Ramcharit Charcha CDLXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

नव बिधु बिमल तात जसु तोरा। रघुबर किंकर कुमुद चकोरा।।
उदित सदा अँथइहि कबहूँ ना। घटिहि न जग नभ दिन दिन दूना।।
कोक तिलोक प्रीति अति करिही। प्रभु प्रताप रबि छबिहि न हरिही।।
निसि दिन सुखद सदा सब काहू। ग्रसिहि न कैकइ करतबु राहू।।
पूरन राम सुपेम पियूषा। गुर अवमान दोष नहिं दूषा।।
राम भगत अब अमिअँ अघाहूँ। कीन्हेहु सुलभ सुधा बसुधाहूँ।।
भूप भगीरथ सुरसरि आनी। सुमिरत सकल सुंमगल खानी।।
दसरथ गुन गन बरनि न जाहीं। अधिकु कहा जेहि सम जग नाहीं।।
दो0-जासु सनेह सकोच बस राम प्रगट भए आइ।।
जे हर हिय नयननि कबहुँ निरखे नहीं अघाइ।।209।।

We covered up to Doha 209 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Muni Bhardwaj said about the eminence and good name of Bharat that it is like a different kind of moon which attracted all the devotees of Shri Ram, which is always shinning and never wanes and ever gets fuller, the whole three worlds take pleasure in it, the sun of glories of Shri Ram doesn’t diminish its splendor, every day and all the time it is enjoyable for all, the foul play of Kaikeyi can’t malign it, it is filled with the nectar of heightened love for Shri Ram and is not not adversely affected by Guru’s wrath, the Ram Bhaktas may well get enough of the life giving potion it oozes in ample measure on the earth itself like Bhageerath did by bringing the Ganges down on earth which can satisfy any wish by just having its thought. Muni also said that Bharat’s father king Dashrath who was one without a second like him had such big affection and submissive temperament that Shri Ram took avatar as his son, the same Shri Ram who is viewed by his mental eye by Lord Shiv untiringly all the time.

कीरति बिधु तुम्ह कीन्ह अनूपा। जहँ बस राम पेम मृगरूपा।।
तात गलानि करहु जियँ जाएँ। डरहु दरिद्रहि पारसु पाएँ।।।।
सुनहु भरत हम झूठ न कहहीं। उदासीन तापस बन रहहीं।।
सब साधन कर सुफल सुहावा। लखन राम सिय दरसनु पावा।।
तेहि फल कर फलु दरस तुम्हारा। सहित पयाग सुभाग हमारा।।
भरत धन्य तुम्ह जसु जगु जयऊ। कहि अस पेम मगन पुनि भयऊ।।
सुनि मुनि बचन सभासद हरषे। साधु सराहि सुमन सुर बरषे।।
धन्य धन्य धुनि गगन पयागा। सुनि सुनि भरतु मगन अनुरागा।।
दो0-पुलक गात हियँ रामु सिय सजल सरोरुह नैन।
करि प्रनामु मुनि मंडलिहि बोले गदगद बैन।।210।।

Muni Bhardwaj then told Bharat, “You have created this excellent and unmatched moon though your glory where the love of Shri Ram lives and plays in the form of deer, alive and all over. O Son, you unduly suffer in spite of such an achievement on your part like a somebody still fearing to become poor while he has had possession of Paras (a stone that converts steel in to gold when it comes in to contact with it; Bharat who has the most intense kind of devotion at the feet of Shri Ram which is the ultimate source of all that is really good in one’s life, it is like possessing Paras for a person needing wealth hence should be happy and calm).”

Muni continued and said, “Listen O Bharat, people like me speak no untruth because of we have no interest in any material thing and are only engaged in Tapa and therefore stay in forest. We know that what is known to be the most desirable fruit for what all the efforts are put in and the practices followed; it is to have glimpse of Lakshman, Shri Ram and Bhagwati Sita and we have had it. After having the glimpses of them, we ought to have your presence in our sight and you are there, this is again streak of goodluck for us and for Prayag (the Teertha of highest order).”

Lastly Muni said to Bharat that he was to be praised and thanked for as he had won over all in this world just by spread of his glorious fame and with these words Muni went back in to trance drowning his heart in emotion of love once again.

All those, who were present there, were delighted after listening to words of Muni and uttering words of acclaim for Bharat the gods too showered flowers. The sound of appreciation for Bharat reverberated all over the Prayag region which Bharat also listened and he too became overwhelmed with feeling of love.

Bharat now with thrilling body, with his lotus like eyes wet and with impression of images of Shri Ram and Bhagwati Sita in his heart, folded his hands and went on to address the assembly of Munis and Sadhus, voicing words unsteadily.

We have now covered up to Doha 210 of Ayodhya Kand.

मुनि समाजु अरु तीरथराजू। साँचिहुँ सपथ अघाइ अकाजू।।
एहिं थल जौं किछु कहिअ बनाई। एहि सम अधिक न अघ अधमाई।।
तुम्ह सर्बग्य कहउँ सतिभाऊ। उर अंतरजामी रघुराऊ।।
मोहि न मातु करतब कर सोचू। नहिं दुखु जियँ जगु जानिहि पोचू।।
नाहिन डरु बिगरिहि परलोकू। पितहु मरन कर मोहि न सोकू।।
सुकृत सुजस भरि भुअन सुहाए। लछिमन राम सरिस सुत पाए।।
राम बिरहँ तजि तनु छनभंगू। भूप सोच कर कवन प्रसंगू।।
राम लखन सिय बिनु पग पनहीं। करि मुनि बेष फिरहिं बन बनही।।
दो0-अजिन बसन फल असन महि सयन डासि कुस पात।
बसि तरु तर नित सहत हिम आतप बरषा बात।।211।।

Bharat said, “I am present before the assembled Munis and on the soil of this great Teertha; before you and present on such sacred spot one can not escape from sinning and spoiling his cause if he attempts to relate facts under oath (because it never is possible for him to know all facts and to know the reality behind the apparent facts so to speak out and proclaim it to be true before such people who are most capable of capturing the reality even without being told is not right and it is like not honoring the sanctity of place)*.

“To speak at this place some concocted stories would be to commit the maximum sin and to stoop down to lowest rung of treachery. Keeping with my nature of speaking truth and knowing that you all can easily get to learn what are facts while Raghuraj Shri Ram knows what goes on in hearts and minds of people, I tell you that I am least worried for what mother did, I am also not concerned that people will think poorly of me. Its also not my fear that my after life will be spoiled neither passing away of my father is so much a cause of disturbance and remorse to me because he had a life that earned him heap of noble deeds and renown spread all over the world besides he was lucky to have sons like Lakshman and Shri Ram. My father, the king of Ayodhya, left his body, body that perishes every passing moment so its no big deal to shed it but he did it instantly upon being separated from Shri Ram which is like giving best possible treatment to some thing of little use and importance hence it leaves no scope for despair and anguish.

“At this stage I am reminded of the fact that Shri Ram, Lakshman and Bhagwati Sita have had to leave for and wander in forests without any footwear on their feet and clad like Munis; that they have to put on skins as clothes, rely on fruits as feed, sleep on earth spreading Kusha and dried leaves under a tree and bear impact of weather when its cold, hot, rainy or windy, and suffer every day of their living.”

(We may note here that Bharat never recounted the gross events and its impact on other’s mind, he simply spoke of how he felt and that right he had in any case.)

We have now covered up to Doha 211 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shanka r Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal

*Bharat thought that he being son of a king and a Kashtriya, so naturally must have more of Rajasik Guna in his character and therefore could not claim to be uninfluenced by it in viewing the events. Secondly those afflicted by intense grief also can not see things in right perspective. In this light how it can be truthfully narrated by him by taking oath. Such is the subtlety of Bharat’s analysis of himself. He is not ready to put facts as he saw them because he knew well that they could be wrongly narrated.


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