Ramcharit Charcha CDLXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मुनि प्रभाउ जब भरत बिलोका। सब लघु लगे लोकपति लोका।।
सुख समाजु नहिं जाइ बखानी। देखत बिरति बिसारहीं ग्यानी।।
आसन सयन सुबसन बिताना। बन बाटिका बिहग मृग नाना।।
सुरभि फूल फल अमिअ समाना। बिमल जलासय बिबिध बिधाना।
असन पान सुच अमिअ अमी से। देखि लोग सकुचात जमी से।।
सुर सुरभी सुरतरु सबही कें। लखि अभिलाषु सुरेस सची कें।।
रितु बसंत बह त्रिबिध बयारी। सब कहँ सुलभ पदारथ चारी।।
स्त्रक चंदन बनितादिक भोगा। देखि हरष बिसमय बस लोगा।।
दो0-संपत चकई भरतु चक मुनि आयस खेलवार।।
तेहि निसि आश्रम पिंजराँ राखे भा भिनुसार।।215।।
मासपारायण, उन्नीसवाँ विश्राम

We covered up to Doha 215 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Bharat saw an atmosphere of super luxuries all around the place and noted the prowess and extensive influence of Muni Bhardwaj working behind it all; to him now the three worlds and its masters looked inferior in that respect. Though all kinds of pleasures were available around him yet Bharat spent the whole night without showing even a cursory interest in them. Night gone, the day break happened lastly.

कीन्ह निमज्जनु तीरथराजा। नाइ मुनिहि सिरु सहित समाजा।।
रिषि आयसु असीस सिर राखी। करि दंडवत बिनय बहु भाषी।।
पथ गति कुसल साथ सब लीन्हे। चले चित्रकूटहिं चितु दीन्हें।।
रामसखा कर दीन्हें लागू। चलत देह धरि जनु अनुरागू।।
नहिं पद त्रान सीस नहिं छाया। पेमु नेमु ब्रतु धरमु अमाया।।
लखन राम सिय पंथ कहानी। पूँछत सखहि कहत मृदु बानी।।
राम बास थल बिटप बिलोकें। उर अनुराग रहत नहिं रोकैं।।
दैखि दसा सुर बरिसहिं फूला। भइ मृदु महि मगु मंगल मूला।।
दो0-किएँ जाहिं छाया जलद सुखद बहइ बर बात।
तस मगु भयउ न राम कहँ जस भा भरतहि जात।।216।।

In the morning Bharat and all his people had holy bath at Tirthraj Prayag, the superior among Tirthas and then all of them bowed their heads down in reverence before the Muni. Then Bharat prostrated before Muni and thanked him in a pleasing manner; taking leave of Muni and duly blessed by him, Bharat collected all to accompany him for ensuring safety while journeying ahead with total concentration towards Chitrakoot (as it was going to be a journey through forests and alertness and safety measures were needed now). Holding hand of Shri Ram’s friend Guha and remaining close to him Bharat looked like affection itself walking taking a form.

Bharat also had nothing on his feet to protect them, neither head a cover over his head (like Shri Ram when he had passed through the same path); Bharat was inclined only to keep cause of love, sanctity of avowed pious means, unbroken resolve and honor of Dharma without any trace of Mayic (illusory and distracting) influence over himself. Bharat only showed interest in knowing the details of Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita’s journey while traversing through this very path and asked his friend to relate the same for him who told him all in a pleasing manner. Wherever Shri Ram had halted at and rested under, all those points and trees, attracted Bharat immensely and he looked at them with a loving glance which turned on unchecked flow of affectionate feelings in his heart.

Observing him in this way, the gods showered flower on him as well as took care to make the ground under Bharat’s feet soft and the way of his journey very pleasurable and bereft of hardship.

The clouds now followed Bharat keeping shade over his head and the pleasure giving cool air began to blow all around; it can be said that the course of journey wasn’t as much pleasurable when Shri Ram went by as much as was it now.

(The gods know it that Shri Ram, the Supreme God, does not expect them to be kind and sympathetic to Himself but it pleases Him when his Bhaktas are taken care of hence they ensured the journey of Bharat to meet his Lord to be trouble-free and pleasant.)

We have now covered up to Doha 216 of Ayodhya Kand.

जड़ चेतन मग जीव घनेरे। जे चितए प्रभु जिन्ह प्रभु हेरे।।
ते सब भए परम पद जोगू। भरत दरस मेटा भव रोगू।।
यह बड़ि बात भरत कइ नाहीं। सुमिरत जिनहि रामु मन माहीं।।
बारक राम कहत जग जेऊ। होत तरन तारन नर तेऊ।।
भरतु राम प्रिय पुनि लघु भ्राता। कस न होइ मगु मंगलदाता।।
सिद्ध साधु मुनिबर अस कहहीं। भरतहि निरखि हरषु हियँ लहहीं।।
देखि प्रभाउ सुरेसहि सोचू। जगु भल भलेहि पोच कहुँ पोचू।।
गुर सन कहेउ करिअ प्रभु सोई। रामहि भरतहि भेंट न होई।।
दो0-रामु सँकोची प्रेम बस भरत सपेम पयोधि।
बनी बात बेगरन चहति करिअ जतनु छलु सोधि।।217।।

All those being whether stationery or mobile (i e trees and animals) which were abounding on the way who had occasion to see Shri Ram and who were touched by or called on by Lord, had become entitled to hold accomplished ultimate status beyond the ordinary; now by having Bharat appear right before their eyes, they were cured of the diseases of the world (i e of contradiction, stupor, jealousy and confusion etc). It is however no big deal for Bharat to have such influence on them whose memory is cherished by Ram in his heart; people are known to cross the ocean of birth and death and even become the helpers of those seeking to be liberated even by taking Ram’s name just once (with wholehearted devotion and surrender).

The Sidhas and the Sadhus (the accomplished Mahatmas and the seekers) on the way said, “Bharat is very close to and loved by Shri Ram besides being His younger brother so why would the path under feet of Bharat would not be auspicious and provider of peace, ” and were pleased in their hearts to have observed Bharat.

Indra, the head of gods, had a feeling of discomfiture when he observed the glorious influence of Bharat on all; the world is good for the good people but those who hold only own interests supreme look at it with suspicion. Anxious Indra approached Brihaspati, the Guru of gods, and said, “O Master, you may well ensure that Bharat does not meet Shri Ram because Shri Ram is very gentle and decent and is always won over by love and Bharat is an ocean filled with love. The meeting of two will be spoiling the already obtained good prospects (of Shri Ram proceeding to finish the demonic forces that have been plaguing the gods’ supremacy in the world) hence you must device some tricks and put in effort to stop this meeting.”

(The gods and the earth had received assurance from God that He will be taking avatar to kill Ravana who had overpowered the gods and put earth in great stress, they knew if Lord Ram stayed in Ayodhya, Ravana would not be eliminated. Here it was a chance that Bharat compels Shri Ram to go back to Ayodhya, this put fear in heart of Indra. The gods in fact work under a certain regime of action and don’t have capacity to take note of peoples’ affection, their sole concern is that their spheres of action remain peaceful for proper conduct of their own duties which have been given to them by none other than the Supreme God. The give and take of the gods is almost mechanical while the Supreme God is mostly affected by the intensity of love for Him by His Bhaktas. In this light the gods are seen by Tulsidas as very self-centered, self-occupied and selfish.)

We have now covered up to Doha 217 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samakj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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