Ramcharit Charcha CDLXXX

II Shree Guruvey namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तिमिरु तरुन तरनिहि मकु गिलई। गगनु मगन मकु मेघहिं मिलई।।
गोपद जल बूड़हिं घटजोनी। सहज छमा बरु छाड़ै छोनी।।
मसक फूँक मकु मेरु उड़ाई। होइ न नृपमदु भरतहि भाई।।
लखन तुम्हार सपथ पितु आना। सुचि सुबंधु नहिं भरत समाना।।
सगुन खीरु अवगुन जलु ताता। मिलइ रचइ परपंचु बिधाता।।
भरतु हंस रबिबंस तड़ागा। जनमि कीन्ह गुन दोष बिभागा।।
गहि गुन पय तजि अवगुन बारी। निज जस जगत कीन्हि उजिआरी।।
कहत भरत गुन सीलु सुभाऊ। पेम पयोधि मगन रघुराऊ।।
दो0-सुनि रघुबर बानी बिबुध देखि भरत पर हेतु।
सकल सराहत राम सो प्रभु को कृपानिकेतु।।232।।

We covered up to Doha 232 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Shri Ram softly responded to Lakshman’s doughty claims and bold utterances while reacting to Bharat’s entourage coming towards them; He wanted to instill in him some sense of balance as well as let him keep his pride. Shri Ram said that Bharat had such purity of character and such qualities that no other brother in the whole world could have and that Bharat knew to distinguish between the good and the bad while it was true that Brahma created the world as a mix of good and bad which makes it hard to see it with clear distinction like water and milk when mixed. The gods appreciated what Ram said about Bharat and acknowledged that as a master Shri Ram had abundance of kindness towards His Bhaktas.

जौं न होत जग जनम भरत को। सकल धरम धुर धरनि धरत को।।
कबि कुल अगम भरत गुन गाथा। को जानइ तुम्ह बिनु रघुनाथा।।
लखन राम सियँ सुनि सुर बानी। अति सुखु लहेउ न जाइ बखानी।।
इहाँ भरतु सब सहित सहाए। मंदाकिनीं पुनीत नहाए।I
सरित समीप राखि सब लोगा। मागि मातु गुर सचिव नियोगा।।
चले भरतु जहँ सिय रघुराई। साथ निषादनाथु लघु भाई।।
समुझि मातु करतब सकुचाहीं। करत कुतरक कोटि मन माहीं।।
रामु लखनु सिय सुनि मम नाऊँ। उठि जनि अनत जाहिं तजि ठाऊँ।।
दो0-मातु मते महुँ मानि मोहि जो कछु करहिं सो थोर।
अघ अवगुन छमि आदरहिं समुझि आपनी ओर।।233।।

The gods further declared saying, “If not Bharat had been born, who on earth would have held the religion and the prescribed duties like an axle to let the world go about its business (i e for want of such people who could guide and put an example before people in practical shape, none would have understood where lay the substance that would make sure that affairs of the world move on with out a break down). It is surely difficult for the entire body of the wise philosophers of the world to capture all about the tales of virtues of Bharat, only Ram has full understanding of the same and none else (because Shri Ram gets to know what goes on in mind of His Bhakta and Bhakta knows what would find approval of Lord as that only provides the basis on which the edifice of religion lies).”

Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita were totally delighted to listen to gods talking about Bharat in this way. On the other side Bharat and people with him took bath in holy Madakini river. Leaving behind all others near the river and obtaining consent of mothers, Gurus and the minister, Bharat left to go where Shri Ram and Sita were to be found, only Nishad Guha and Lakshman accompanied him. Bharat felt sheepish and reluctant while he thought of his mother’s wrong plan and action and in his mind he built up wrong kind of scenario and worried for it. He speculated that listening about his coming there, Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita might migrate to another spot and then conjectured that if they would take him to be complicit in the designs of mother whatever treatment they mete out to him might not be taken as too much; he alternatively also contemplated that condoning his sin (sin that he was born to such a mother but appreciating that he was so fated) and forgetting his faults (that he had not kept in mind what father wished but surely seeing that he hadn’t got any instructions directly from father) they might consider him to be on their own side and welcome him.

We have now covered up to Doha 233 of Ayodhya Kand.

जौं परिहरहिं मलिन मनु जानी। जौ सनमानहिं सेवकु मानी।।
मोरें सरन रामहि की पनही। राम सुस्वामि दोसु सब जनही।।
जग जस भाजन चातक मीना। नेम पेम निज निपुन नबीना।।
अस मन गुनत चले मग जाता। सकुच सनेहँ सिथिल सब गाता।।
फेरत मनहुँ मातु कृत खोरी। चलत भगति बल धीरज धोरी।।
जब समुझत रघुनाथ सुभाऊ। तब पथ परत उताइल पाऊ।।
भरत दसा तेहि अवसर कैसी। जल प्रबाहँ जल अलि गति जैसी।।
देखि भरत कर सोचु सनेहू। भा निषाद तेहि समयँ बिदेहू।।
दो0-लगे होन मंगल सगुन सुनि गुनि कहत निषादु।
मिटिहि सोचु होइहि हरषु पुनि परिनाम बिषादु।।234।।

Bharat while on last lap of his journey towards Shri Ram further thought that Shri Ram might shun him taking him to be having a callous heart or might value him as His own servant and devotee, either way for him there is just one recourse left and it is to surrendered at His footwear i e take shelter right at the place where He might have left His slippers (because Bharat thought he might not be allowed to stay very close to Shri Ram after what his mother did) and ultimately concluded that Shri Ram happens to be a good master, the fault is in fact lies with him only as a servant of Shri Ram (real servants of the Lord never feel satisfied with the extent of their devotion and never think of having achieved perfection in that regard, they leave it entirely for their Lord to decide where they stand).

For Bharat, only Chatak bird and the fishes had some value in the world as the ones who could claim to renew their attitude of love towards their beloved all the while and remain firm in their resolve all the time; thinking in this way Bharat kept progressing on his way while his whole body had lost strength on account of his affection and of being slightly unsure of himself, the two diverse sentiments pulling him in two different directions. Bharat was constantly reminded of his mother’s wrong doing but he kept his patience relying on the strength of his devotion towards Shri Ram.

Whenever Bharat paid attention to nature of Raghunath Shri Ram (of which he was aware since childhood) he used to unsteadily quicken his steps to cover ground quickly like a water bee swimming in direction of the flow of water. Nishad Guha lost awareness of his own body when he looked at apparent predicament of Bharat on one hand and the extent of his love for Shri Ram (those who have fortune to closely watch the Bhaktas of the Lord do fall in state of unworldliness i e get in to realm of God).

Now suddenly Nishad Giha noted that good omens had started appearing, some he listened in the form of sounds of birds and animals and some he saw through eyes; interpreting these Nishad declared that these meant to bring happiness at first but lastly there would be something sorrowful also.

We have now covered up to Doha 234 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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