting is Ram’s exile but this too is attributable to the fact that the queen was influenced by goddess of speech and due to the predetermined course of life; none should therefore find fault resting with you, only those will think so who are themselves of vile nature. Muni declared that you accepting to be enthroned would have been right only and Ram too would have been only pleased for it. Finally Muni concluded saying that what Bharat had decided to do now also was the rightest approach because all welfare and auspiciousness results from one’s love and devotion towards feet of Shri Ram.

सो तुम्हार धनु जीवनु प्राना। भूरिभाग को तुम्हहि समाना।।
यह तम्हार आचरजु न ताता। दसरथ सुअन राम प्रिय भ्राता।।
सुनहु भरत रघुबर मन माहीं। पेम पात्रु तुम्ह सम कोउ नाहीं।।
लखन राम सीतहि अति प्रीती। निसि सब तुम्हहि सराहत बीती।।
जाना मरमु नहात प्रयागा। मगन होहिं तुम्हरें अनुरागा।।
तुम्ह पर अस सनेहु रघुबर कें। सुख जीवन जग जस जड़ नर कें।।
यह न अधिक रघुबीर बड़ाई। प्रनत कुटुंब पाल रघुराई।।
तुम्ह तौ भरत मोर मत एहू। धरें देह जनु राम सनेहू।।
दो0-तुम्ह कहँ भरत कलंक यह हम सब कहँ उपदेसु।
राम भगति रस सिद्धि हित भा यह समउ गनेसु।।208।।

Muni Bhardwaj further said to Bharat, “That Shri Ram (at whose feet you have placed your heart) is the real wealth for you, He only is your life and He only is that life sustaining breath hence who else could be called as profoundly lucky as you (here Muni referred to the fact that who knows Shri Ram as the giver and sustainer of life only in fact possess the most valuable knowledge); that you have this understanding is nothing to be surprised about because you are son of King Dashrath (who was so worthy that Shri Ram had to appear on earth as his son) and what is more is that you are brother of Shri Ram Himself (hence have a similar parentage and qualities even at worldly level). Listen O Bharat, Raghuvar Shri Ram holds in His heart no other person as meritorious as you to be loved by Him (Bhaktas are loved by Shri Ram in proportion to purity of their hearts and Bharat stands out in this respect is what Muni mentioned).

“All three i e Lakshman, Shri Ram as well as Sita, spent the whole night while they were here only appreciating and praising you; I came to know of this reality in the morning while they were bathing at Prayag lost in thought of your affection and tender love. Raghuvar Shri Ram has such intense feeling of love and importance towards you as a person untouched by spirituality in this mundane world holds for the comforts of body only. This is nothing too much in expectation according to the glory of Shri Ram, He is known to care for and nurse even the family of His Bhakta.

“O Bharat, In my opinion and what I see is only this that you are personification of Shri Ram’s affection. You might consider this episode as a blot on your fine character but for us all what has happened is like a sermon and an example worth emulating. This moment, I feel, is most propitious like presence of Lord Ganesh, the remover of problems, for extracting the essence out of Ram’s Bhakti, having all that can be had for doing devotional service for Shri Ram (i e this is ultimate of what is known as reciprocal love of the Supreme Lord and Jeeva in terms of height of gratifying emotional exchanges).”

We have now covered up to Doha 208 of Ayodhya Kand.

नव बिधु बिमल तात जसु तोरा। रघुबर किंकर कुमुद चकोरा।।
उदित सदा अँथइहि कबहूँ ना। घटिहि न जग नभ दिन दिन दूना।।
कोक तिलोक प्रीति अति करिही। प्रभु प्रताप रबि छबिहि न हरिही।।
निसि दिन सुखद सदा सब काहू। ग्रसिहि न कैकइ करतबु राहू।।
पूरन राम सुपेम पियूषा। गुर अवमान दोष नहिं दूषा।।
राम भगत अब अमिअँ अघाहूँ। कीन्हेहु सुलभ सुधा बसुधाहूँ।।
भूप भगीरथ सुरसरि आनी। सुमिरत सकल सुंमगल खानी।।
दसरथ गुन गन बरनि न जाहीं। अधिकु कहा जेहि सम जग नाहीं।।
दो0-जासु सनेह सकोच बस राम प्रगट भए आइ।।
जे हर हिय नयननि कबहुँ निरखे नहीं अघाइ।।209।।

Muni Bhardwaj kept praising Bharat and said, “O Son, your renown is like a new kind of moon which is spotless and is looked at enjoyably by the lily-like like servants and devotees of Raghuvar Shri Ram like a Chakore. This moon has some speciality about it, it will remain always up in the sky, it will never diminish, rather would always keep growing in size every day on the horizon for the world and its people.

“All three worlds will love it immensely like Chakravak bird, even the bright sun like glorious virtues of Shri Ram will not be able to discolor it and diminish its radiance. This moon will be pleasure giving to all at all times and this moon will not be nibbled by the Rahu in shape of Kaikeyi’s wrong doing (i e Bharat’s fame will have uniqueness of being incontrovertible while acceptable to all in spite of mother’s machinations).

“This moon oozes the nectar of love for Shri Ram in full measure, it hasn’t had to bear the brunt of ire of Guru Brihaspati like the other moon in the sky (Vrihaspati, the Guru of gods, had once cursed the moon god for trying to molest his wife and hence it has blackish scar on its body).

“The Ram-Bhaktas now have occasion to satiate themselves fully with the nectar of Shri Ram’s love, you have provided it in ample measure on the earth itself for them; its like King Bhageerath, one of Bharat’s ancestors, who did Tapa to make holy Ganges descend on earth for the benefit of all which has abundant power to provide all that is wished for and is welfare oriented just when one remembers her.

“It is impossible to recount or describe the virtues of the king Dashrath, enough is to say that none equals him in the world. It was for his affection and love, his humility and disciplined behavior that Shri Ram appeared on earth (as his son), the same Lord Shri Ram who is looked up on by Lord Shiv through his mental eyes constantly but it never is enough for him to do so.”

(This is how Muni described the importance of Bharat’s unwavering love for Shri Ram and Shri Ram’s for him. Muni did it to put all anxieties of Bharat at rest. When Bhaktas love Shri Ram with all the devotion and strength at their command, they have some doubt that they aren’t doing enough like Bharat’s own skepticism. To help such devotees to come over this doubtful condition which results in great restlessness, the Guru comes forward and satisfies the Bhakta and he then knows that Lord is happy with him and has accepted him. Bharat’s approach is benchmark for the devotees and a good guide to them to carry on in the path of devotion to Lord for rising above the considerations of the mundane world and get established in blissful realm of spiritual togetherness with the Lord.)

We have now covered up to Doha 209 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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